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60 Most Popular Celebrity Beard Styles in 2024

Many celebrities rock a classic bearded look and keep it sophisticated. From Hugh Jackman’s Disconnected Goatee to Johnny Depp’s Defined Stubble and Sideburns; we took a closer look at some of the better beards from across Hollywood, from the world of music, and from the stars of TV and radio – all to give you some inspiration for your next crucial look.

But it’s not just the trendy that has us all hot under the collar. The range of classic beard styles making a comeback this year goes from the full beard to the tapered beard; our celebrities with beards are so stylish that they are the envy of most men – and the desire of most women!

We selected some of the coolest celebrity beard styles for your viewing pleasure.

Trend-Setting Celebs with Classic Beard Styles

So we appreciate that trend-setting technically applies to new fashion – but we say there’s nothing wrong with reviving a classic to make it popular with the masses once more, as it is with the beard styles these celebrities are sporting!

Here is a look at some of the stunning beard styles of celebrities who rock the look in totality.

1. Jason Momoa – Big Goatee

Jason Momoa beard with glasses

Among Jason Momoa’s different beard style, patchy cheeks with the big goatee is the most significant one. Patchy facial hair on his cheeks gives a natural imperfection that enhances his overall charm. However, when the celebrity wears a goatee, he does not shape the chin into a point, showing his unique celebrity style.

2. Idris Elba – Full Curly Beard

Idris Elba curly beard

As Idris Elba grows older, his full curly beard has become the most iconic style. And this facial hair style made him recognized as the sexiest man alive by People Magazine in 2018. He just grew the facial hair for a month or two to achieve this salt and pepper look.

3. Chris Hemsworth – Short Rough Beard

Chris Hemsworth beard style

The short length of the facial hair gives Hemsworth a groomed appearance. But the rough texture brings a casual charm with a touch of ruggedness. Moreover, the short facial hair frames his chiseled jawline.

4. Ryan Reynolds – Heavy Stubble

Ryan Reynolds beard style

Rayan Reynolds’ heavy stubble is more of a classic appearance with a strong masculine undertone. To get this length, one needs to grow the beard for about 10 days. However, trimming is not necessary for this rough look.

5. Bradley Cooper – Medium Stubble

Bradley Cooper with shadow beard

This Bradley Cooper style gives a balance between a full beard and clean shaven look. It remains around a few millimeters to a centimeter in length. Whether this celebrity approaches the silver screen or attends red-carpet events, this style is a winning choice as it allows his good looks to shine through.

6. Jared Leto – Full Beard

Jared Leto full beard style

Jared Leto’s full beard has a thick growth of facial hair, which covers his entire lower face. The fullness of his facial hair creates a contrast with his long hairstyle and generates a bold, distinct image.

7. Michael B. Jordan – Extended Anchor Beard

Michael B. Jordan with beard

This style contains a roughly grown thick beard along the jawline that extends from the bottom of the chin. Further, the disconnected mustache enhances the natural attractiveness.

8. Travis Fimmel – Medium Boxed Ducktail

Travis Fimmel beard style

Travis Fimmel is one of those celebrities who changes his look from time to time. This specific style has medium-length facial hair all over his face with an extended beard at the chin.

This beard style is also known Hollywoodian style and it gives a mysterious element to his overall look, enhancing his allure and leaving a lasting impression.

9. Kit Harington – Medium Boxed Beard

Kit Harington short beard style'

When Kit Harington dons this style, it frames his face. The meticulous grooming, along with clean lines on cheeks, generates a sharp boxed shape. It has become his signature style from the character Jon Snow.

10. Zac Efron – Medium Stubble

Zac Efron beard style

Zac Efron carefully maintains beard growth and keeps a moderate length, normally ranging from a few days to a week’s worth of growth. Overall, the medium stubble enhances Efron’s charming look with a hint of masculinity.

11. Jack Harlow – Chin Strap with Ducktail

Jack Harlow beard style

This Jack Harlow style contains a connected beard starting from the sideburns that follow the jawline. However, the facial hair on the cheeks shapes in a slightly boxed style, and the chin has distinctive pointed extensions.

