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27 Luscious Brunette Hairstyles for Older Women

Choosing the right brunette color can be challenging. Young or old, it’s crucial that you pay attention to a few specific details when choosing the right brown hue for you.

Especially for older women, you should encourage the eye to trail upwards to fight the effects of gravity on aging skin. You always want a color that will brighten your facial appearance and bring out the best of your skin’s undertones. This, alongside your eye color, is essential for picking the right brunette for older women.

The Best Brunette For Older Women Over 50

When you’re over 50, it’s the perfect time to change your look, especially your hairstyle. Short hairstyles will be your best shot as they are low-maintenance, making your thinning, coarse tresses appear healthy.

We have covered the most popular brunette hair colors for older women over 50 suitable for various skin and eye colors to help you make the best choice.

1. Rich Tawny Brown 

older woman with brunette bob

Tawny brown is often an overlooked color in the brunette family. Characterized by warm brown notes with an orange-based shade, this color works on a variety of warm skin tones, from very pale to medium.

To make your hair color last and to avoid over-oxidation of that orange base, an occasional at-home toner should become your new best friend.

2. Rich Cocoa 

brunette hair updo for older women

When we think of rich cocoa, perfect Disney-princess brunette hair comes to mind. It’s fabulous on older women looking to brighten up their face while complimenting existing features.

This combination is a winner on light eyes with fair skin. Pink, peach, and even slightly warm undertones all compliment this nearly stunning hair color that carries a slightly reddish cast. 

3. Deep Auburn 

layered brunette hair for older women

Auburn has just the right amount of red with beautiful rich depth. It feels warm, but the undertones are actually cool, making it perfect for cool blue or green eyes.

As for skin tone, mature women should consider a chic auburn hairstyle if they possess fair to medium skin with complimentary cool or neutral undertones.

4. True Milk Chocolate Brunette 

brunette curly hair for older women

Regardless of whether your skin is fair or dark, you’ll need golden undertones to pull chocolate brown hair off. This color has warm notes and can vary wildly from spiced chocolate to a deep and dark with cherry hints.

Additionally, brown eyes, but especially light eyes, can really illuminate the appearance of a mature woman looking to try true chocolate hair. 

5. Golden Brown 

brunette hair highlights for older women

Show off your sunny side with golden brown hair. To add a streak of youthfulness, you may want to consider golden blonde highlights to incorporate into your look. We love the way they brighten up pretty side bangs.

As for your skin tone, peachy or golden hues compliment this color best. As for eye color, you’ll want to give this a try if your peepers are a warm brown, green, or hazel color. 

6. Dark Cocoa Ombre

brunette hair with bangs for older women

The best part about an ombre is the ability to grow out with ease. This dark cocoa color is no exception! Suitable for light eyes, this color brings out the warmth that naturally lies underneath the surface of the cheeks.

The ends of this hair grow lighter and warmer, making it perfect for fair or neutral skin tones. With ombre styles, you’ll be spending less money and visiting the salon much less frequently. 

7. Cappuccino

Cappuccino colors contain just the right amount of cool or warm tones, depending on your approach. This makes it one of the most versatile tones on the list.

Ideally, warm eyes suit this look best, especially if you plan on trying a warm balayage, as seen here. Cappuccino can blend beautifully with warm highlights like auburn and copper. 

8. Rich Chestnut

long brunette hair for older women

Chestnut is a wonderful earthy tone that looks great on women of all ages. Yet another versatile color that works for all skin types, chestnut is sensible and easy to manage.

Unless your skin tone is quite yellow, consider this color that falls just between warm and cool.  As for eye colors, this hue is best on brown or green eyes. 

9. Toasted Cinnamon 

brunette pixie for older women

Toasted cinnamon sounds good enough to eat, which means it’s definitely striking for mature women to try. While it would look beautiful on long locks, this warm color palette brings so much life to short haircuts.

This cinnamon hair color is all about warmth with darker highlights, so try it out if your skin has peach, pink, or medium undertones with a dark golden cast. 

10. Dark Copper

brunette hair for women over 50

Dark cooper hair has a hint of vibrancy that brings this rust-based hue to life. It works fabulously with nearly all eye colors, including brown, blue, and green.

As for skin tone, to bring out the most of your look and to emphasize a youthful glow, consider a cute copper brown hairstyle if your skin is fair to medium with peach, pink, or neutral undertones. 

11. Deep Chocolate Maroon

older woman with medium brunette hair

Dark hair on fair skin can look dramatic and sexy. Whether your hair is short or long, this color combined with pink skin tones has a sultry, creamy effect that instantly recalls a youthful feeling. 

As for eye colors, nearly any color will do, from chocolate brown to green and even steel gray eyes. With this style you will see that finally, years of wearing sunscreen has paid off!

12. Sunny Caramel Tones

older woman with messy brunette hair

Are you over 50 and blessed with curly locks! Skin with warm undertones from medium to dark benefit greatly from the warmth on this sunny caramel hairstyle. 

