11 Radiant Inverted Bob with Bangs to Try

The classic bob cut for women has been in fashion for decades now. It continues to vary in style from generation to generation, the latest being an inverted bob with bangs.

On one hand, where women boldly opt for getting a bob cut, a few others decide for a bob with bangs. Let’s delve into the details of what an inverted bob is and how it can be styled with bangs.


How to Cut An Inverted Bob

inverted bob

Cutting your own hair into an inverted bob is much easier than it seems. With this method, you can even give another girl a haircut of bob! All you need is a tail comb and a pair of scissors. Start off by brushing your hair smooth and even out all knots.

Place all your hair linearly in between your fore and middle fingers. Twist so that your straight hair is now bent into a twisted pony of a sort with your two fingers in place of a hair tie. Cut your hair horizontally below your finger according to your preferred length, and then release.

Voila! Your inverted bob cut is ready! It is longer at the ends and shorter in the middle. This cut maybe a little raw and you might want to even out the stray hair falling out of place.


What Is The Basic Idea of Styling  Bangs on Inverted Bob

inverted bob hair with bangs

The idea of combining bangs with a bob cut stems from the fact that women need a little hair to flaunt and boast. A bob cut doesn’t give you much room to twirl and sway your hair around. It has its own perks, however. It is super convenient, stylish, and trendy. It gives out a young and adventurous vibe.

Having said that, bangs on an inverted bob cut ensures that you can still sway your hair around and flaunt it as much as you can even when the rest f your hair stays in place.

Bangs also accentuate your facial features bringing attention to your stronger ones and adding a little volume to your face. Many women who avoid getting a pixie cut can play around with a bob and side bangs in order to spice up their hairdo.


How to Style Inverted Bob with Layers and Bangs

inverted bob with layers

An inverted layered bob with bangs hairstyle practically suits every type of face, especially if you’re looking to add a soft feminine touch to your overall vibe. Not only does an inverted bob amp up your look immediately but is also quite convenient and one of the trendiest hairstyles of the current generation.

Here are some things to consider while getting a layered inverted bob cut:

  • The volume of your har will increase drastically around the cheeks. So, if you have a long or oval face, this hairstyle works the best.
  • If you are looking to add some length to your round and chubby face, you might want to think twice before getting the bob.
  • An inverted bob with layers and bangs look better if you have some color or highlight in your hair.
  • Since you’ll be pretty much carrying the same look everywhere until your hair grows out, you may want to spice up your hairdo using hair color.
  • Although it may seem that hairstyle options for girls with bob cuts are limited, it is really not so. Play around with different styles, especially if you have bangs, and you’ll never get bored of your inverted bob cut.


Popular Inverted Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Below, we’ve gathered the most beautiful inverted bob with bangs styles that are in trend now. Have a look!

1. Blonde Bob with Bangs

shaggy bob with bangs

Tapering bangs are quite trendy these days. A shaggy, wavy, and inverted bob along with bangs add a taste of style and carefree attitude to your overall vibe and is best suited for any type of occasion.


2. Classic Bob Weave

inverted bob with bangs

A classic inverted bob with bangs is the go-to look of the current generation. This hairstyle gives out a fun yet formal vibe and speaks volumes about your personality. For better-enhanced results, curl the ends of your bangs into loose rings and you’ll be good to go!


3. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

asymmetrical bob with bangs

An inverted bob with side-swept bangs not just adds more volume to your face bit also accentuated your eyes and lips making them stand out. Depending on the length of your face, you can have your asymmetric bob cut to just the right long and short lengths, and you’ll soon have a hairstyle to flaunt!


4. Undercut Bob

undercut bob with bangs

In simpler terms, this hairstyle is almost like a boy-cut which only leaves out a good portion of one side of your hair into an undercut bob.

This short inverted bob looks better when finished with a bang on the side, literally! If you are quite adventurous and like experimenting with new hairstyles, perhaps you should aim for this look.


5. Blunt Bangs with Choppy Bob

chopped inverted bangs with blunt bangs

Blunt bangs fall upon your forehead and completely cover it up making your face appear shorter or smaller. This is the best hairdo for girls with long faces or broad foreheads.

Such blunt bangs coupled with an inverted choppy bob ensure that your face appears fuller and complete giving you a cute and friendly vibe. If you have a round or small face, this hairstyle may not work very well for you, although some girls can still pull it off.


6. Feathered Bangs

This bob is mostly straight with a slightly curvy shape at the ends. This short bob usually extends only up to your chin, but you can have it shorter or longer depending on your taste.

Complement this feathered bangs on short inverted bob falling delicately over your forehead, and you have the perfect go-to style for formal and casual occasions alike.


7. Short Stacked Bob

Feathered bangs sit wonderfully well with almost any type of inverted bob look. You can even use layered or curled bangs with an inverted shaggy or wavy bob. However, with feathered bangs, you need to ensure that you let them loose over your forehead or on the sides.


8. Layered Bob with Light Bangs

For this inverted lob and bangs look, your bangs need to end just above your eyebrows with varying lengths at the sides. A layered bob with a wavy finish looks wonderfully well for this type of hairstyle.

Brownie points if you’re able to comment your hair color with a shade or 2 lighter or darker than your own natural one.


9. Nape Undercut

The right bob, coupled with long bangs must just be slightly touching your collar bones while the maximum length at the beck goes no longer than the nape of your neck.

Long bangs on a bob make your face appear longer, especially if you have a hint of shade in your hair. This style is highly recommended for people with round or heart-shaped faces.


10. Slick Bob with Side Part

slick bob with one sided bangs

This hairdo causes most of your hair to fall on one side while a few bangs appear on the same. Depending on your face profile, you can opt which side to allow your bangs to fall and how your inverted bob cut turns out to be.

Girls having a sharp jawline are recommended to try this style out since it will soften your appearance along with your cheeks, adding more volume to it.


11. Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

long inverted bob with side bangs

Side bangs on an inverted lob add enough volume to the middle of your face highlighting your cheekbones and making your face appear rounder and fuller.

Girls with a square or triangular face can easily pull off this look since it draws attention to the upper portion of your face, thereby accentuating it.


An inverted or uneven bob cut with bangs is quite the trend these days. But if you want to take it a step forward, go ahead and get bangs on the side of your face or on the forehead depending on what your face type is.

This will not only give you an instantly refreshed look but will also create a warm and friendly vibe around you. Now that you know what the different kinds of inverted bob with bangs look like, maybe it’s time to get one yourself!

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