12. Chris Pratt – Stubble Beard

Chris Pratt with stubble beard

This facial hair style displays a casual coolness while also combining ruggedness with a hint of sophistication on any celebrity. However, the stubbly look makes Chris Pratt’s patchy places visible.

13. Charlie Hunnam – Extended French Beard

Charlie Hunnam beard style

Unlike the well-groomed French beard, Hunnam keeps it untidy. That’s why an intentional extension towards the cheeks is visible and creates a distinctive look.

14. Ryan Gosling – Light Stubble

Ryan Gosling with light stubble beard

With his piercing blue eyes and tousled hair, Rayan Gosling’s light stubble complements his overall aesthetic. This effortless facial hair set him apart while adding charms to his look.

15. Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Long Stubble

Jeffrey Dean Morgan with grey beard

Known for his on-screen presence in Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s long stubble beard adds an extra layer of masculinity. In addition to that, this style helps him to create an edgy and classy look.

16. Tom Hardy – Stubbly Boxed Beard

Tom Hardy beard style

This style enhances Tom Hardy’s squared-off shape of his face. He grew the facial hair on his lower cheeks while maintaining a crisp line on his cheeks to achieve the celebrity type boxed style.

17. Oscar Isaac – Scruffy Beard

Oscar Isaac scruffy beard

This uneven and slightly untamed style highlights his natural attractiveness. With his strong jawline and expressive eyes, this facial hair frames his face by adding elegance.

18. Pedro Pascal – Patchy Chin Strap

Pedro Pascal beard style

Pedro Pascal’s beard distribution is not even, so most of the time he styles a chinstrap beard. However, the patchy nature on both sides of the chin gives him a distinct appearance. Check out these bearded celebrities who wear glasses.

19. Scott Eastwood – Heavy Stubble

Scott Eastwood beard style

This style can be defined as a 15-day beard that grows 5+mm long. It helps to hide his strong jawline but keeps the angular features. Further, Scott Eastwood’s choice to sport the heavy stubble shows his ability to embrace a timeless and contemporary sense of style.

20. Adam Driver – Light Anchor Beard

Adam Driver beard style

Adam Driver styles a goatee and mustache most of the time, which can also be characterized as a light anchor beard. It balances the clean, shaved look and goatee by giving a polished and refined appearance to this celebrity.

21. 50 Cent Jackson

50 Cent's beard style

Whether you consider the chinstrap or the short pencil beard, this is one celebrity with a beard who rocks the look and manages to appear dapper every time.

22. Adam Stephen

celebrity with full beard

Whether you see the full-length beard or the shorter boxed beard version, some celebrities own the full beard look, and he is one of them. The experiment with a variety of beard colors also works. The undercut brown hair complements the beard very well.

23. Armie Hammer

beard-styles of Armie Hammer

He manages to look dapper in almost every beard style. Whether he is wearing just a hard stubble in the natural color or a dyed ginger brown bushy tapered beard variant, this celebrity’s beard makes them look fashionable and statement-making.

24. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum beard styles

If you list celebrities with goatee beard who make the soul patch or the hint of a French beard look fashionable, you cannot miss Tatum. Effortless and cool, this celebrity will make you a fan of this beard style.

25. Chris Evans

beard styles of Chris Evans

Both the low-boxed beard and high-boxed variant suit Evans. It celebrates his facial structure and highlights the taut features in the most definitive way. Chris Evan’s beard is making his fan base crazy!

26. Chris Pine

famous celebrity's beard styles

This Sci-Fi heartthrob from Star Trek is known for his boyish good looks and charm. Whether you look at the salt and pepper full or chinstrap beard, here is one actor who does not have to try too hard to look good in his beard. While the eyes still have the boyish glint, the beard also brings his masculinity to light.

27. Christian Bale

Whether you look at the French beard or the walrus mustache, Christian Bale is known to rock the character he plays. This Academy Award and Golden Globe winner manages to look chic and smashing a variety of beard styles.

