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33 Quick & Easy Hairdos for Women With Long Hair

Women with long hair are usually very proud of their manes, but only they know how hard it is to take care of. Long and easy hairdos are extremely valued because anything complicated might take hours to create. Besides spending a long time washing, drying and brushing their locks, girls need to keep them looking beautiful and that’s a hard job.

Knowing a quick way to tie your hair while looking stylish at the same time is a useful skill any woman with long tresses craves. A simple ponytail or a bun might be a quick fix, but they look old and boring. That’s why women all over the world are trying to come up with quick hairdos for long hair.


Popular Long Hairdos for Women

If you are tired of simple braids, ponytails, and buns, but don’t have time for anything extraordinary, you need to look at easy and quick hairdos for long hair.

So if you are looking for new ways to deal with your beautiful long hair, try one of the hairdos for long hair to look elegant and stylish right away.


1. Fancy knotted hairdo

knotted hairdos for long hair

Beautiful hair is a characteristic that tops all the others. If you have long hair, neatly comb them back and tie them into elegant knots.

Secure all the knots at the back of the head with the help of ribbon bands and bobby pins. Add style to the hair by using a fancy thin metal leaf stem.


2. Snake braid for long ginger hair

snake braid for long ginger hair

There isn’t anything more pretty than ginger hair. So, for all the ginger heads out there, this hairdo for long hair is ideal. Weave the top section of your hair into a shoulder-length snake braid at the back of your head.

Take the side and back hair and tie them into a low ponytail. This two-in-one hairstyle gives your hair the impression of even longer hair.


3. Reverse fishtail braid

long hairdos for black hair

Long sleek black hair looks exquisite. But when styled into a reverse loose fishtail, your hair becomes heaven.

For this hairstyle, you have to middle part your hair and then weave a reverse fishtail on each side. Secure the ends of the braids with a rubber band.


4. Electric blue punk hair

hairdos for long hair

If you are into punk culture, then you might like this long hairstyle for women. Color your hair an electric shade of blue to let out the true punkster in you. It not only makes you look bold but also adds to your style.


5. Twisted ombre bun

twisted bun styles for women with long hair

Twisted hair is the best hair. For this hairdo for long hair, part your hair into several vertical sections. Turn each section into a twisted hairstyle going all the way to the back of the head.

Once you are done with twisting the hair, combine all the remaining hair and round them up into an elegant low bun. Blonde top hair with dark edges makes the best ombre hair for this hairstyle.


6. Runaround long braided hairdos

long braid hairdo

This runaround braid is a great way to keep the hair from getting into your face while letting it down. All you need to do is take the two front strands and start braiding until they meet in the back. You can make a bun this way too.

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7. Side braided ponytail

hairdos Side braid with ponytail for girl

Sweep your locks to one side and take one strand to make into a braid. Then collect the braid together with the rest of the hair and tie a ponytail. This is a great and quick replacement for a simple ponytail.


8. High hair

easy to do hairdos for long hair

High hair or a beehive is easy to create with a hairbrush. Any ponytail or braid will look special together with a beehive. This quick and easy hairdo for long hair is great for special occasions too.


9. Long hairdos for wedding

Thick braid hairstyle for girl

Learn how to create a simple thick braid on top. Slowly follow the instructions and you’ll get a great hairdo suitable for any event. The more strands you use, the thicker your braid will be. You can also try other long wedding hairstyles for brides.

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10.  Cute hidden runaround braid


You can hide the runaround braid under some strands. This way you’ll get a unique hairstyle that will keep people wondering what you have under your locks. A great choice for a party!


11.  High comb over

High comb over hairdos hairstyle

A high comb over is a wonderful quick hairdo for girls with layered hair and long bangs. Apply plenty of hair gel and brush your hair upwards. You might need some hair spray to keep it intact too.

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12.  Side swept braided hairdo


Braids might seem old and boring but you can easily add them some extra oomph by side sweeping them. If you have layered locks, you might consider leaving the top part unbraided like on the photo.


13.  A loose bun


A loose bun is a great quick fix solution for hair of any length. It takes just a few seconds to create and you can enjoy it all day. Consider opting for long bangs. They look great with high hairdos.

