20 Creative Ways to Try Lavender Hair in 2019

Vibrant hair color is a great way to express yourself through your hair. Lavender is a lighter shade of purple and it can create a dreamy look. This posh hair color is so popular these days.

But before taking the plunge, though, it’s a good idea to look at color and style inspiration to ensure the perfect haircut and shade suitable for your skin tone.


Sassiest Lavender Hair Color Ideas

Have a look at these amazing hairstyles that you can flaunt with lavender hair dye.

1. Locks Curled to the Side

 lavender hair color

One of the easiest ways to show off a new color is to curl the hair to the side. This allows the light to bounce off of the lavender, showing depth of color and allowing the hair to really shine. This is best on women who have thick and long hair.

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2. Lavender Highlights

Lavender Highlights

Dyeing just the tips is a great way to add lavender color to hair without a huge commitment. This is a fun way to try out this color and still enjoy natural hair color, as well. Having a professional dye just the tips is a great way to incorporate this color without going overboard.


3. Blunt Bangs + Long Hair

lavender haircuts with bangs

These blunt bangs are a lot of fun and are a great option for women who have very long straight hair. By allowing the rest of the hair to grow long, it can even out the shorter bangs and give the look a bit more movement and freedom.


4. Twisted in a Loop Braids

lavender hair dye

Lavender hair looks great when braided and twisted so that the different shades can easily be seen. This quick braid is very thick and twisted up off of the neck, helping to contain hair while also making the colors really shine.


5. Pixie Bob

short lavender hair

Thanks to the longer front on this cut, it already has a ton of personality. The hair color really updates the look and makes it even more fun. By streaking the the hair without dyeing the whole head, it adds personality and movement as well as color.


6. Shaggy Bob

Bobs don’t have to be neat and blunt, as this shaggy look shows. It’s a bit more fun and it also has a ton of personality thanks to the uneven edges.

Adding a bit of product to the look helps make it stand out and ensures that it won’t fall flat during the day.


7. Long Lilac Hair

Long hair doesn’t have to rest flat around the head. Here, it is flipped up and over the head to the other side, adding volume at the roots and ensuring that it won’t fall flat. This means that the roots and undersides of the style have to be perfectly dyed.


8. Bob Weave

A chic and straight bob is very sleek and stylish. The blunt ends on this weave are all business and keep the hair from looking wild and crazy. It’s a fun look for women who want to add some levity to their life, but still need a work-appropriate cut.


9. Lavender Purple Pixie

Lavender hair dye is easy to use on short hair, as this look shows. The longer top flops down over the shorter sides, which adds some interest to the look and keeps it from being boring. Keeping the bangs above the eyebrows is key to preventing the look from appearing shaggy.


10. Dutch Braids Bun

lavender hairstyles

This gorgeous braid does a wonderful job showing off all of the different tones in the lavender. The end is curled up and around on the head, making it stand out from other types of braids. Leaving a little hair loose around the face softens the look.


11. Faded Purple Hair

Thick hair looks exceptional when pinned away from the face. This style is particularly bold because the lavender color in the hair perfectly matches the eyeshadow and lipstick. It’s a wild look for a confident woman.

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12. Half Up Hairstyle

Roots aren’t something to hide, although some women shy away from them. Here, they are put on display.

A bow made from hair rests on the top of the head, and longer wavy locks flow down around the face, softening the look and matching the eyeshadow.


13. Medium Beach Waves

Loose waves allowed to flow down the back and around the shoulders set this look apart. It’s very easy to take care of, and as long as the color is applied by a professional, doesn’t require a lot of upkeep or maintenance, making it perfect for busy women on the go.


14. Blunt Bob with Side Part

Bobs that have blunt ends are impressive, even though they do require regular upkeep. This lavender bob just barely brushes the top of the shoulders, making it a bit longer than others.

This additional length, as well as the thick and full style of hair, makes it appropriate for all settings.


15. Pixie Cut

short lavender haircut for women

Short hair is attractive on most women, especially when paired with wild makeup. The rainbow eyeshadow that is seen here is a great option to wear with lavender dyed hair.

The hair is cut up and around the ears and the bangs are pushed off to the side so they don’t get in the way.


16. Full Pompadour

A full pompadour for women is bold and looks great in dark lavender. This dye job contrasts beautifully with the shorter dark hair on the sides and back. Plenty of product is necessary to hold the hair in place and prevent it from falling during the day.


17. Chin-length Bob

This style has longer bangs that are cut so that they fall across the face, even partially hiding one eye. The rest of the hair is a bit longer, and cut in a modified bob that curves around the face and gently hugs the chin.


18. Lavender Purple Hairstyle

Lavender hair color looks great on all women, but this darker shade is one that will really stand out. The hair is then curled away from the face so that the woman’s beauty can easily be seen. With longer layers and thick ends, it’s a bold look that stands out.


19. Longer with Brown Roots

long lavender hairstyle

This longer look is a bit faded, but shows how great pastel lavender hair can look even as it washes out. The darker roots are a gorgeous contrast to the lighter color.

Tucking some of the longer strands behind the ears keeps the hair out of the way. Bangs are pushed off to the sides to allow women to see without them covering the eyes.

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20. Lavender Ombre

lavender ombre

Instead of evenly dyeing hair lavender, women who want to stand out can opt for an ombre look. This look is darker, thanks to the roots, and then fades to a much lighter lavender at the tips.

It’s a different take on the purple trend and looks great on all lengths, especially when the hair has some curl or wave to it.


Any of these great lavender hairstyles are a wonderful choice for any woman who wants to stand out in a crowd and is looking for hair that will help them do just that. The gorgeous lavender color of these styles, paired with great cuts, is eye catching and incredibly attractive.