28. Daniel Radcliffe

You probably know him best for his Harry Potter roles, and effusing boyish charm. But boy, how quickly did this boy grow up with this astonishing full-beard avatar? This is one of the few celebrities who manage to make the full beard fashionable.

29. David Beckham

You know this footballer as much for his prowess on the field as for the fashion trends that he manages to kickstart. He belongs to that genre of celebrities with beards who look good with every look they adopt.

30. Donald Glover

donald glover beardstyles

The full beard can add glamour to your face if you style it right. If you are unsure how to achieve that, here are some quick ones from one of the best masters of the full beard.

31. Aubrey Drake Graham

Drake is another notable celebrity with the beard who is as famous for his career and achievement as he is for the fantastic beard styles and buzz cut. Not just the full beard, if you are keen on making the stubble a fashion statement, do your beard the Drake way.

32. Heath Ledger

This Australian actor and director is best known for his role as the Joker. But you can totally understand the charisma of this celebrity’s beard by the way his fans copy his looks even a decade after his sudden demise.

33. Henry Cavill

If you are looking for an ambassador for the boxed beard look, this is a celebrity that rocks the beard look. The beard, in many ways, accentuates his boyish charm.

34. Hugh Jackman

Another in the list of actors with beard, Hugh Jackman absolutely owns & sports wolverine beard style. The best part is the choice of styles that truly highlight his features.

35. Jake Gyllenhaal

Hollywood celebrity Jake Gillen's beardstyles

Here is one of the best known Hollywood celebrities with the beard who have transformed the bearded look into something absolutely sexy. His oval face makes it possible for him to look good in almost every beard style and we are not complaining.

36. James Franco

If you are looking for that perfect example of patchy beard transformed into a gorgeous style, your search must end here. James Franco styles his beard intelligently to retain the suave element without compromising on his masculine appeal.

37. James Harden

This American basketball player is not just a sports’ icon but a fashion icon too. Be it his clean-shaven look, goatee or full-grown beard, he has a train of fans following his style and adapting their beard style to his.

38. James McAvoy

The French beard with the mustache and soul patch never looked as gorgeous as this celebrity makes it look. The style and the beard color both compliment his face and help retain his boyish charm and sexy appeal intact.

39. Jamie Dornan

The full beard, trimmed short with the hair slicked back makes Jamie Dornan a style icon par excellence. Here is another celebrity beard style,  Dornan absolutely celebrates his machismo in an understated and classic manner.

40. Joe Manganiello

famous celebs with beard

The angular pointy short box beard looks even more dashing in this salt and pepper avatar. This is also an intelligent example of how best to carry the salt and pepper look. Joe Manganiello’s beard is absolutely heating up the style villa and you have fans swooning to copy the look.

41. John Krasinski

When you are drawing up a list of actors with a stylish beard, it is hard to miss Krasinski. Be it the full beard or the circular scruffy beard, he wears it with panache and wows his fans every time.

42. Jon Hamm

Best known for the portrayal of the Ad Executive, Don Draper from Mad Men, he absolutely rocks almost any beard style he wears. Needless to mention, Hamm’s oval face complements most styles. You, therefore, see this celebrity and his varied styles of beard from the stubble to the full length depending on the need.

43. Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux is one American actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian who has always managed to look handsome and charming with his lumberjack beard. He also experiments with the beard color with quite a lot of success.

44. Kanye West

Be it the inverted T beard or the Circle beard, Kanye West is amongst those celebrities with a beard who has always managed to stand out in the way he has presented himself. It is subtle, understated and classy all at once lending a delightfully charming appeal to his overall personality.

45. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves bearded look

If there is some way to add more glamour to these almost perfect Greek God-like features, it is perhaps the beard. Keanu Reeves personifies glamour in every avatar that he dons. Both with the short beard and without beard variants add a dose of charisma and candor to his overall personality.

46. LeBron James

LeBron is another famous American Basketball player who is known as much for his basketball shots as his beard styles. Whether he wears them as a pointed Amish beard, a goatee or simply a soul patch, he has a train of fans ready to follow it all to the last detail in every way.

47. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beard

DiCaprio is another Hollywood celebrity with beard who does not just carry it with panache but also adds an adequate dose of glamour. Whether you look at the pointy box beard or the full beard cut short, it exudes charm and appeal in every possible way. No wonder he always has a battery of fans ready to try out every style he adapts.

48. Lionel Messi’s Beard

The fan following that this FCB soccer player has is unimaginable. His fans, spread all over the world, can literally kiss the ground he steps on. No wonder this celebrity with the golden boot is a style icon with his beard too. His blonde hair with red beard complement his skin tone.

49. Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman is one of the most famous bearded celebrities over 50. The above two are almost the same beard styles but have a startling effect using different colors.

Offerman’s Balbo beard styles highlight the use of colors as an element to enhance the styling quotient. These easily sway from serious and business-like to casual and rugged with just a difference in the shade and combination of colors.

50. Paul Walker

Paul Walker with stubble beard

Talk of sporting a beard but keeping your boyish charm intact, Paul Walker absolutely walks the talk with his. Light and almost like a hard stubble, this celebrity with shadow beard portrays an understated machismo with a sensitive and soft edge.

51. Prince Harry

Sixth in the line on the British Throne, Prince Harry is one of the most popular celebrities who absolutely rocks the bearded look. It is not just very becoming of his personality and public image, but he also wears his ginger beard with a lot of pride. He exudes a sense of subtle, sensitive charm that is hard to overlook at any time.

52. Ricardo Kaka

The stubble and the light beard no doubt add to the intensity of his bright and deep eyes and lends him a distinct dose of charm and good looks at every juncture. He pairs them intelligently with his flowing wavy hair for the best and most striking impact.

53. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin’s music rocks but his look sporting a beard rocks too. He is one of those celebrities with bearded look who is keen about creating a subtle, sophisticated and suave impression with his beard. These extremely urbane variations establish that and a lot more adding a lot of charm and appeal to his personality.

54. Robert Pattinson

He might be sporting some striking beard styles but here is an example of a celebrity’s beard who can let his confidence make all the difference in your overall styling. The experiment with a variety of shades too is quite impressive. You can easily add some fun element to your styling with these elements.

55. Russell Brand

russell brand with full beard and long hair

Styling short beard with long hair can be tricky but not if you are Russell Brand. His effortless sense of style, the flair for something unique and eclectic dressing sense work together to bring in a dose of oomph and wow factor to the overall look in a convincing manner.

56. Zayn Malik

celebrities with beard - Zayn Malik

Effortless, natural, striking and absolutely gorgeous, Zayn Malik is among those celebrities who totally own the beard. Check these Zayn Malik’s bearded looks.

57. Tom Cruise

The flowy hair goes perfectly well with the box beard or the stubble that you see Tom Cruise sporting. This is one Hollywood actor with beard who is known for smart pairing and intelligent execution. The beard and the hairstyle work in sync to highlight his natural good looks and charm.

58. Tom Ford

This textbook’s perfect photograph of Tom Ford’s tight short box beard highlights the brilliance of proper styling and great execution. It is not just important to conceptualize a great beard style; it also needs to be executed with elan.

59. Virat Kohli

This Indian cricket superstar is one celebrity with a beard who is a style icon for kids and adults alike. His disarming smile, boyish charm and the full-length ducktail beard work together like magic.

60. Will Smith

Will Smith's beardstyles

When you list out celebrities with beards portraying subtle classic elegance, Will Smith features prominently with his French beard.

Therefore, you will notice most celebrities opt for beard styles that suit their personalities and facial structures. They use the beard more as a means to amplify their looks. For most celebrities, the beard is to celebrate their masculinity and portray that undeniable charm of understated machismo.

Most of us have that one favorite celebrity with a beard who we want to copy, but make sure that you adopt the style appropriately for the shape of your face and the beard color. More importantly, match the style with your personality too. For most celebrities, that is the primary focal point.

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