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14. Bang braid

nice Bang braid hairdos hair for girl

Using the top strands to create a circling braid is another wonderful approach to the quick hairdos for long hair. It takes just a few minutes to create and the results make you look regal.

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15.  Simple waves


If you are not a fan of wearing your straight hair down, consider making simple waves. Braid your hair into small braids overnight and in the morning you will have amazing waves that take absolutely no time to make.


16.  Asymmetrical sweep

Asymmetrical sweep hairdos haircut for women

Sweeping just one strand backward and clipping it to the back of your hair will create a wonderful hairstyle that’s both simple and unique. Girls with long hair can take advantage of it on a daily basis.


17. Soft waves

hairdos with Soft waves hairstyle

If keeping your hair neat throughout the day is a hassle but you still want to wear it down, consider making soft waves in front. It will take only a few minutes to wield the curling iron.


18. A side bun


In order to create a bun that will look different from simple and boring hairstyles, you need to curl your hair a little first. Then sweep the locks to one side and create a low bun. Pull on the curls to create a loose look. Try out these loose curly hairstyles.


19. High hair and braid


High hair and a small braid is a good idea for a quick hairstyle for long hair. It will take 2-minutes to make a braid and another thirty seconds to brush the hair to create a high effect.


20. Loose braid on top


This loose braid on top will take care of the hair getting into your face. Start braiding from the top and go to the side and back. You can either continue braiding once you get to the neck or make a ponytail.


21. Low ponytail

 Low ponytail hairstyle for girl

The low side-swept ponytail is usually the easiest way to go about arranging your long hair. You can make the hairstyle more unique by letting the front strands hang loose and curling them a little.


22. Fishtail


Fishtail braids might seem hard to do at first but when you get a knack of it, it can become your favorite quick hairdo for long hair. Consider keeping the hair on top curled and loose to make your hairstyle unique.


23. Keep it down


If your hair is straight, it can look neat when worn down. You will need to use a little hair spray to keep it from getting frizzy. Enjoy the way your tresses look when you flaunt their length.


24. Accessories

young girl favorite hairdos haircut

Braiding different accessories into your long locks is a wonderful way to make your hairstyle special. It takes just a few seconds to attach a string or a lace but the results are great and long-lasting.


25. A weave


If you always wanted to know how it is to live with a long mane, consider getting a weave at least once. A beautiful ponytail, thick braids, loose buns – you can try them all and enjoy the process.


26. Twisted ponytail

Twisted ponytail hairstyle you love

This is one of the best quick and easy hairdos for long hair. You start with twisting the side strands and sweeping them backward. Then you clip them together with the rest of the hair to form a ponytail.


27. Pin it up


Pinning your hair upwards is an easy way to take care of long tresses. The hairstyle will look a little messy but it can still be charming if you can keep it intact.


28. Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks might take some time to create but they last a really long time. You can enjoy worry and hassle-free morning routine with the dreadlocks. They look amazing too!


29. Twin inside out French braids

To get this long hairdo, divide your hair into a mid-part and knit each side into an inside out French braid. Once you are done, your hair will have taken the shape of majestic twin inside out French braids.


30. Low inverted bun with pearl string

hairdos for women with long hair

For a graceful hairdo for long hair, slick back your hair, with a small section of hair coming from the side to the back of the head. Tie all the hair down into a low inverted bun.

Take the remaining hair and loop them over the knot for a neat look. Style the hairstyle with a string of pearls for added elegance.


31. Long beach waves 

For a classic long hairdo, put beach waves in your pretty blonde hair and let them loose covering your back. Take a small portion from the side hair and weave them into a loose braid forming a crown around your head.


32. Kinky straight twisted hairdo

twisted hairdos for long hair

This hairdo is as magnificent as anything. Iron your hair into kinky straight texture and twist them into a thick hairstyle going down to the shoulder length. Secure the ends with a rubber band.


33. Ladder braid style

long hairstyles for women

If you want to do something unique to your hair, then go for this long hairdo. Let your hair down, and then take a small section of hair from one side.

Braid that section into a ladder braid going to the other side. Do this until you reach the tip of the section to finish the hairstyle.


Enjoy different quick and easy hairdos for long hair every day. Long tresses give you a chance to make as many experiments as you wish. Take full advantage of long hair without getting frustrated with complicated hairstyles.