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21 Best Deep Side Part Hairstyles for Women

Deep side part hairstyles throw off the balance of your face shape, making them suitable for every shape, even oval. If you’re wondering whether a deep part is right for you, remember that it treats your hair as a curtain that can frame the very best parts of your face, depending on how deep you make it. The part conceals a harsh jawline and throws off the center of a round face for elongation.

Curious yet? Let’s take a peek at some jaw-dropping deep side part styles!

1. Deep Side Part Bob

A center part on a bob can be severe. Flipping hair to one side is not only sexy, but it is great for framing a round face and can effectively soften a square jaw, too. Browse some amazing side part bobs here.


2. Deep Side Part on Short Hair

On short hairstyles, this look has a beneficial framing effect. It works especially well to round out long or pointed chins. Add some wave as an extra softening element.


3. Deep Side Part on Long Hair

deep side part long hair

Nothing lets long, luxurious locks fall over your shoulders quite like a side part does. A simple flip of your hair creates interest without the need for side bangs or layers.


4. Medium Hair

A Medium-length deep side part hairstyle that frames and highlights your jawline as it skims your shoulders. Take your part off-center if you want to soften angular cheekbones or a long chin and balance with side bangs.


5. Glamorous Hairstyle

If you’re going for a luxurious look, sweep the majority of hair to one side. This style will make your thick, blown-out hair fall elegantly yet powerfully in a classic Hollywood style.


6. Deep Side Part Weave

Weaves can absolutely emulate this hairstyle. All that is left to you is to choose your best side so hair, either long or short,  creates a curtain around your best features.


7. Curly Hair With Side Part

Curly hair is often thick and full, so it helps to avoid a center part. Asymmetrical styles break up bulk and let the hair flow in a more romantic, organic way.


8. Wavy Hair + Deep Side Part

deep side part wavy hair

Let your waves cascade with an off-center part. A symmetrical look doesn’t always your waves nor your face shape justice,  if it contains harsh lines or overly rounded ones, so draw your part to the side.


9. Straight Hair + Deep Side Part

Symmetrical face shapes can rock virtually every part and style desirable. A center part is strong, but can be boring for straight hair. Flip it to the side to add some interest to lank locks.


10. Deep Side Part Ponytail

A fan of ponytail like me? Not everyone prefers slick back ponytails. In fact, this long, wavy ponytail feels feminine. You don’t need side bangs to frame your face as the soft curls achieve this effect.


11. Messy Hair

Work with a messy style by throwing your part off to the side. It feels far more natural than a center part, and works on messy hair both short and long.


12. Side Part + Bun

Add a touch of elegance to your up-do with a deep side part. It’s a necessary component to low chignon style with wavy, loose pieces helping to frame the face.


13. Deep Side Part on Balayage Hair

Center parts are fine if you have balayage highlights, but the hair effect looks natural when your part takes a plunge. It also opens up and elongates a round face shape.


14. Loose Curls

Loose curls are rather simple, but they aren’t ideal with center parts, as they need softness to mirror the roundness of curls.


15. Blonde Hair

deep side part blonde hair

Depending on how you choose to wear your blonde hair, off-center parts are a safe bet for everyone. Plus, you can show off your dynamic color and highlights in a way that encourages movement.


16. Deep Side Part Updo

Most up-dos look best with a side part, especially if you’re going for a pretty look. Don’t forget to add height at the roots near the front of the forehead to keep the look from falling flat.


17. Thick Hair

Who doesn’t love a touch of retro glamour? Thick hair looks best with style, even if you’re going for an updated take on the trend. Brush out soft curls or create an S wave.


18. Deep Side Part Braid

If you want to wear your long braid over one shoulder, it’s best to create a part that lies far off-center. It will not only bring the overall hairstyle together but will be most comfortable to wear.


19. Ombre

deep side part ombre hair

Ombre hair highlights have a softening effect and pair perfectly with the part. Balayage or other natural highlights provide a similar effect.


20. Deep Side Part Wedding Hair

Side parts are key for creating gorgeous, glamorous styles. Side parts impart soft, round lines to any hairstyle, so they are essential for creating your excellent wedding up-do.


21. Half-up Hairstyle

This hairstyle is more artful than your average half-up style. This part lets you work different portions of the hair to create angles and lines that are unique.

As you can see, deep side parts are anything but limiting. In fact, they can work with virtually every hairstyle and face shape with only minor tweaks involved. Which side part style will be your next?