15 Hottest Galaxy Hair Colors for This Year

Galaxy hair uses purple, red, pink, and blue shades to recreate those breathtaking space photos. Hair colorists around the world quickly transformed this into a trend, and women are blown away by these vibrant hues. If you want less ordinary shades, galaxy hair is the right choice for you.


Galaxy Hair Color Ideas

However, from the beginning, we need to specify that this is not a low maintenance look. So if you’re not up for a commitment like this, maybe you should reorient to an easier to maintain color.

The hues fade quickly, and you need to use a special shampoo and use cold water. But if you are willing to dedicate your time to this fantastic hairstyle, here are some examples that will win your heart!

1. Galaxy Hair with Braids

galaxy blue and purple hair

To recreate this galaxy blue and purple hair, previously bleach your locks to make sure the colors will end up vivid and bright. Use the top hair to build two loose braids that meet in the back and create waves to highlight those fabulous hues.


2. Red Blonde Galaxy Hair

red galaxy hair

Red galaxy hair always looks breathtaking on long hair. Create a few pink and blonde highlights and style waves in the lower part. The yellow pieces will provide texture and glow, and your transformation will be a real source of inspiration.


3. Galaxy Pixie Hair

short galaxy hair

A short pixie galaxy hair like this uses pastel colors like purple, pink, and teal. Create an undercut triangle design for the back and mess up your long top hair.


4. Purple Galaxy Hairstyle

purple galaxy hair

Create a purple galaxy hair by using the balayage technique. Start with a darker purple shade in the root area and smoothly lighten the hue once it reaches the tips. Also, cut the front hair shorter than the back. It will look marvelous, especially if having pale skin.


5. Rainbow Galaxy Highlights

rainbow galaxy hair

Rainbow galaxy hair uses vivid ombres and highlights that mix and create a hairstyle that is electric and full of playful colors. Blend shades of pink, purple, blue, green and yellow to obtain marvelous blendings.


6. Icy Galaxy Hair

dark galaxy hair

A dark galaxy hair features metallic shades of blue, purple with pink nuances and a brown color for the tips. To obtain that icy effect, get some silver hair spray and use it on baby hairs and eyebrows.


7. Pastel Galaxy Hair

mermaid galaxy hair

This is a mesmerizing combination between a mermaid look and galaxy shades obtained by using pastel colors. To make your colors last, revive your hues frequently because otherwise, you will look washed out. Curl your hair and pin it in a messy ponytail in the back.


8. Rebel Galaxy Hair

pastel galaxy hair

To create a rebel pastel galaxy hair, get asymmetrical bangs and opt for an inverted bob. Straighten your hair and apply blue and purple glitter on your cheekbones.


9. Galaxy Highlights

galaxy hair highlights

Go for a silver-blonde hair color for the top and create galaxy highlights for the other half. Use colors like yellow, red-purple and blue because they will gorgeously blend and create ta marvelous effect.


10. Galaxy Ombre Hair

Impress with a marvelous galaxy ombre hairstyle that keeps your roots dark, decorated with thin purple highlights. As the hair falls, those shades become more prominent and eye-popping. Go for a V shape and style waves if you want a genuinely flattering hairdo.


11. Dark Galaxy Hair

galaxy hair color

This hairstyle is an explosion of colors and features dark shades of blue, pink and purple. You can also notice some pastel red and green tones that fade at the tips, so make sure you include those too in the dyeing procedure.


12. Curly Galaxy Hair

galaxy hair

When you want volume and dimension, create silver mauve highlights, for your sides, opt for a metallic blue in the back and make the top look impressively chic with a pastel pink color.


13. Textured Bright Galaxy Hair

Take those galaxy hairstyles to a whole new level by styling neon blue, green and pink highlights. Make sure you have a black color base so that the colored strands can transform your hair into a vivid canvas.


14. Dark Purple and Green Galaxy Hair

galaxy hair color

When you don’t want to make a dramatic change, opt for darker shades when creating the galaxy hairstyle. Dark purple and green highlights will undoubtedly make your hair mindblowing without entirely changing your nuance.


15. Galaxy Hair for White Skin

galaxy hair color ideas

To recreate this hairstyle, start with a purple shade for the roots and gradually transform it into a blue tone. For some locks, turn the purple into green and even yellow if you want more nuances running down your back.


To pull off a galaxy hair, make sure you have enough spare time when booking an appointment with your colorist because creating such a mindblowing color really takes time. You’ll probably spend 3-5 hours getting the right shades, but in the end, you’ll see that it was totally worth the effort.

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