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18 Plus Size Hairstyles For Overweight Women Over 60

Putting on weight when getting on in years is not something very surprising. The body goes through several hormonal changes and does not remain as active as before. Hence elderly women over 60 tend to get a bit chubby with the appearance of a plump round face or a double chin.

But becoming old and plus size does not mean you can’t play with your look. Instead, this is the very time to get a new hairstyle and feel fresh.

There are a number of hairstyles that look flattering on overweight women over 60, and we have hand-picked the best ones for you.


Plus Size Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 60

The following hairstyles are perfect for overweight women over 60 that will help you get a refreshed look while shedding off some years.

1. Asymmetrical Style

choppy haircut for overweight women over 60

Asymmetrical hairstyles come in handy to grab all the attention keeping focus away from a chubby face. Opt for subtle layers keeping one side significantly longer than the other. Spice up the look further with highlights and/or a vibrant hair color.


2. Short Shag

layered hair for overweight women over 60

Shaggy haircuts have remained quite the hype this year. They are characterized by an uneven chop with ruffled layers that require a mere hand tousle to set them in place. Couple the style with wispy bangs adding a youthful appeal to the face.


3. Peekaboo Hair

dyed hair for overweight women over 60

This hairstyle for overweight women over 60 is sure to drop many jaws. Get a blunt bob at chin length with bangs and set that platinum blonde mane on fire with a vibrant bubble gum pink under layer. You can choose any other color of your liking.  


4. Retro Curls

bob hairstyle for plus size women over 60

If you’re looking for a curly hairstyle for women above 60, go for this look. A throwback to those good old days when short curly bobs were in full swing. Couple the haircut with a dirty blonde base shade and sandy blonde highlights and add curls all over the head with a curling iron or consider getting a perm instead.


5. Two-Toned Fluff

plus size hairstyle for women over 60 with double chin

There is nothing wrong in bringing that cute plump face under the spotlight with this plus size hairstyle because why not? Chop your fluffy tresses into a round shape and dye them in a light brown hue. Wait until the roots grow out. You will achieve a two-toned look without any effort.


6. Side Plait

long hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Lucky enough to have long thick locks even in your old age? Flaunt them with a loose side braid falling on one shoulder and spare the layers at the front to frame the face. No one will notice your body weight with such an elegant hairdo.


7. Braided Updo

bun hairstyle for plus size women over 60

Updos and buns are ideal for overweight senior ladies to look graceful at formal events. Assemble the mane at the back and plait it down before wrapping it into an updo. Accessorize with a tiny flower or an embellished hair comb or keep it simple on a normal day. Your call!


8. Salt and Pepper Wedge

grey hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Embrace those grays with utmost pride by getting a chic wedge haircut. It features short strands at the back with long layers on top and a wispy fringe. Get black lowlights or gray highlights to achieve the ultimate salt-and-pepper look with glasses.


9. Blonde Crop

pixie hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Keep it low-maintenance with a boy cut where the long top tapers towards the sides and back. Paint the mane in a honey-blonde tinge or any other tone of your choice and voila! This look requires regular root touch-ups that can be done at home with ease.


10. Textured Pixie

plus size hairstyle for asian women over 60

Another plus size short hairstyle for overweight women turning 60 or above. Pixies are modern, sassy, and easy to style making them ideal for those who don’t have the time or energy for elaborate styling. Ask for textured layers with or without a fringe. Can’t get any simpler!


11. Extra-Short Hime Cut

plus size hairstyle for women over 60 with fat faces

The traditional Japanese hairstyle can be worn in many variations as long as its characteristic features are kept intact. Take this look as an example, where bangs at the front are accompanied by ear-length side locks and a long back. If you have straight hair this cut is worth a shot.


12. Top Bun

updo hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Overweight senior ladies can make their fat round faces appear slimmer with a sky-high bun. Gather the tresses on top of the head and wrap them around into a knotted updo to be secured with pins or a hair tie. Leave the ends sticking out for an undone look.  


13. Platinum Bob

short hairstyle plus size women over 60

Bobs are classic, timeless, and the most sought-after hairstyle by ladies over 60. Opt for a cropped version with a side-swept fringe and rock a platinum blonde hair color to turn around some heads. All you need is to comb the mane in the morning and voila!


14. Vibrant Hues

medium hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Don’t like the idea of white tresses? How about rocking varying shades of blue and violet for a pop of color on the head? Apart from that, a loose medium-length mane with a center part is ideal to hide those chubby cheeks and fat neck. Attractive!


15. Voluminous Top 

shaggy hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Build volume on top by layering the strands close to the scalp and applying some pomade on the fingers before running them through the hair for a ruffled look. Ladies with thin tresses can opt for wispy baby bangs in case of a large forehead.  


16. Bixie 

plus size hairstyle for overweight women over 60 with oval faces

Be that ultra-modern old lady everyone talks about with a sexy bixie hairstyle. It is short like a pixie but features the round shape of a bob and hence the name. Sweep the strands on one side for a smart professional appeal that won’t be ignored.


17. Soft Layers

fine hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Short or long, soft layers are almost an essential part of plus-size hairstyles for women over 60 who are overweight. You can opt for feathery layers and comb them over with a barely-there part for the strands to fall naturally along the sides. Elegant without a doubt!


18. Brushed Back 

white hairstyle for overweight women over 60

Finally, whether you experiment with a pixie, a bob, or a medium-length hairdo there is always the option of brushing the mane back creating the puff of your dreams with a flick. Use some gel to achieve a wet look that has remained a hot trend in 2024 and see eyes pop wherever you go!


We hope these 18 plus size hairstyles for overweight women over 60 have inspired you to get a hair makeover and look gorgeous in your golden years. Although short haircuts with soft layers prove to be the best option you can go for any look as long as you feel happy and confident.