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17 Edwardian Hairstyles for Women: Timeless Elegance Redefined

Classy vintage hairstyles like the Edwardian hairstyles will always have a fanbase. Edwardian era had a great fasjhion sense and styled their hair in elegant ways that’s even popular in twenty first century!

The Edwardian era followed the Victorian era marked by Queen Victoria’s death and the succession of her son King Edward VII in 1901. It extended till 1910 and is also said to have lasted till World War I.

This era is symbolized by luxury and elegance. Two-piece suits and skirts became popular among women and so did big poufy hairstyles and enormous hats. The hairdos were loose, fluffy, and voluminous featuring padded curls and swirls styled away from the face.

Bring a bit of royal charm into your life with the below-mentioned classic Edwardian hairstyles for women of today.

Vintage Edwardian Hairstyles for Women

Bring together curls, twists, hair pads, and hats to look like a true Edwardian in no time. Here are 17 chic Edwardian hairstyles for ladies who love vintage glamour.

1. Full Bouffant

edwardian hairstyle for long hair

Edwardian hairstyles are marked by big poufy bouffant. Tease and fold the strands away from the face with or without a side part achieving a smooth cloud of hair sitting on the head. Swirl the remaining tresses into a bun and pull some tendrils loose to frame the face.

2. Pulled Twist-Back

everyday edwardian hairstyle

Women who dislike overly poufy hairstyles can recreate this elegant twist-back hairdo. Twist the front strands into tight ropes and pin them at the back or fold the hair, just like when creating victory rolls, and pin it at the front. Finish off with a low loose bun.

3. Pin-Curl Updo

edwardian updo style

Pin curls have been around since forever and never fail to disappoint. Backcomb the mane and use synthetic extensions to achieve that well-needed volume.

To create the curls, section the hair, roll it into swirls and pin them in place all over the head. Curl up those loose strands and done.

4. The Gibson Girl Look

half up edwardian hairstyle

The Gibson Girl was a pen-and-ink idea of the perfect woman in the Edwardian era. Along with a petite curvy figure, her tresses were piled up on the head just as depicted here.

Crimp the strands before folding them into a pomp sparing some to fall forward resulting in a boho-chic appeal.

5. Low Curly Chignon with Hat

edwardian hairstyle with a hat

Not all Edwardian hairstyles are big and fluffy. Consider sporting a chignon by curling the tresses and pinning them into a low side bun with a softly twisted side part at the front. Set the look on fire with a cartwheel hat that was popular between 1908 and 1910.

6. The Cottage Loaf

red edwardian hairstyle

Stand out with a classic Edwardian cottage loaf hairdo. Instead of focusing all the volume at the front, create body at the back of the head using rat wigs and cover them with your natural tresses.

Leave the ends loose and curl them along with the face-framing chunks at the front.

7. Janice Meredith Pomp with Neck Curls

half up edwardian hairstyle

Janice Meredith was a rebel from a silent film in the early 1900’s and many women dream of nailing her iconic hairstyle. Crimp the hair to achieve some texture followed by curling and pinning it away from the face. Spare the chunks near the nape and tousle them at the front.

8. Top Knot Bun

easy edwardian hairstyle

Modern ladies can keep it simple and sexy with a basic top knot. Gather the tresses in a high ponytail and wrap them around into a bun. Slide on a hair donut bun maker to achieve a voluminous updo and slick back all the strands using a toothbrush and hairspray.

9. Everyday Edwardian Pompadour

edwardian era hairstyle

The everyday Edwardian pompadour hairstyle for women looked more like a hat back then. Tease all the strands within two to three inches of the hairline and fold them away from the face while shoving in spongy hair bumps or wigs to achieve a hat’s brim-like look. Finish off with a knotted top bun.

10. Side-Parted Marcel Waves Updo

edwardian updo style

Marcel waves were at their peak during the Edwardian era, especially among women with straight hair. Opt for S-shaped finger waves or Hollywood waves and pin them back with a side part at the front and a chignon updo at the back. Put on a feather hairband and that’s it!

11. Side Swirls

edwardian hairstyle with braid

Office-going ladies tucked their hair neatly away for the entire day by sporting side swirls in the early 1900’s. Get a middle-parted pompadour-like look by folding the front chunks up and inward with a simple bun on top. Add further detail with a chunky braided headband.

12. Rat-Less Hairdo with Ribbon Bow

edwardian hairstyle with a headband

Fake hair and matted rolls called rats are often used to achieve bulky vintage hairstyles. But that’s not the case always. Use your natural tresses to copy this casual updo by folding chunks of hair into pin curls with a single side-swept victory roll at the front. Don’t forget the ribbon bow headband.

13. Turban Coiffure

edwardian hairstyle for over 50 women

Rock a soft faux hawk updo, also known as a turban coiffure during the old days, by rolling, tucking, and pinning sections of hair on the top of the head and the front. Adorn with pearls or an embellished hair comb and voila!

14. Victory Rolls

edwardian hairstyle for short hair

Although victory rolls became super popular during World War II, they were a trendy Edwardian hairstyle for women long before that. Wrap the side locks around your fingers towards the head with or without a central pouf and secure with pins while gathering the remaining hair in a simple updo.

15. Piled-Up Mess

edwardian hairstyle for women

Edwardian hairstyles are messy yet coiffed at the same time making them easy to create for beginners. Consider getting a jumbo rolled pouf at the front that is neatly tucked in from ear to ear. Tease and tousle the curls before piling them on top of the head.

16. Greek Goddess Vibes

edwardian hairstyle for medium hair

Look like an ethereal Greek goddess by opting for ringlet curls midway to the ends. Carve out a center part and fix a pearl headband in place at the front. Gather the coils at the back of the head to fall on both sides of the face.

17. Quaint Hairstyle

edwardian hairstyle

The quaint hairstyle refers to a low pompadour with a drooping loose bun at the back. Go for a simple side part and spare the flyaways to add up to the careless look. Add a fancy top hat at the front and there you go!

These Edwardian hairstyles for women are a dream come true for vintage fashion freaks. All of them feature varied versions of pompadours and updos paired with curls, rolls, and twists to achieve oversized hairdos. Practice in advance if you want to drop jaws at upcoming costume parties.

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