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80s Mullet Hair: Complete Guide and Inspiration Photos

One hairstyle that’s totally back in fashion is 80s mullet hair. More and more men are rocking modern variations of this classic look. It’s highly versatile, as you can easily tie the back away when you need to look a little more formal with the short front sections of the hair.

There are also endless ways to style this look by adding old-fashioned and more trendy elements of different haircuts to it. It’s almost impossible to grow bored when you have a rocking mullet to play with.

Men’s 80s Mullet Hairstyles

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your new look, then be sure to look at these we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 80s mullet hairstyles for men.

1. Wavy Mullet + Mustache

80s mullet with mustache

Men with wavy hair rarely get the chance to show off their texture. Growing the back long enables you to show everybody these thick waves.

Add a mustache and connect it to a thick neck beard if you want to return to the roots of this look.

2. Voluminous Straight Mullet

80s mullet for men with straight hair

With straight tresses, 80s mullet is easier to maintain. You can grow it even longer this way.

Make the back really stand out by buzzing the sides pretty short. Tease the top up to create a lot of volume as your hair falls over the crown of your head.

3. Undercut Star Design

80s mullet with design

When the sides of your undercut hair blend into your beard you always look highly cohesive. Spice it up, though, by adding a star shape design just above your ears.

The longest section can start at the crown of your head, so the hair on top is short and slightly ruffled.

4. Curls and Temp Fade

80s mullet with fade

Show your curls by getting a couple of layers in the back section of your mullet. Give a bowl shape that covers the top of your head. To stand out more with the bowl cut mullet, give your sides a skin fade. This will also help define the edges of your beard.

5. Mullet with Bangs

80s mullet with bangs

Manly bangs can transform your entire look. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a late 70s or early 80s band.

Create that classic 80s volume on the top and sides of your mullet hair then pull the back over one shoulder for a transformative appearance.

6. Fine Curls

80s mullet for men with curly hair

Guys with fine curls should do everything they can to show their hair off. Let’s hair fall onto your forehead and make sure the entire top section of your head is covered in locks.

Keep the sides very short, just one grade above pure stubble. If you grew them longer, it would be harder to define the mullet shape.

7. Short Mullet

80s mullet for short hair

Not all 80s mullet hairstyle has a super long back. This lets you extend it just past the nape of the neck. Fluff up the ends to give it a little style.

Add some layers to the top section and pull the front forward, appearing fluffy over your forehead. You should also create a slightly messy look on top as this is common with younger guys.

8. Mullet Design

80s mullet hair with design

Younger guys should favor more modern hair trends in their 80s look to blend in with their peers. Keep the hair straight from the crown of your head down. Add a couple of waves to the top.

On the sides opt for a very gradual fade with two lines shaved into it.

9. Short Spikes

80s mullet haircut

If you’d like your mullet with some very short hair on top, then you can still make it look good with the thick back section. Gently spike the top section with soft hold gel to ensure it has some texture.

10. French Crop + Taper

80s mullet with undercut

The top section of this mullet is inspired by the French crop haircut, but there are still lots of long locks at the back. The sides feature an undercut by the temple.

11. Layered Mullet

80s mullet for men with long hair

Layers can help guys with thicker hair keep their tresses under control. You should then grow the back long to show off the volume in those luscious 80s-inspired locks.

Brush all the hair back towards the crown of the head and make the layers get longer the further back you go. This will create a lot of volume on top that people will love to run their fingers through.

If you were inspired by any of these 80s mullet hairstyles, then be sure to visit a barber at once. Getting a new look can help you totally transform yourself and feel 10 times more confident.

You’ll want to go to a barber familiar with old-fashioned hairstyles but who has enough experience with modern looks to create the desired effect. You deserve the best.