23 Quick & Easy Hairdos for Women With Long Hair

Women with long hair are usually very proud of their manes, but only they know how hard it is to take care of. Long and easy hairdos are extremely valued because anything complicated might take hours to create. Besides spending a long time washing, drying and brushing their locks, girls need to keep them looking beautiful and that’s a hard job. Knowing a quick way to tie your hair while looking stylish at the same time is a useful skill any woman with long tresses craves. A simple ponytail or a bun might be a quick fix but they look old and boring. That’s why women all over the world are trying to come up with quick hairdos for long hair.


Popular Long Hairdos for Women

If you are tired of simple braids, ponytails, and buns, but don’t have time for anything extraordinary, you need to take a look at easy and quick hairdos for long hair. We are offering you a big collection of useful hairstyles that will make your mornings easier. So if you are looking for new ways to deal with your beautiful long hair, try one of the below beautiful long hairdos to look elegant and stylish right away.


1. Runaround long braided hairdos

long braid hairdo

This runaround braid is a great way to keep the hair from getting into your face while letting it down. All you need to do is take the two front strands and start braiding until they meet in the back. You can make a bun this way too.

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2. Side braid with a ponytail

hairdos Side braid with ponytail for girl

Sweep your locks to one side and take one strand to make into a braid. Then collect the braid together with the rest of the hair and tie a ponytail. This is a great and quick replacement for a simple ponytail.


3. High hair

easy to do hairdos for long hair

High hair or a beehive is easy to create with a hairbrush. Any ponytail or braid will look special together with a beehive. This quick and easy hairdo for long hair is great for special occasions too.


4. Long Hairdo for Wedding

Thick braid hairstyle for girl

Learn how to create a simple thick braid on top. Slowly follow the instructions and you’ll get a great hairdo suitable for any event. The more strands you use, the thicker your braid will be. You can also try other long wedding hairstyles for brides.

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5.  Cute hidden runaround braid


You can hide the runaround braid under some strands. This way you’ll get a unique hairstyle that will keep people wondering what you have under your locks. A great choice for a party!