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25 Super-Flattering Haircuts for Women Over 30

Age 30 and above can be the best time for many women as they become mature enough to keep their life on track yet young enough to enjoy it.

The same is the case when it comes to getting a new hairstyle at this grown-up age. They need to be fun and feminine besides being practical and sensible enough to suit one’s lifestyle and taste.

Whether you have tried everything before in your wild 20s or maintained the same look since college, now is the best time to give yourself a style shake-up with the following ideal hairstyles for women over 30.

Ideal Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women In Their 30s

There are no strict rules for hairstyling in your 30s as you can rock pretty any hairdo as long as it goes with your face shape, hair type, and styling routine. Let’s get started!

1. Classic Middle-Parted Lob

long blonde bob for women over 30

To begin with, keep it classic with a trendy long bob, also known as the lob, which is still going strong.

The shoulder-grazing length tends to drag down short faces and flatter long faces whilst the middle parting tends to break down blunt facial outlines. Hence nothing can go wrong!

2. Bouncy Layers, Off-Center Part

layered haircut for women over 30

Blunt cuts look modern yet can be a bit boring for some. Add a little bounce to your medium-length tresses with layers, either wispy or blunt, and flip out the ends for a stunning finish.

An off-center part is worth a shot, too after years of rocking the usual middle and side parts.

3. Sculpted Blonde Curls

curly perm hairstyle for women over 30

You’ll be thankful for that kinky curly hair pattern of yours once you get your mane sculpted in the right way.

The trick lies in getting face-framing layers that are seamless yet noticeable with or without bangs. Throw in some highlights to add further shine to your golden locks.

4. Bold Buzz

buzz cut for women over 30

This buzz haircut for women over 30 is simple yet bold and sure to drop many jaws.

If you want to stand out while taking a break from long hair and associated styling, this look is surely for you. All you need is an appropriate-sized clipper to touch up your style at home.

5. High Bun with Long Fringe

updo hairstyle for women over 30

You might have rocked short blunt bangs enough in your earlier years, so now is the time for some elegant long fringes falling along the sides of your face.

Make them noticeable with a classy high ballerina bun which is a lifesaver on oily hair days.

6. Choppy Bob, Piece-y Bangs

bob with bangs for women over 30

Chopped-up bobs featuring uneven layers and blunt ends are perfect for achieving a no-care vibe.

Avoid a suffocated look by opting for cropped piece-y bangs if you wish to hide a wide forehead instead of the usual thick straight fringes. Finish off the look with babylights and beach waves.

7. Curly Wedge Cut

short curly hairstyle for brunette women over 30

The wedge cut is an edgy alternative to a bob suitable for ladies in their 30s who like to wear their tresses high.

It features long layers around the face with super short strands above the nape. You can also try an angled chop along with using a curl-defining leave-in conditioner to keep that mane bouncing.

8. Afro Mohawk

short haircut for black women over 30

African-American beauties can make use of their god-gifted kinky afro fluff to rock a natural mohawk all the time without much effort.

Shave or buzz the sides keeping the central portion of the head significantly longer from front to back. Spice it up further with unusual hair color.

9. Funky Dreads

dreadlocks for women over 30

Although dreads seem pretty low maintenance, they require lots of patience and hard work to get into their desired natural shape.

But they are still a must-try at least once in life. Adorn them with hair cuffs, metallic rings, and beads alongside some highlights for a boho-chic appeal.

10. Angled Pixie

undercut for women over 30

Maintain a stylish and sassy look by getting this stunning haircut.

Symmetrical hairstyles don’t surprise us anymore, but asymmetrical ones surely do. Opt for a short pixie with long angled bangs and a neat buzz on the opposite side. Eye-popping!

11. Curtain Bangs with Updo

low bun for Asian women over 30

Curtain bangs work wonders when it comes to framing the face. They are shorter in the middle and elongate towards the sides to merge with the remaining hair.

Pair them with a low-lying elegant updo to steal the show at formal gatherings. Simply wow!

12. High Ponytail

hairstyle for women over 30 with fine hair

High ponytails tend to lift the face and are perfect for a rejuvenated look, especially when age lines start to appear.

Gather all the hair high up on the crown region, pull some strands loose at the front, and you are done for the day!

