10 Amazing Curly Shag Haircuts for 2022

Maintaining curly hair is sometimes a nightmare. Women spend a lot of money in order to get their hair straightened. Little did they know that curly and wavy hair look beautiful in their own way. Curly shag haircut can be a great way to maximize the definition of your curls.


Curly Shag Haircut Ideas

We have compiled a list of 10 curly shag haircuts for women. The list will make maintaining your curls easier and make you fall in love with your curls again.

1. Short Curls

short curly shag haircut

Your crazy curls will take on a much more luscious shape when cut short and shaggy. You’ll easily be able to rock the bedhead look just by running product through with your fingers.


2. Thick Curls

curly shag cut for thick hair

Whitney Houston herself would’ve approved of these thick shaggy curls. Wear this short style right above shoulders for the best shape. A simple center part is all you need to be ready to go.


3. Wispy Curls

curly wispy shag hairstyle

Wispy is another way of describing fine or thin hair. If your goal is to make your wispy hair thicker, go for shaggy curls. Light blonde is a gorgeous color to brighten up the complexion.


4. Black Shaggy Curls

curly shag haircut for black hair

This short shaggy do packs a lot of texture thanks to rich curls. Hair is bob-length and the bangs, while thick, aren’t overwhelming so your eyes will still pop!


5. Long Tight Curls

For spring-like curly hair, a shaggy style is very flattering when hair is kept long. For a dramatic hairstyle perfect for anywhere, pair with piecey bangs.


6. The Shag Works with Bangs

curly shag with bangs

A great haircut gives a great shag hairstyle. Choppy ends and layering give additional volume to your hair. Layers created with a razor help your stylist to remove some of the heaviness and add the movement of hair.

Bangs, when combined with shags, create a good combination. Be sporty and try some sexy bangs with curly shag along with a pretty blunt cut. Long side-swept bangs go well with a shag hairstyle.


7. Mussy Look

curly messy shag haircuts for women

Have you tried the new mussy look? If not, then you must try to give yourself a makeover by trying the mussy look. Shag cuts for curls when not overly done create a mussy look. Curly hair women must ask their stylist for layers to be cut into your hair such that the fullness is not on the ends.

Muss up your curly hair by air drying and twisting it into thick ringlets. Women with wavy hair can also try this look.


Best Long Shag Hairstyle Ideas


8. Shoulder Length Layers On Low Curls

shoulder length curly shag for women

This short shag hairstyle will suit the best f the women who have straight hair on top and curly at the bottom. Shoulder length layer cut will unfurl your curls beautifully and make them look stunning.

To make your curly shag haircut look flawless highlight it with golden shades of darker color. This haircut is considered to be classic and provides facial symmetry from all angles.


9. Stepped Layer on Bouncy Curls

bouncy shag haircut for curly hair

Big bouncy curls are a blessing. If you are having such big bouncy curls, then you must be very careful about the look. Always choose a good haircut in order to show them off. Stepped layer cut helps to separate your curls and provide space between them such that they bounce around uninhibited.

Add some mysterious vibe to your look by swooping off your bouncy curls down on one side of your face. It is recommended to keep your curls hydrated by using some hydrating products such as a leave-in conditioner.


10. Short Texturized Layers and Curls

short curly shag for women

Have you ever tried getting a super short haircut? Then you must go for the short bob cut as it is a great way to highlight your curls effortlessly without making your curls looking like a cotton earbud. Combine your curls with stacked layers and give it a youthful and romantic look with curly shag.


What are you waiting for? The above-mentioned list of curly shag hairstyles is perfectly made for you. Go ahead and live your blissful curly hair dreams to the fullest.