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35 Greatest Galaxy Hair Color Ideas For Every Taste

Looking at the space colors, we have a wide range of shades to choose from. Various hues of blue, red, purple, and pink colors together make up galaxy hair, which is what we’d see in the galaxy from close.

This shade does not use a particular coloring technique and is more about the shades you select. This look is especially for bold beauty lovers. o, don’t think twice and just get on with this shade, as this hair color trend is definitely going to stay longer.


Incredible Galaxy Hair Colors Ideas for All Women

However, from the beginning, we need to specify that this is not a low-maintenance look. So if you’re not up for a commitment like this, maybe you should reorient to an easier to maintain color.

The hues fade quickly, and you need to use a special shampoo and use cold water. Before your next hair appointment, just go through these incredible galaxy hair colors that will surely give you an outstanding look.

1. Purple And Blue Galaxy

two tone galaxy hair

Blue and purple have always been a great combination. Beginning with purple from the roots and blue at the ends, this is a great blend that seems perfect for women with fair skin tones. Purple has been a trendy hair color, with the blue shade adding a dimensional twist to it.


2. Short Intense Pixie-Bob

short galaxy hair

There is no better galaxy combination than purple and magenta. These two colors seamlessly blend, giving a bold and bright look. Moreover, the short bob cut with fringes adds to the beauty of this color.


3. Musty Straight Blended Hair

galaxy hair with purple hues

The not-so-bright yet elegant and beautiful shade is the perfect blend. This true galaxy hair color is attention-grabbing with its seamless shades likely to suit straight medium-length hair and fair skin tones.


4. Cool Long Wavy Hair

curly galaxy hair with highlights

If you have cool-toned skin, then you must go for this shade. The blue, purple, and pink combine to create this fantastic mix of colors. This hair color is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


5. Thick Wavy Bob

wavy galaxy ombre bob

If you want to try something very short and unique, go for this wavy bob with nebula hues.

This is a more dramatic shade that will catch everyone’s eye and is ideal for getting on with a portrait shoot. Put on some bold pink, purple eye shadow, and pink lipstick, and you’re all set for the look.


6. Muted Layered Wavy Hair

thick galaxy hair

Don’t want to go bright? Then, this is the perfect shade for you. If you want to get a subtle summer look, then opt for this muted galaxy hair that is likely to go well with almost all skin tones and can be worn on any occasion with some loose curls.


7. Candied Curly Hair

curly galaxy hair

Although we’ve always seen brighter shades of the galaxy, this candied shade is unique and likely brings fun to this hair trend.

The blue to pink ombre with a touch of white brings out a lighter side of galaxy hues and makes it ideal for women with fair skin tones.


8. Bold Shiny Wavy Locks

dark galaxy hair color

This bold shade is likely to give you a smooth, shiny look and is likely to go well with long, healthy locks. You can add a few loose waves to it to accentuate the look, making it ideal to be worn on any occasion.


9. Blonde to Purple Ombre

galaxy ombre on blonde hair

Several women have loved this ombre combo. You can use the ombre technique to blend blonde, pink, and purple and create this bright galaxy hue. Add some curls at the ends to elevate the purple hue and get a chic look.


10. Dimensional Lob Cut

galaxy hair color for chubby face

This is the ideal shade for all those women having chubby, round faces looks and short hair. Here, the purple and pink shades blend in so well that it is difficult to find where they meet. This shade is likely to go well with medium to fair skin tones.


11. Half Updo With Dark Undertones

galaxy hair with dark roots

Asian women with straight, long locks can opt for this pink shade with dark undertones. Here, the dark roots will save you from getting regular touch-ups, and the bright pink ends will give you a great look. You can wear this side tuck look normally on a daily basis.


12. Galaxy Hair Streaks 

galaxy hair streaks

If you just want to try how the galaxy shade will look on you, then go ahead with these pink and purple streaks. This shade will perfectly go well with black hair and give you a subtle, cute look. You can wear this bangs look to a coffee date or any casual occasion.


13. Oceanic Straight Bob

thick galaxy bob cut

Have you ever seen the ocean at twilight with these pink, purple, and blue shades? These shades merge with sunlight to create a look somewhat like this. So, take this serene look wherever you go. This shade is likely to go well with short hair and fringes.


14. Galaxial Blended Messy Bun

updo with galaxy hair

Blue, pink, and purple are the most common cosmic colors. They also blend together quite well, which makes them a natural pair. Opt for this dimensional blend that will look great in a messy updo. You can wear this look on any special occasion.


15.  Colorful Dreadlocks in Half Pony

dreadlocks with galaxy hair

If you’ve always wanted to get colored dreadlocks, but we’re afraid to try it, then this is the perfect time and shade to go for. It incorporates multiple colors and looks best on long dreadlocks. But, for this shade, you will have to take up frequent stylist visits.


