25 Exotic Fringe Haircuts for Lovely Women

Fringe haircuts are very popular to both young girls and adult women because of its suitability on all the faces. Whether you have long hair or short hair, you can apply a fringe hairstyle. There is a wide variety of little changes and modifications in the fringe haircut. Try to apply a hairstyle with little modification if needed to suit your facial size and shape as well as your hair length.


How to Get The Fringe Hairstyle?

front fringe with waves hair

Cutting a fringe requires a professional hairstylist, that’s the fact. But what to do when you are out of money or have no time to go to the salon? It’s simple: cut yourself at home without any cost accepting the fact You Can Do It Wrong by chance.

Firstly, you will need a special scissor and hair clipper. Then follow the below procedure step by step. Give your attention as if you do it wrong, you’ll end up looking like a crazy gal!

  1. Wash your hair well and remove excess moisture with the help of a towel.
  2. Split your hair in half and separate two threads from the front – one on each side to form a triangle.
  3. Attach the rest of the threads back making a ponytail to avoid ‘free’ threads during your hair cutting.
  4. Comb the separated front hair strands properly with a fine comb to make your hair more synchronized before the cut.
  5. Let’s start the cut! Count three or four fingers down from the top of the forehead and pass the scissors below that length so as to leave the length in case you need to hit the cut afterwards.
  6. Advice: Cut the center hair first to serve as the measurement for the remainder of the fringe. Cut down slowly, always basing the cut yarns in the center so as not to miss the cut.
  7. Dry your hair with a blow dryer and, if you prefer, pass the flat iron to leave the bangs smooth and check for possible spikes out of place. When it comes to alignment, remember that wet hair gets compressed and dried shorter.


Best Fringe Hairstyles for Women

Fringe haircuts are attractive, elegant and versatile. That’s why women of all ages love this haircut and apply it with a little modification according to her own look and personality. Here is a list of 25 short and long fringe haircuts for stylish women that’ll help to enhance beauty.


#1: Side Fringe Haircut

side fringe haircut
This is an amazing fringe hairstyle which you can observe with many celebrities. This haircut gives you a new and fresh look. If your hair reaches your shoulder, then this is the best haircut that you can apply to add beauty to your face.

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#2: Parted fringe updo

side parted fringe haircut

If you are wearing an updo with the large bouffant, then you can combine it with a fringe haircut which gives you a totally new look. If you want to look gorgeous with your updo bouffant, then you can add fringe haircut with your existing haircut.

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#3: Forehead Fringe

fringe haircut

In this fringe haircut, your forehead is totally covered with your beautiful hair and all the attention goes towards your eyes. This haircut gives your face an oval shape and increases your beauty. If you have a long face, then fringe forehead haircut is an amazing haircut which you should apply.


#4: Edgy Fringe

fringe haircut4

Which type of haircut do you want for your short length hair? Obviously, you want a fringe haircut which adds to the charm of your short length hair along with style. An Edgy fringe haircut can be the best option for you if you love short hair. This is the most suitable haircut for girls with thick hair.


#5: Full Fringe with Pony

short hairstyles with fringe

This is the cutest fringe haircut for the oval face as well as a rounded face. This beautiful haircut makes your face slim and gives your face an oval shape with face framing. If you don’t feel easy with open hair, then you can cover your rest of hair with a pony.


#6: Long Hair with Fringe

black long hairstyles with fringe

The main reason of fringe haircuts being so popular is that everyone can wear this haircut as there are many versions for everyone. No matter your hair is long, medium or short, you can apply this fringe haircut. The above fringe style suits better on girls who have high cheek bones and beautiful, attractive eyes.


#7: Elongated Horizontal Fringe

heavy fringe hairstyles

One of the most common versions of fringe haircut is forehead fringe. When you decide for forehead fringe, then you must notice the length of forehead fringe which plays a vital role in your haircut. This haircut makes you look cute and innocent.


