Top 20 Dreamy Hair Color Ideas for Asian Women

We are used to thinking that black is the best hair color for Asian women. As fashion moves forward, all the standard ideas are left in the past.

Today we are used to seeing Asian girls with all types of hair colors, starting with blonde and ending with bright green. The question is, which hair colors suit Asian women?

Not all of them do. Just as not all hair colors suit dark-skinned or light-skinned girls. If you are an Asian woman and planning a hair color change, you need to do a little research.


How to Choose The Right Hair Color for Asian Women?

Before choosing the right hair color, you need to determine your skin tone. Take a close look in the mirror to understand whether your skin is closer to red, yellow, or dark.


1. Red Skin Tone

Asian girls with reddish skin tones should avoid dark red hair color since it will only amplify the redness. In order to negate the reddish effect, choose dark blond, light brown, dark green or dimmed purple.


2. Yellow Skin Tone

Women with yellowish skin tones should think about dark red, raven black, blue, brown, and olive. If you have yellowish skin, forget about the blonde, fiery red, and orange hues. They’ll make your face look unhealthily yellow.


3. Dark Skin Tone

If you are an Asian woman with darker skin tone, you have the freedom to create blonde and light brown locks. Go for bright hues and don’t hesitate to create beautiful highlights. The best hair color for an Asian woman with dark skin is light brown.



Smart tip 1: Before dyeing your locks consider the texture of your hair. Thin and dry hair catch the colors easier so you have to choose a color, which is one shade darker than what you want to achieve. If your hair is black and thick, it will absorb color easily. So you have to choose a dye, which is one shade lighter than the result you want.

Smart tip 2: If your locks are already damaged, consider avoiding light colors. They’ll look dull. Go for brownish hues instead.


Creative Hair Color Ideas for Asian Women

If you’ve never tried a different hair color before, you’d be surprised how many hair color options for Asian women you have to explore.

Depending on your wishes, style, hair quality, and time, you can create virtually any hue. Remember, black hair needs bleaching to achieve lighter colors. So you have to get ready for some lock damaging. Don’t worry, the results are truly worth the effort.

Since Asian girls usually have fine hair, it needs special care when it comes to dyeing. Make sure to treat your tresses well and they’ll say thank you by looking fabulous.

1. Strikingly red

If you have a yellowish skin tone, this red hair color is bound to make you appear fantastic. Asian girls look amazing with wild colors. Start with red and then go further to other outrageous hues. You’ll love them!


2. Reddish auburn

The darker your skin tone is the more fabulous reddish auburn looks. When you opt for such a color, you have to reconsider your makeup. Lighter hair dims your features slightly so you need brighter makeup.


3. Wild Ombre

ombre hair color idea for girl

Purplish hues on top and white locks on the bottom look amazing on Asian women. Of course, you’d have to go through some bleaching but at least you won’t have to worry about dyeing the roots every month.


4. Golden brown

Golden brown hair color idea for asian women

Golden brown hair color looks amazing on Asian women since it has very natural hues. This color should be avoided if you have yellowish skin tone. Meanwhile, it complements reddish skin tones rather nicely.


5. Peachy red

asian hair color ideas

This peachy red hair color is a real find for girls with light skin tones. They make the skin appear even whiter while brightening up the overall image. With the right makeup, this hair color for Asian women is a real find.

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6. Dark brown

asian girl Dark brown hair color

One of the best hair colors for Asian women. If you are not ready for hair damaging bleach process, you can consider brightening your hair up slightly with brownish tones. Dark brown is a wonderful natural hair color that makes Asian women look fabulous.


7. Sparkling white

white color hair for asian women

Only a truly brave Asian woman can go for such a hair color since it involves a lot of bleaching. Meanwhile, white and silver locks are in style so it makes sense to make some sacrifices. After all, it’s just hair. It grows fast.



8. Wild green

 green asian women hairstyle

This is too hipster and wear only if you are brave enough to get everyone’s attention and mixed reaction. Light green colors are fabulous for girls with reddish skin tones. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to go for greenish hues. We’d recommend trying a wig first to figure out whether you are ready for such a step.


9. Blue and icy

Blue and purple are wonderful colors especially when you feel like standing out of the crowd. They look great with black and white hair, so you can choose this shade when your hair starts graying.



10. Bright auburn highlights

auburn highlight brown hair color for women

Using auburn hair color to brighten up your locks is a wonderful idea. Auburn is one of the most suitable hair colors for Asian women who have yellowish and dark skin tone. Perhaps you’ll like so much, you’ll want to go further.


11. Medium brown

Medium brown asian girl hair color

Medium brown Asian women’s hair color is one of the most popular options. It brightens your hair better than dark brown while not allowing the roots to show too much. Medium brown is a great place to start your dyeing journey.


12. Natural black

Sometimes it makes sense to just leave things as they are. If you have naturally black hair and light skin tone, you can enjoy the natural way your locks look. If you can’t live without changes, opt for highlights.


13. Raven black

If you want to outline your facial features without doing too much damage to your locks, opt for raven black hair color. Asian women have naturally dark tresses but making them even darker amplifies the mystery effect.


14. Reddish brown

asian girl Reddish brown hair color

Consider reddish brown hues for your next dyeing session but be smart about the process. Doing partial highlights can save your hair from extra damage and create a great effect. Dye the bangs and frontal strands.


15. Brown ombre

Ombre is a perfect way to play with hair colors of the Asian women. Leaving your naturally black hair on top and dyeing the locks brown on the bottom creates a brighter image without too much hassle and frequent maintenance.


16. Blonde and brown

Another ombre option for Asian girls is mixing blonde and brown. These two colors always look great together so you can’t go wrong. Get ready to do some bleaching to achieve light shades on the bottom.


17. Caramel blonde

Unless you have the yellowish skin tone, this caramel blonde hair color is a perfect pick. It looks so beautiful and smooth that it seems it’s worth any effort. Get ready for some serious maintenance and awed glances.

Brown With Caramel Highlights


18. Rich brown hues

Asian women can’t go wrong with brown hair colors. Try them all. Rich brown shades look especially appealing and natural while producing an amazing brightness and a special ambiance.


19. Totally pink

Another outrageous pinkish hair color for Asian women who love pink. If you are into making impressions, pink locks can definitely help you do the job. Maintaining them is a hassle. But when did it stop you?


20. Going blonde

More and more Asian girls are choosing blonde hues. This color is so unexpected that it creates a special impression. If you are not afraid of bleaching and frequent touch-ups, going blonde is a great idea.

As you can see there are many different hair colors options from which the Asian women can pick the suitable one. Whichever one you choose, it should look fabulous. Just don’t forget to consider your skin tone. Good luck!

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