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20 Curly Mullet Hairstyles For Men To Rock In 2024

Men who can pull off having a curly mullet usually have a great sense of style. Some people aren’t that keen on the mullet hairstyle, while others are obsessed with it!

However, we can all agree that it’s an iconic hairdo. The trend started in the 80s when everyone had crazy and unique hairstyles. Some of the most popular rock stars from that era used to have insanely voluminous curly mullets.

Nowadays men turn to mullet styles only when they are trying to express their bold & unique sense of style. If you are thinking about rocking a curly mullet, you are at the right place!

How to Style Mullet with Curly Hair

men's curly mullet hairstyles

Styling a curly mullet for men is much easier than people might think. Here are some simple steps that everyone can easily follow:

  • Depending on the length of your fringe, comb the top of your hair forward or backward. If your fringe is shorter then comb it forwards, and if it’s longer comb it backward and away from your face.
  • Apply curl gel throughout wet hair so that the hairstyle stays put. A curly mullet is best styled with anti-frizz products for curly hair.
  • Put the hair gel on your hand, comb it through the hair. Lastly, let the hair air-dry naturally or dry with a diffuser.
  • If your hair isn’t naturally curly, consider getting a perm.

Curly Mullet for Men

Below are 20 unique curly mullet hairstyles for men we would love to recommend. Go through these styles to adopt an iconic hairstyle with your curls.

1. Ultra Curly Mullet

curly blonde mullet for men

As a man with such hair texture, a mullet is the best choice to highlight those tight ringlets. This look took no styling at all, just natural curls and you can modify this hairstyle by keeping the forehead and nape tresses longer.

2. Curly Pony

long curly mullet for men

Curly mullets not only look amazing when kept loose but also when pinned in a bun or a pony, on top of the head. Keep the forehead ringlets messily styled and reveal the undercut shaved sides. For the back, spare a few strands that will fall carelessly on the nape.

3. Mullet with Bandana

vintage curly mullet for men

The 80s trends are back in fashion and we’re not talking only about colors and style but also mullets.

Get this look by trimming the sides and growing your curls from the top and lower back. Grab a pair of glasses and place a bandana on your forehead to recreate that retro vibe. 

4. Modern Curly Mullet

short curly mullet

If you want to grow a mullet that is trendy, curly mullets are hitting the mainstream looks. It presents loads of layers that fall all over the place.

The longer length on top provides texture, allowing the waves and curls to form. Also, wear a pair of colored glasses and keep a medium beard with a mustache. 

5. Mullet for Men with Chubby Faces

brown curly mullet for men

When you fancy a redneck hairstyle, a brown curly mullet is perfect for men who have chubby faces. This hairstyle elongates the face and makes it look slimmer thanks to that high top and length in the back. For this particular hairstyle, you can focus on the lower curls. 

6. Mullet with Glasses

Mexican curly mullet

Glasses are one of the centerpieces of this curly Mexican mullet. The sideburns are trimmed up to the top of the ear for a cleaner look in the front. Enhance the top and back by keeping the hair longer and with dimension.

7. Black Men Mullet

black men's curly mullet

Who said black men can’t get a mullet? Tapering the hair in front of the ear keeps this look cleaned up while keeping some length in the back to give it a modernized style. 

8. Dark Fuchsia Mullet

Styling a mohawk mullet is the best way to make the curly hairdo look more modern. If you love punk rock styles and music, consider dyeing your ringlets in an electric nuance. You can also keep the roots darker to create an amazing contrast. 

9. Curly Mullet with Bangs

men's curly mullet with fringe
Instagram/Lavish Salon

Curly mullets with fringe are quite fashionable among teens and young guys. They transformed this hairstyle into a real trend by adding short rounded bangs. However, it’s all about personal charisma and overall outfit with this cut.  

10. Curly Mullet with Shaved Sides

men's curly mullet with beard

Mullets with beards are men’s favorite when they want a cool look inspired by those retro times. To adapt the hairstyle to 2024, completely shave the sides disconnected from the rest of the hair and use a curl cream to give those curls more texture. 

11. Messy Mullet for Fine Hair

messy curly mullet style for men

If you have fine hair, then this curly mullet hairstyle might be a perfect hairstyle for you. Letting your curly hair air dry is a great idea here because this look is all about looking natural. Going along with this style, you can have a full beard or a bit longer than usual.

12. Mullet with Enhanced Curls

guy with curly mullet hair

Men who enjoy looking well put-together will love this mullet hairstyle with curls. If you already have curls, you can easily enhance them by using a curl cream. Shaving your beard will make this a cleaner and well-kept look.

13. Mullet with High Fade

curly mullet with high fade

Combining the curly high-top fade trend with a classic mullet hairstyle is a very creative idea. Men who enjoy modern fashion will enjoy this hair and beard combo.

If you want to maintain this look, you should shave both your head & facial hair regularly. If you’re not precise enough, you might want to visit a barber.

High Fade Vs. Low Fade

14. Mullet with Short Bangs

curly hair mullet with short bangs

If you want to express your unique personality throughout your hairstyle, then a curly mullet with short bangs is the way to do it.

You will have to regularly maintain the front part of the hair and keep it short, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

Ideal Short Hair and Beard Combination for Men

15. High Volume Mullet

best curly mullet styles for men

This hairstyle with a stubble beard is for men who want to look smart and professional while rocking their mullet.

Even though mullets are usually chosen by more rebellious men, this doesn’t mean that only they should rock it.  A high volume of curly hair mullet can make a nerdy guy look very unique and interesting.

16. 80s Curly Mullet

80’s curly mullets were so cool and rebellious. They featured short sides with a long top, crown, and back hair. Guys also added extended sideburns and a mustache to create almost a greaser-like look

17. Curly Blonde Mullet

In general, mullets can be considered an outdated hairstyle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take this old hairdo and adapt it to your style, personality, and hair type.

Shave the sides completely to the skin and disconnect from the rest of the cut to create a bold contrast. Dye the curls in a blonde nuance, keeping the natural color for the roots.

18. Long Curls + Mullet

long curly mullet for men

Mullets for men are the best way to highlight those amazing, beautifully shaped ringlet curls. It is certainly a way to stand out in any crowd and make a huge difference.

This example should suit you like a glove if you love old-school looks. The added beard makes this a more grizzly look, and the style itself is low maintenance.

19. Undercut Mullet with Highlights

curly mullet with undercut for men

This style is an excellent choice for those with longer, curly hair who want to add a more modern twist to their look.

Start with wet hair, and once your hair is clean, apply a curl cream and either air dry or use a diffuser to blow dry your hair. The added chunk of color in the front adds to the boldness of the style.

20. Loose Ringlets + Blonde Splits

curly mullet with color for men

If you like a hipster look, You may want to add blonde hair color in the middle from front to back, while the curly mullet keeps the look fun and playful.

To get this style, apply curl cream and either air dry the hair or blow dry with a diffuser.

So, these are the best curly mullet hairstyles for men that are trending.

Frequently Asked Questions on Curly Mullet

Can women also try a mullet hairstyle?

Of course, they can! These days more and more women are trying out different mullet styles. In fact, a curly mullet hairstyle is more common among women than among men.

Just remember that there are many variations of a mullet hairstyle, so you’ll be able to find the one that suits your style.

Why it is called a mullet?

The word “mullet” describes a family of edible spiny-finned fish. When the mullet hairstyle became popular, some people were joking around that it looked like they had fish on their heads.

Finally, the name “Mullet” became official when Beastie Boys released their song “Mullet Head” in 1994

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