50 Best Short and Long Bangs Haircuts for Stylish Women

Bangs have always been a fashionable way to diversify any hairstyle. Long hair with bangs looks very special if the style is chosen correctly, while short hair with bangs is a good choice for almost any face type. When women are faced with a choice of a right haircut, they usually question the subject of bangs.


Best Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

If you are still wondering whether or not you need bangs, consider this: bangs will immediately make you look at least 5 years younger. Women who wear bangs don’t need to worry about forehead wrinkles and can easily use less eye make up, since by covering up the forehead they make the rest of the face look brighter. We have collected 50 bangs hairstyles to help you choose the one that suits you the most.


1. Parted bangs

Short and Long Bangs Haircuts for Women 1-min

This simple hairstyle for short hair with bangs is easy to make and just as easy to handle. Straight bangs are a little hard to maintain, so parting them solves the maintenance problem. The parted bangs still cover up most of the forehead but look a little more creative than the straight ones.


2. Uneven bangs with long layers

bangs long-burgundy-hair

Long layered hairstyle looks amazing with uneven voluminous bangs. Uneven bangs create a mysterious look while the long hair adds to the style. Long layers bring some volume to the hairstyle and the bangs help keeping it.


3. Swept highlighted bangs

short bangs for girls

The swept highlighted bangs produce an impression of the windblown hairstyle, which looks very fashionable. Such style might require a lot of maintenance but will stay intact for a long time. The volume here is guaranteed for any hair type.


4. Eye covering bangs


Growing the bangs long enough to cover the eyes is a bold move that produces a smoky and sexy glance. The length of the rest of the hair doesn’t matter. However, such style is a little difficult to maintain for simple comfort reasons.


5. Straight long hair with bangs

medium long side bangs

Quite often the classical long hair with straight bangs is the best choice for women with long hair. The simplicity of the style is its advantage. There is really nothing extra here. The soft style looks great on women of any age.