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16 Ways to Pair Bangs With Grey Hair for a Trendy Look

Grey hair is commonly associated with aging, so women struggle hard to hide them from day one. But the trend has changed as grey tresses have strangely taken over all other hairstyles by storm.

A fresh hair color like grey deserves a fresh haircut, and that’s the very reason why we have brought another hot trend to go with your grey locks, Bangs!

Without further ado, go through the following cool hairstyles featuring bangs with grey hair. We are sure you’ll find a look to suit your taste.


Bangs Hairstyles with Grey Hair

Both bangs and your grey hair can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your choice.

1. Classic Lob

medium length grey hair with bangs

Ladies who haven’t tried a lob yet are truly missing out. Chop the strands just above the shoulders with minimal layers and set step into the world of bangs with a wispy fringe.

Coming towards the hair color, opt for a silvery-grey base with delicate lowlights for a natural appeal.


2. Thick Bangs

long grey hair with bangs

You can add some drama to your look with thick bangs covering the forehead completely.

The eye-skimming ends are feathered to avoid a blunt look while the remaining white blonde tresses are kept long.

Finish off by adding a hint of black to bangs only and see jaws drop around you.


3. Wispy Bangs

grey hair with bangs for women over 50

Thick bangs can often feel suffocating and are not suitable in the case of thin tresses. That is where wispy bangs come into play. They are light, airy, and easy to style. Complete the look with a soft mullet and a frosted grey hair color. You won’t regret it!     


4. Curly Glory

grey curly hair with bangs

Instagram / greytransitionproject

These bangs with curly grey hair are just to die for! Those blessed with a head full of curls can flaunt them confidently with a deva cut and a bouncy fringe at the front.

Ask for grey highlights or black lowlights creating the salt and pepper look of your dreams!


5. Short Curtain Bangs

grey hair with curtain bangs

Instagram /

Instead of going for an icy appeal, stay on the warmer side with a golden grey hair shade and a hint of brown in between.

Flaunt the look with a choppy shag and short curtain bangs, with or without a parting, elongating gradually towards the outside. Add curls and voila!   


6. Middle-Parted

long bangs with grey hair

Instagram / silversmashley

Talking about curtain bangs, opt for a chin-length fringe parted in the middle and pair it with a chic short bob. Add platinum highlights on a dark grey base shade and set off the look with a half-up ponytail. Eye-catching, right?  


7. Grey Grace

grey bob with bangs

Instagram / cyl.cher

Look like a French Madame by rocking blunt micro bangs cut straight across the forehead with a chin-length crop.

Dye the entire head in an ash-grey nuance without any highlights for an ultra-modern monochromatic look that won’t be ignored. You can blend gray hair with highlights too. Simple yet classy!


8. Baby Bangs

grey hair with bangs for black women

Ladies getting on in years can take a break from the hassle of styling their hair daily with a textured boy cut and a baby fringe extending not more than an inch from the hairline. A hand-tousle and off you go!   


9. 80’s Blowout

feathered grey hair with bangs

Bring back the famous blowout trend from the 80s to turn around some heads.

Ask the hairstylist for a feathered bob with bangs and style the hair with a round brush and hairdryer, rolling the strands away from the face resulting in a fluffy hairdo that is sure to be praised.


10. Hime Cut + Color Blocking

grey and black hair with bangs

Instagram / charlesjuniorlouw

Another cool hairstyle featuring bangs with grey hair. The hime cut is characterized by short bangs and cheek-length side locks while the hair at the back is kept long and straight.

Dye the front half in a grey-blonde hue to contrast against the remaining black mane for a color-block effect.  


11. Side-Swept Bangs with Bun

grey updo with bangs

Instagram / fit_fun_kris70

There is no age limit when it comes to sporting grey hair. Dark-haired ones can cover their entire mane with silver highlights leaving only a hint of their natural hair color beneath.

Assemble the tresses in a bun sparing the side-swept bangs at the front for a doll-like appeal.


12. Natural Beauty 

side bangs with grey hair

Elderly ladies can show off their natural greying tresses with a classic neck-length bob and bangs parted in the center.

This short haircut is an ideal solution to the two problems commonly faced by old women i.e. thinning hair and a receding hairline.  


13. Salt and Pepper Pixie

short grey hair with bangs

Pixie with bangs looks hot and gray hair can add spice to that. Level up your hair game with a sassy pixie haircut featuring short sides and back with a slightly longer top and cropped bangs at the front.

Create the salt and pepper appeal by adding vivid streaks of black on a platinum blonde base and you won’t be able to hate it.


14. Choppy Crop

short bangs with grey hair

Old ladies with natural grey hair look super-flattering with bangs. The lazy bones out there who don’t have the time or energy to style their hair will be happy to know that messy hairstyles are now considered sexy.

Get a short crop with as many choppy layers as possible adding some fullness to the hair. Don’t forget the baby bangs!


15. Arched Bangs

layered grey hair with bangs

Instagram / sirensalonchi

Stand out from the crowd with arched bangs that are cut in a round shape to flatter an oval/oblong face shape.

The shoulder-length tresses are painted in a deep grey tinge with platinum side locks creating the perfect light and dark interplay.


16. Two-Toned A-Line Haircut

blunt bangs with grey hair

Instagram / salomedewet

Lastly, these bangs with grey hair are a must-try this season because why not? The look features a long A-line haircut where the hair is cut at an angle to elongate towards the front. The blunt bangs are cropped and dyed in a steel grey shade to pop against the remaining dove grey locks.  


Bangs look exceptionally flattering when coupled with grey hair. So if you are thinking of embracing those natural streaks of silver while taking part in the grey hair trend, the above-mentioned hairstyles have got you covered with the bangs adding a refreshing touch to each look.