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17 Bombshell Hair Color Ideas for Square Faces in 2024

Is square face beautiful? Yes, it’s! This unique face shape can make any woman stand out from the crow. But with its chiseled and prominent jawline, it can also make any woman look quite masculine and athletic. 

Fortunately for the women with square face shapes out there, you can soften your facial features and achieve a more feminine vibe simply by choosing the right hair color. The best part is we’ve got all the best hair color ideas for square faces below. 


What are the Best Hair Colors for Square Face?

You have a square face shape if:

  • Your forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are of the same width.
  • You have a more pronounced and wider jawline and forehead.
  • Your jawline has sharp angles to it. 

When it comes to choosing a hair color for your square face shape, here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Go for darker shades as these are known to make an area or a body part look smaller. 
  • To soften your hard jawline, go for multi-tonal layers of dark and light shades strategically placed along the jawline or around your temples (i.e. highlights, balayage, and ombre).


Trendy Hair Color Ideas for Women With Square Faces

Now that you’ve got everything you need to find the right hair color for a square face, let’s explore the different ideas that you can try:

1. Pink Layered Hair

pink hair for square face

If your goal is to look a bit feminine and soften your features, then the pink shade is the best hair color to try. After all, there’s no other girly shade that can top off this one!


2. Dark Brown Curls with Highlights

dark brown hair for square face

As we’ve mentioned, the darker the hair color, the smaller and slimmer your face will look, and the brown shade is a lovely choice!

We highly recommend adding highlights in either a light brown or gold color for maximum effect. 


3. Ginger Straight Hair

red hair for square face

Ginger is a fancy term for this beautiful reddish brown (or more orange-ish) shade, and it’s an amazing choice for women with cool skin tones. Choose a darker color of this fiery shade to soften your strong features. 


4. Silver Bob

silver pixie cut for square face

 This gorgeous silver shade will add a whimsical touch that will soften your strong features, and it’s a suitable hair color for women with a warm skin tone.

Go for side-swept bangs if you’re also conscious about the size of your forehead. 


5. Blonde Wavy Hair

blonde hair color for square face

Blonde may not be the first thing that would come to mind when it comes to hair color for a square face due to its light shade.

But to make this blonde hairstyle suitable for the face shape is the addition of darker blonde streaks. 


6. Brown Bob with Blonde Balayage

balayage hair for square face

Balayage is the hair coloring technique that lightens the face-framing portions of your hair– the front part and ends.  The contrast between the dark and light shades of the hair lends a slimming effect to your face.


7. Green Curls

green hair for square face

Have you always wanted to try an eye-catching hair color? If so, you may want to check out this gorgeous dark green shade. Donning this hair color is a trendy and artsy way to express your personality and creativity. 


8. Red Violet Ombre

dark hair color for square face

Ombre is the hair coloring technique used to dye only the bottom portion of the hair.

Aside from adding a pop of color with reddish violet to your overall look, ombre can draw the eye downwards and make your face look longer and slimmer than it actually is. 


9. Reddish Brown Curly Bob

hair color for black women with square face

Make your warm skin tone pop out with fabulous reddish-brown hair color. With its brown shade, it’s dark enough to slim down your face, while the deep red hue adds a stylish touch to your overall look. 


10. Dark Red Waves

hair color for women over 50 with square face

Red hair is a classy and sexy hair color option. But since you have a square face shape, the best choice would be one in a darker shade. Adding layers and a few face-framing bangs can also help soften your strong features. 


11. Lavender Mullet with Choppy Bangs

short lavender hair for square face

The wispy and choppy bangs will do a great job of concealing the wide and large forehead of a square face shape.

On the other hand, the addition of lavender streaks took this already edgy hairstyle to the next level. 


12. Gray Bliss

grey hair color for square face

Add a touch of mystery and style to your beautiful wavy hair with gray hair color. Make your jawline less prominent by adding a face-framing highlight in a lighter shade at the front portion of your hair. 


13. Shades of Purple

violet hair for women with square face

The purple shade is a great edgy and fashion-forward hair color that’s perfect for women with fair skin. Don’t forget to add other shades of purple, like lavender and violet to soften your look. 


14. Blonde + Pink Ombre

ombre hair color for square face

To create a slimming effect on your jawline, ombre is your best bet, and this blonde and pink combo is just the cutest option ever!

However, please keep in mind that you’d need to bleach your dark hair first before you can achieve this hair color. 


15. Turquoise with Green and Blue Streaks

pastel blue hair for square face

If you love the idea of bringing the ocean with your every day, then go for this turquoise hair color. To make it suitable for a square face, we recommend adding a few streaks of different blue and green shades.


16. Multicolored Highlights

long colored hair for square face

If you want unique highlights, go for a multicolored one instead of the usual dark and brown combination. With this, you can harness the slimming power of dark and light shades while playing with different colors. 


17. Dark Blue Bob

dark blue bob for square face

Blue is a beautiful shade but go for a dark shade of blue instead of a vibrant one if you plan on making your square face a little less wide.

To achieve this beautiful sapphire hair, you’d need to dye your hair a dark ashy tone and then dye it with a muted blue color. 


A square face shape may not be the most versatile or the perfect face shape, but it does have some amazing features of its own.

And if you want to make your face shape a little bit more feminine, you can always go for any of these hair color ideas for a square face shape.