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17 Brown Hair Ideas With Black, Blue, Pink and Purple Underneath

Brown hair is undeniably beautiful, and with so many gorgeous shades available, this universally flattering color is far from dull. However, brunettes may still find themselves craving a change in their chocolate tresses.

Instead of switching to an entirely different hair shade, brown-haired beauties can spice up their mane without completely letting go of their natural hue. How?

By adding an underneath hair color! This involves dyeing the underlayer of your hair while keeping the top layers intact.

Check out the following brown hair ideas featuring black, blue, pink, and purple hues underneath. These options allow you to rock the brightest colors without making a full commitment.

Brown Hair With Pink Underneath

Let’s start with pink hair, which is currently trending worldwide! Below are some brown hairstyles with pink underneath.

1. Hot Pink

brown hair with pink underneath

The bottom layer to be dyed can exist anywhere in between the tresses either nearest to the nape or further away towards the top. Set your luscious caramel brown locks on fire with an eye-popping hot pink underlayer. Bring it under the spotlight with a knotted half updo.  

2. Pink Wine

short brown hair with pink underneath

The shorter the hair is, the more the color underneath peeks through the top. Ladies with a worn-out brown hair color can refresh their look at home by adding a hefty amount of wine pink under the upper layers for a mystic appeal. No root touch-ups needed!

3. Raspberry Sweetness 

dark brown hair with hot pink underneath

Rocking a bright pink mane suddenly can be a bit of a risk. No need to fret as this brown hair with raspberry pink underneath is just perfect for those who want to experiment with their hair while staying on the safer side. Loose curls will make those really colors pop.  

4. Pastel Play 

brown hair with light pink underneath

Pastel hair colors look dreamy no matter how they’re placed on the head. Create the perfect dark and light interplay by coupling medium brown tresses with a powdery pink underdye. Subtle pastel pink highlights on a dusty rose base as depicted here are worth a try too.

5. Earloop Highlights 

dark brown hair with magenta pink underneath

There are so many ways to place a color beneath another hair shade and earloop highlights are one of them. The technique involves brightening the hair around the ears only with any color including this magenta one. Rock a high ponytail or tousle the locks forward to make your new look stand out.

Brown Hair With Blue Underneath

Blue is cool and so are the following brown hairstyles with blue underneath!

6. Ocean Blue 

short brown hair with blue underneath

Hide an entire ocean beneath those pretty brown tresses. Add an aqua blue tinge in between your top and bottom layers painting the entire surface or limiting the color to one side only for an asymmetrical appeal. The blue will fade into a minty pastel tone giving you a new look with zero effort.    

7. Blue Steel

brown balayage hair with blue underneath

Metallic colors look bewitching but are harsh on the hair no matter what. Minimize the damage by adding an icy steel blue surprise to your otherwise warm chocolate brown mane. Remember, the closer your underdye is to the top, the more visible it is, and vice versa.

8. Teal Talk 

brown hair with pastel blue underneath

Look like an ethereal mermaid by dying the lower half of your head in a bright teal tinge with subtle hints of green in between. Leave the hair loose to show off your precious golden brown tresses and style them in an updo to reveal the surprise beneath whenever you want.

9. Color Split

dark brown hair with blue underneath

Dark brown hair with blue underneath seems to be a good idea for those who are ready to make a bold move this season. Instead of going for a usual monochromatic underlayer, try splitting it into two varying shades of blue to achieve a color block effect.

10. Hidden Ombre 

wavy brown hair with blue underneath

Not impressed by the color split depicted above? How about a hidden ombre that is sure to drop some jaws? Leave only a small portion of brown hair on top and ask the hairstylist to create a vertical or horizontal gradient with aquamarine melting into a dusty blue hue.

Brown Hair With Purple Underneath

If you wake up and decide to change your brown hair color, purple will be your best shot! Below some some stunning brown hair color ideas with purple underneath.

11. Lavender Love 

brown hair with purple underneath

Lavender pairs up well with darker colors, including brown. But it would be unfair to get rid of a perfectly highlighted brunette mane just because you want to go wild for a little while. The best option to satisfy yourself is by painting a thin underlayer lavender.

12. Indigo Surprise 

light brown bob with dark purple underneath

Show off how perfectly layered your round bob is using this brown hair idea with purple underneath as an inspiration. The rich indigo dye is placed just where the ends begin to taper towards the nape and will be visible all the time. Simply mind-blowing!

13. Deep Lilac 

brown hair with pastel purple underneath

Undercolors don’t need to be vibrant all the time. Muted shades like pastel purples and deep lilacs look no less when added beneath brown tresses creating a unique color combination. Lilac can be your best shot if you love purple tones and are thinking of trying peekaboo hair.  

14. Fuchsia Shock 

long brown hair with purple underneath

Fuchsia is a pinkish-purple nuance ideal for fashionistas who want to steal the show wherever they go. Here’s a simple portrayal for those who wish to skip going to the salon. Carve out a perfectly straight underlayer, bleach it, and paint it evenly to the tips. Voila!  

Brown Hair With Black Underneath

Combine two basic hair colors: brown and black for the most extraordinary outcome. Below are some brunette hairstyles with black underneath.

15. Color Melt 

curly brown hair with black underneath

Ladies who like to go against conventional trends can combine a light top layer with a darker underlayer to make a style statement.

Although underdyes create a more color-blocked effect, a color melt can be achieved by coupling dark brown and black with some chic money pieces.

16. Perfect Contrast 

brown hair with black underneath

Brown hair with black underneath presented here is the answer for those who still think these two colors don’t go together.

Bring your chestnut locks under the spotlight by accentuating them with a jet-black underdye. Set off your look with chic beach waves.

17. Black Mist 

half up brown hair with black underneath

Keep it low-key by adding a misty black shade under your naturally brown hair. For black hair, dye the top layer brown and let the roots grow out to add further magic to your look. This idea suits those who want to enter the world of underneath colors with minimal risk.

Whether you are a natural brunette or thinking of turning into one, the above-mentioned quirky brown hair with black, blue, pink, and purple colors underneath will help you achieve an eye-catching look. So when you itch to experiment with your mane, you know what to do, safely!

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