As for eye colors, warm hues with greens and brown will suit this hair color the best. Play with highlights as you see fit. The more warm blonde, the better!

13. Pinned-Back Curls

short brunette bob for over 50

Let your face stand out by keeping all the hair away from it with an elegant pinned-back short hairstyle.

Opt for beach waves or curls with a side part and sweep the front strands towards the back. Fix them in place with pins and loosen the hair for a soft finish.

14. Sassy Pixie

short brunette hairstyle for women over 50 with fine hair

A super short pixie can be the ideal short brunette hairstyle for office-going ladies over 50. Go with a textured top that tapers gradually towards the sides and back.

Finger brush the tendrils sideward and you are ready to rock. Chic and easy to maintain, what more to ask for?

15. The Hair Tuck

short layered brunette hairstyle for women over 50

The tucked-in hair look is one of the hottest trends of the winter season. Recreate this street-style brunette hairdo by adding loose waves to the mane and tucking them inside a turtleneck or high-collared sweater.

The result will be a carefree bob look-alike that will drop some jaws.

16. Curly Crop

short curly brunette hairstyle for women over 50

Curls can be difficult to manage when getting on in years. Instead of pulling them into a tight bun or ponytail all the time, chop them off into a liberating crop.

Go for short layers on the top and sides and hand-tousle the strands for an undone look.

17. Razored Chop

short brunette hairstyle for women over 50 with glasses

Razor cuts work best with coarse hair that most senior ladies end up with after years of heat styling.

Ask the hairstylist for a medium-length pixie with jagged layers and wispy tips. Set your fine tresses in place using some pomade. A little mess is just what you need!

18. Soft Wolf Cut

short brunette beach waves for women over 50

A mullet may seem a little over the top, especially if you don’t want a rock star appeal. A soft wolf cut will be your best alternative in such a case.

It features heavy layers on the top that elongate towards the sides and back. Add highlights and let your curls sway with the wind.

19. French Bob

short brunette hairstyle with bangs for women over 50

Consider getting a French bob to maintain a high-class look at your mature age. The strands are snipped at the chin or ear level resulting in a smarter-looking face.

Cover those forehead wrinkles with wispy bangs grazing the brows and you are all done!

20. Side-Swept Mushroom Cut

short brunette pixie cut for women over 50

Mushroom cuts have stood the test of time and all for the right reasons. Try a traditional blunt version with thick straight bangs at the front that extend all around the back.

On the contrary, an ear-length top with minimal layers, a side part, and an undercut at the back won’t disappoint either.

21. The Wedge

short brunette hairstyle for Asian women over 50

Wedge cuts resemble bob cuts but feature stacked layers that become super short just above the neck but remain long around the face at the front.

The result is a softly rounded back with a bob-like look at the front. This style is a must-try for thin-haired ladies.

22. Classic Bob

Nothing can compete with the beauty of a classical bob. Choose the length of your liking with side-swept bangs and barely-there layers.

Flip the tips inward for a healthy look and let your fresh haircut shine with delicate babylights on a brunette base.

23. Curly Lob

light brunette bob for women over 50

Although there is no limitation, natural brunette curls tend to look better with long bobs instead of shorter ones.

Snip the tresses just above the shoulders with choppy layers and spice them up with some highlights. Apply a curl-defining product regularly to keep your coils bouncing!

24. 70s Feathered Hair

short thick brunette hairstyle for women over 50

Feathered tresses became popular in the 70s and have never really left the fashion industry ever since.

Feathering is ideal for removing excess bulk from a straight to curly mane as the strands are snipped in a way for the roots to remain thick but with lighter wispier ends. Don’t forget to get a good blowout!

25. Chic Bixie

short brunette hair with highlights for women over 50

Couple the defining features of both of these haircuts to end up with a super chic bixie. It is short and rounded softly to hug the head. Highlights will make everything better!

Copy this brunette hairstyle for short-haired women over 50 who can’t decide between a pixie and a bob.

26. Headband Style

short brunette hair with headband for women over 50

Headbands prove to be useful when you can’t think of any other hairstyle.

Prevent those short strands from getting into the eyes by rocking any hairband of your choice and tousle the hair at the back for an unkempt appeal. Don’t worry you won’t look childish!

27. Wispy Layers

woman over 50 with short brunette hair

Avoid choppy layers in the case of delicate fine tresses. Go for wispy layers instead that thin down towards the ends to add some movement and volume to the hair.

Try the technique on a super short bob with light feathery bangs and you won’t go back ever!

Choosing a brunette hair color for mature women is easy, so long as you follow a few simple rules. Compliment your eye and skin color and you’re sure to brighten up your look like never before.

Level up your style further by accentuating your brown hair color with highlights, lowlights, or a balayage instead. You will appear much younger for your age once you leave the salon!