16. Blunt Cut With Bangs

long galaxy hair with bangs

This blend of purple and pink is likely to go well with any season. This galaxy hair looks bright and punky without going over the top. This look goes well with straight hair and fair skin tones. Moreover, the bangs complement the look perfectly.


17. Warm Bright Pony

ponytail with galaxy hair

In order to get a vibrant shade, go for this vibrant look. Green, pink and yellow goes together to give us this surreal galaxy blend. Wrap your locks in a ponytail so that each and every shade pops up nicely.


18. Galaxy Waves

wavy galaxy hair

This creative blend of pink and purple is deeply loved and adds a magical and unique touch to your look. Infused with pink and purple, this hair has a lot of texture and curly waves.

Brunette hair ladies will definitely enjoy this upgrade on their locks. This shade is likely to go well with medium to long-length hair.


19. Purple and Pink Blend

galaxy hair for women over 40

To get a sleek, stylish look, go for these wavy blends of purple, pink and blue shades. These colors look super great and are likely to go well with medium to thick hair. Such a shade will accentuate your facial features.


20. Short Bob with Blue Highlights

short bob with galaxy hair color

If you want a short, easy-to-maintain look, then opt for this shade. The short bob with blue and purple hints is likely to go well with any skin tone and can be worn on any casual occasion.


21. Half Up Braids

galaxy blue and purple hair

To recreate this blue and purple hair, previously bleach your locks to make sure the colors will end up vivid and bright. Use the top hair to build two loose braids that meet in the back and create waves to highlight those fabulous galaxy hues.


22. Fiery Red Galaxy

red galaxy hair

Red galaxy hair always looks breathtaking on long hair. Create a few pink and blonde highlights and style waves in the lower part. The yellow pieces will provide texture and glow, and your transformation will be a real source of inspiration.


23. Colored Pixie

short galaxy hair

A short pixie like this uses pastel colors like purple, pink, and teal. Create an undercut triangle design for the back and mess up your long top hair.


24. Purple Nebula

purple galaxy hair

Create a purple galaxy hair by using the balayage technique. Start with a darker purple shade in the root area and smoothly lighten the hue once it reaches the tips. Also, cut the front hair shorter than the back. It will look marvelous, especially if having pale skin.


25. Rainbow Highlights

rainbow galaxy hair

Rainbow hair uses vivid ombres and highlights that mix and create a hairstyle that is electric and full of playful colors. Blend shades of space colors pink, purple, blue, green and yellow to obtain this marvelous look.


26. Icy Space Hair

dark galaxy hair

Dark galaxy hair features metallic shades of blue, and purple with pink nuances and brown color for the tips. To obtain that icy effect, get some silver hair spray and use it on baby hairs and eyebrows.


27. Pastel Hair Color

mermaid galaxy hair

This is a mesmerizing combination of a mermaid look obtained by using pastel colors. To make your colors last, revive your hues frequently because otherwise, you will look washed out. Curl your hair and pin it in a messy ponytail in the back.


28. Unicorn Hair

pastel galaxy hair

To create a rebel unicorn hairstyle, get asymmetrical bangs and opt for an inverted bob. Straighten your hair and apply blue and purple glitter on your cheekbones.


29. Galaxy Highlights

galaxy hair highlights

Go for silver-blonde hair color for the top and create galaxy highlights for the other half. Use colors like yellow, red-purple and blue because they will gorgeously blend and create ta marvelous effect.


30. Galaxy Ombre Hair

Impress with a marvelous ombre hairstyle that keeps your roots dark, decorated with thin purple highlights. As the hair falls, those oil slick shades become more prominent and eye-popping. Go for a V shape and style waves if you want a genuinely flattering hairdo.


31. Dark Constellation

galaxy hair color

This hairstyle is an explosion of cosmic colors and features dark shades of blue, pink and purple. You can also notice some pastel red and green tones that fade at the tips, so make sure you include those too in the dyeing procedure.


32. Dyed Curls

galaxy hair

When you want volume and dimension, create silver mauve highlights, for your sides, opt for a metallic blue in the back and make the top look impressively chic with a pastel pink color.


33. Bright Galaxy Hair

Take those cosmic hairstyles to a whole new level by styling neon blue, green, and pink highlights. Make sure you have a black color base so that the colored strands can transform your hair into a vivid canvas.


34. Dark Purple and Green Hair

galaxy hair color

When you don’t want to make a dramatic change, opt for darker shades when creating this galaxy hairstyle. Dark purple and green highlights will undoubtedly make your hair mind-blowing without entirely changing your nuance.


35. Cosmic Hair

galaxy hair color ideas

To recreate this hairstyle, start with a purple shade for the roots and gradually transform it into a blue tone. For some locks, turn the purple into green and even yellow if you want more nuances running down your back.


To pull off a galaxy hair, make sure you have enough spare time when booking an appointment with your colorist because creating such a mindblowing color really takes time. You’ll probably spend 3-5 hours getting the right shades, but in the end, you’ll see that it was totally worth the effort.