13. The Bixie

short haircut for women over 30

The bixie, as the name suggests, lies midway between a pixie and a bob. It features the shortness of the former coupled with the soft roundedness of the latter.

This hairstyle is ideal for ladies above 30 who want to grow out their pixie or tend to go short stepwise.

14. Casual Curly Pony

frizzy ponytail for women over 30

Refresh your curly mane with a ‘U’ or ‘V’-shaped haircut and subtle layers. And keep it healthy-looking by getting regular trims.

A medium-height ponytail is suitable on casual days, although you may experiment with half updos or a simple bun too. Your call!

15. Soft Point Layers

woman over 30 with long red hair

Point layers focus on creating texture at the ends rather than the entire hair length. The chunks vary in length but are soft and seamless yet add plenty of movement to the mane.

If you are in your mid-30s, keeping the tresses at shoulder level will be ideal for getting a mature appeal.

16. French Girl Bob

bob haircut for women over 30

You’ll surely regret skipping this chic hairstyle for ladies in their 30s if you don’t try it right now.

The French bob is shorter in length than the usual one featuring strands falling at or above the chin. A deep side parting in place of bangs will go a long way.

17. Feminine Comb Over

celebrity inspired pixie cut for women over 30

Opt for a professional appeal at the peak of your career with a feminine–looking comb-over hairdo.

A long top with clipped sides is all you need. Use wax or pomade on the fingers to sweep the strands sideward and voila! A good blowout will work too!

18. DevaCut with Shadow Roots

curly blonde balayage hairstyle for over 30

The DevaCut is the latest haircutting technique for curls where they’re snipped when dry to determine exactly where they fall afterward.

Experiment with layers that elongate inward towards the neck and a fresh blonde hair color. Wait some time, and you’ll end up with natural shadow roots.

19. Micro Cornrows

braided black updo for women over 30

Mixed-race women can take a chance in their 30s to allow their damaged tresses to recover after years of heat styling.

Look unique by going for very finely plaited micro cornrows instead of the usual chunky ones with a side or middle parting. A low pony will look super cute.

20. Chunky Skunk Highlights

brown hair with blonde highlights for women over 30

Relive those good old days with these nostalgic skunk highlights that are still rocked by many celebrities today.

Whatever haircut you opt for, set it on fire with chunky stripes of platinum blonde on a black-to-brown base. The no-blend look is exactly what you’re looking for. You can get hairstyle ideas from the brunette actresses in their 30s too.

21. Wondrous Wolf Cut

layered shag haircut for women over 30

The trendy wolf cut can easily be assumed as a wondrous hairstyle for over 30 women with wavy hair.

It is the perfect marriage between the shag and mullet, defined by short choppy layers on top that elongate yet thin down toward the sides and back. Bangs are a must!

22. Peekaboo Wavy Lob

wavy bob for women over 30

There’s no age restriction to taking part in the peekaboo hair trend, which involves hiding a brightly-colored underlayer beneath your normal layers.

Try the look on a lob, like some burgundy placed below blonde as depicted here, and make your hidden nuance more visible with soft waves.

23. Cute Half-Up Bun

half up hairstyle for women over 30

Who doesn’t love a luscious long mane? And if you are lucky to have one, amp it up with layers and loose curls.

Top off the look with a cute half-up knotted bun and some face-framing tendrils at the front. Classy!

24. Razored Long Tresses + Halo Highlights

long shag for women over 30

Replace your scissors with razors when getting a haircut to end up with wispy tips and an edgy texture that looks better the rougher it gets.

Experiment with arched bangs and disconnected halo highlights to create some brightness around the face.

25. Groovy Teal Mullet

mullet haircut for women over 30

Lastly, this hipster green hair color is surely not for the weak-hearted!

A blunt-cut long back with a super short front, pointy sideburns, V bangs, and a bright teal hair color is all that you need to ask for to achieve a jaw-dropping feminine mullet.

Hairstyles for women over 30 can be wild, sophisticated, low-maintenance, and anything in between. You can either change your hairstyle completely or opt for minor tweaks that’ll make a big difference.

Keep in mind the associated styling and upkeep, so you get exactly what you want!