30 Best Hair Color Highlights to Turn Heads

Hair color highlights are ideal for women that have a stunning base color and just need to enrich their mane. Also, highlights are a perfect choice when you don’t want to damage your hair and lose its natural luster.


Hair Color Highlights

Whether you go for blonde hair color highlights that enlighten your hair or gorgeous brown lowlights, you will transform the tresses in one of your best accessories. If you are ready to make the change, scroll down, and find your inspiration in these mesmerizing hair color highlights.

1. Bob with Highlights

short hair highlights

Get a bob haircut if you want to obtain a magnificent short hair with highlights. Create a middle part and let the bangs gorgeously frame the face. This hairdo will glamorously fir any outfit, especially a strapless dress that shows off your neckline and shoulders.


2. Highlighted Long Hair

long hair highlights

Long hair with highlights will look fabulous because you can style a loose French braid for the top and secure it in a gorgeous rose look-alike updo.  Keep the rest of the mane on the back, curled with an iron for a fabulous effect.


3. Blonde Highlights for Medium Hair

medium hair highlights

Medium hair highlights look fantastic if you choose to straighten your hair with an iron. Swoop your bangs on one side and take the top hair and pin it in the back with a floral accessory.


4. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

dark hair with highlights

A dark hair with highlights that really stand out is ideal if you want to style a gorgeous hair crown. Start from the forehead and using a French braid, build your updo around the head. Secure the two braids at the nape with some bobby pins.


5. Platinum Blonde Highlights

blonde hair highlights

Style blonde highlights and a few lowlights to recreate this marvelous look. If you don’t want to damage your hair when dying the whole mane, you can always wear a wig to recreate the look above.


6. Caramel Highlights

caramel highlights

Caramel highlights are so trendy, and everybody loves them. On your natural brown hair, create wide highlights and use a conical iron to build curls for only half of the hair.


7. Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair

This is one of the best curly hair highlights ideas, and we’re sure you will adore it as much as we do. Layer your ringlets and opt for a blonde shade for the highlights. They will brilliantly blend with your natural brown hue.


8. Purple Highlights

straight hair with highlights

Go for a bob haircut with bangs that you can swoop on one side and style straight hair with highlights. Opt for a vivid purple shade, and your hair will gorgeously stand out.


9. Caramel Highlights for Brown Hair

brown hair with highlights

A brown hair with highlights that beautifully falls on your back is something you will love to have, and it’s not even that hard to pull off. To style your mane, go for messy loose waves that will provide a lot of texture.


10. Highlights for Natural Hair

Natural hair with highlights looks impressive if you select a blonde hue that will contrast the dark natural shade. Use moisturizer to maintain your coils well-defined.


11. Balayage Highlights

balayage highlights

Balayage highlights are ideal for any skin color or face shape. Maintain your roots in a dark shade and gorgeously transit to a beautiful grain blonde. Go for waves and curls if you want to obtain more volume.


12. Ombre + Highlights

ombre hair with highlights

Go for a layered haircut with bangs that you can swoop on one side. Create an ombre hair with highlights and your hairstyle will pop wherever you go.


13. Balayage Highlights for Brunettes

brunette hair with highlights

When you are one of the lucky ones that have a long thick mane, give the texture of your strands with some blonde highlight that will beautifully blend with the rest of the hair. This way, you will obtain a brunette hair with highlights to remember.


14. Gray Highlights for Women Over 50

gray hair highlights

Gray hair highlights are the perfect option for women over 50 that already started to lose their hairs pigment. You can also add a purple tint that will make the bob hairstyle look modern and cool.


15. Blonde Highlights for Asian Girls

Hair highlights look great on Asian women with dark tresses that want to give their hairstyle a gorgeous glow. Style peekaboo highlights and dye a thick strand from your bangs to recreate this fantastic look.


16. Pink Purple Highlights

Burgundy highlights will gorgeously match your medium haircut with bangs. Opt for layers and waves to obtain more dimension and a look that will shine everywhere you go.


17. Thin Blonde Highlights

full highlights

Full highlights will make you look breathtaking. Layer the hair and use a conical iron to pull off some loose ringlets. With this hairstyle, you will forget about your old dull look.


18. Cooper Highlights on Brown Hair

Layer your hair to obtain more volume for the tips and go for copper highlights that will provide an amazing texture. Let your whole gorgeous mane fall on your back.


19. Dark Purple Highlights

purple hair highlights

Black hair will amazingly frame your features and make your green eyes stand out. You can also opt for dark purple hair highlights to make your waves and curls stand out. Match your lips and nails with your hair.


20. Pink and Blonde Highlights

Go for a dark blonde hair color and style pale and electric pink hair highlights. Make them thin if you want to give your tresses great texture. As for the volume, waves are very trendy and will provide that dimension.


21. Rainbow Highlights

multi color highlights

If you want to stand out everywhere you go, multi-color highlights will make any blonde hair pop. Opt for pale purple, pink, and green, and you’ll get an impressive rainbow effect.


22. Dark Plum Hair Highlights

Plum hair color highlights are mesmerizing, provide a lot of texture, and are ideal for women who want a breathtaking shade. Get your hair a blunt cut and style a few loose waves. Wear the whole mane on the back.


23. Blonde Highlights on Ginger Hair

red hair with highlights

If you have pale skin and blue or green eyes, red hair with highlights will get you an eye-popping look. Cut your hair in a bob, slightly wave the mane, and wear your hair on one side.


24. Auburn Hair Highlights

Such texture and elegance! If you want to have tresses like the one in the image, auburn hair highlights are certainly something do go for. Cut your long mane in a V-shape and style curls only for half of your hair.


25. Dark Mahogany

Mahogany highlights will undoubtedly provide an imperial hue to your black strands. You can also go for waves that you can style using a straightening iron.


26. Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold hair color highlights are simply astonishing and will provide a shade that is hard not to notice. That magnificent hue gives a floral touch to your hair, and you will develop such a beautiful texture.


27. Silver Blonde Highlights

Silver highlights are very popular at the moment and if you want to look trendy, this is a look that you should certainly try. If you are a woman over 50, this new hair color will make all those gray threads beautifully blend with the rest of your tresses.


28. Long Wavy Hair with Highlights

wavy hair with highlights

Wavy hair with highlights will transform you into a modern princess. Keep the mane falling on the back and take two long strands from the bangs for building two twisted braids that meet in the back, in a half pony.


29. White Silver Hair with Highlights for Women Over 50

When you are a woman over 50 and struggle with gray strands, embrace your new shade and style white hair with highlights. You will obtain a gorgeous modern look that will make even younger girls jealous.


30. Long Black Hair with Highlights

If you think your hair looks too dull with just a simple dark shade, upgrade your hairstyle with a black hair with highlights. Maintain your tresses long and layered and go for thin blonde highlights that will beautifully blend.


Hair color highlights can change your whole appearance, and they are not as damaging as dying your whole head or bleaching. Also, they can take your hairstyling game to a whole new level, and you have a lot of options: thin or chunky highlights, full, or colored in vivid hues that will make you stand out. You just need to find the right mix!