7 Red Hairstyles for Asian Women

Red and black are the two colors you can’t go wrong with mixing. That’s why Asian women with red hair are so popular. Just a few reddish strands can make your hair looks brighter and more striking without too much hassle, care, touch-ups or maintenance.

Highlights are always a smart way to go when it comes to brightening up your image. They don’t require long hours in the barber’s chair and aren’t too damaging for your locks. If bleaching is not your way to go but you still want to change your appearance, red highlights may be a perfect choice.


Red Hairstyles for Asian Women

Red hair highlights for Asian women come in different sizes and colors. But the result is always fabulous. If you are not ready for full-blown highlighting, we would recommend trying semi-permanent red dye. It can help you understand how amazing you can look with reddish highlights.

Red hair is a great choice for most Asian women unless they have a reddish skin tone. In such cases, we would recommend going for golden brown or blonde highlights. Whichever ones you choose, they are bound to give your image an extra oomph.

1. Fiery ombre

ombre Red Hair Highlights for asian girl

Asian red hair highlights differ. One of the striking options you can take advantage of is an ombre. Fiery red colors look amazing when coupled with raven black hair. If your locks are long, this is a wonderful choice. If they are short, you can dip dye the ends.


2. Bright spotting

Bright Red Hair Highlights for asian women

The brighter the red color you decide to use for highlighting is, the more exciting the overall image will be. As you can see, you don’t have dye thick stands. As long as the color is bright, a dozen of thin strands can do the job.

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3. Hair extensions

Red Hair Highlights for asian girl

If you want to see how fabulous mahogany ombre can look on your hair or just want to make a one-time impression while enjoying long locks, opt for hair extensions. They can give your appearance some extra style.


4. Partial highlights

Red Hair Highlights

Auburn hair color is a wonderful choice for Asian women who want to get highlights. You can use the partial highlighting technique and dye the frontal strands. This way your face will brighten up without dyeing the whole mane.


5. Modern approach

Modern Red highlights hairstyle

Red hair highlights for Asian women is the first step toward dyeing the whole hair. You can start with the ombre style dyeing and leave the roots dark. Black roots look wonderful with all shades of red so you can keep touch-ups to a minimum.


6. Rosy sensation

Pink hair color might seem outrageous but pink highlights are a great way to diversify your style. You’ll need just a few pink strands to make your hair look stunning. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, pink it up!


7.  Highlight mix

Red Hair Highlights

If you’ve decided to create red highlights, you can use another trick many Asian women love. Add another color while doing the dying. Mixing black with red and brown can create a magnificent result.

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These red highlights are here to give Asian women a push in the right direction. You don’t have to choose any one of them if you don’t feel like it. But we hope they gave you an idea of how amazing red looks with black.