#8: Extra Short Fringe

Short Fringe Haircuts

Neat cropped fringe haircuts will give you a sexy look with your short hair. This is the best haircut for evening and night parties.


#9: Short Fringe for Curly Hair

fringe haircut9

Curly hair has its charm. You can also opt fringe haircut on your short curly hair. Short fringe covering half of your forehead looks very beautiful and at the same time it is easy to handle.


#10: Side Wispy Fringe

fringe haircut10

To increase the feminine appeal of your short hair, you can opt side wispy fringe. This haircut reflects longs waves which give a unique look.


#11: Fringe with Curls

fringe haircut11

For long hair, this is one of the best haircuts that you can opt. The forehead is hidden with straight fringes while the hair touching the shoulder is curled. So with your fringe haircut you can add curls which enhance the beauty of your haircut.


#12: Long Swoopy Fringe

fringe haircut12

This long swoopy fringe suits on the girls who have a long face with a pointy chin. Long swoopy fringe haircut with the combination of small bouffant gives you an attractive look.


#13: Faux Fringe

fringe haircut13

If it is difficult for you to manage your fringe haircut, you can opt faux fringe which is easy to manage. The sleek wave covering your forehead looks very graceful.


#14: Mid-Length Hair with Fringe

fringe haircut14

On your mid-length hair, you can try fringe haircut. This haircut gives your hair the shape of scattering waves and enhance your personality with an elegant haircut.


#15: Blunt Horizontal Fringe

fringe haircut15

In this haircut, the straight front hair covers your forehead totally and then the front hair is turned to blend with the layers of the side of the head. This is an elegant fringe haircut that everyone can opt.


#16: Side Forehead-Framing Fringe

fringe haircut16

You can keep your fringe away from your face on one side of the head to add a classy look. This gives you a romantic look and suitable particularly for evening functions with the bright-colored dress.


#17: Fringe Haircut for Straight Hair

fringe haircut17

This hairstyle looks gorgeous with the girls who have straight and silky hair. The straight hair covers the forehead while the layers on the sides of the head look wonderful.

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#18: Cropped Slanted Fringe

fringe haircut18

Cropped slanted fringe looks amazing with all girls. The small front hair bends on one side of the head covering the forehead.

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#19: Ponytail with Parted Fringe

fringe haircut19

This one is another example of a fabulous fringe haircut. You can carry this haircut with a ponytail. In this beautiful hairstyle, the front hair is cut sharply and then parted. The fringe covers your forehead and falls free around your face to give you a cute look.


#20: Choppy Bangs Fringe Haircut

fringe haircut20

An elegant bangs haircut for thick hair. You can apply it on all the colors of hair. The bangs are very edgy and gives you a sexy look particularly with red hair.


#21: Rounded Bangs with Fringe haircut

fringe haircuts for women

This is one of the old-fashioned haircuts which you can apply with feathered haircut and fringe haircut. This haircut is again becoming popular with little changes and combinations.


#22: Fringe Bangs

fringe haircut22

This haircut is very easy to carry for the beginners. If you are new at fringe haircut and want to experience a lighter version of fringe, then you should select fringe bangs haircut.


#23: Short Curly Hair with Fringe

fringe haircut23

Short curly hair can be styled into fringe haircut which gives you an adorable look and makes you look pretty.


#24: Short Layered Haircut with Fringe

bob and fringe hairstyle

If you love short bob hairstyle, you can combine it with short and long fringes. The length of fringes is decided just according to your face. This is an elegant haircut for every girl who want short hair. You can also try inverted bob hairstyles.


#25: Extra Short Fringe

fringe haircut25

You can apply fringe haircuts even on your extra short hair like the above. This haircut highlights the beauty of your face and enhances your personality.


Hope you enjoyed our list of most popular fringe styles. We will be glad to know which fringe haircut you like the most and intend to try. Let us know in the comments.