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15 Super-Flattering Bobs For Square Faces (2024 Trends)

Bobs are versatile and can complement square-faced women. If you have a face that is equal in length and width with prominent cheekbones and a chiseled jawline, then welcome to the group of square-faced beauties.

While medium to long hairstyles are considered suitable to elongate box-like face shapes, bob haircuts can do wonders to soften those sharp angles. Opt for layers and waves/curls while avoiding excessive volume along the sides. A cropped blunt cut will be ideal if you want to flaunt your strong jawline.

Nevertheless, go through the following list of bob hairstyles for square faces to find a look that suits your taste.

Modern Bob Hairstyles for Women With Square Faces

Square faces look attractive. All you need to do is soften their bluntness with an appropriate hairstyle. In this article, we will showcase the best bob haircuts for square faces and provide tips on choosing the right bob for you.

1. Face-Framing Layers

medium bob for women with square face

A short bob with layers is perfect to tone down the box-like outline of a square face. The sides shorten towards the back and are tousled for a careless appeal. Adding height near the roots on top can make your face appear longer than usual.

2. Blunt Cut

bob with bangs for square face

Let that sharp jawline shine in all its glory with a blunt bob cut straight across the back. Snip the strands anywhere above the chin and couple them with straight bangs grazing the brow line in case of a wide forehead. This quirky bob hairstyle is suitable for square faces with glasses.  

3. Rounded French Bob

Asian bob for square face
Rounded French Bob

Keep it classic with a timeless French bob haircut. This cropped bob features hair cut at chin level or above with brow-grazing fringes. You can opt for soft side-swept bangs to add a little asymmetry to the face while making those protruding mandibles less obvious.

4. Asymmetrical Crop

asymmetrical bob for square face
Asymmetrical Crop

Talking about asymmetry, who is going to notice that square face of yours whilst rocking a chic uneven bob?  The one depicted here shows one side to be significantly longer than the other with the front strands being the longest. Take a step ahead and try asymmetrical bangs too.   

5. Dreamy Curls

curly bob for women with square face

Carry your natural curls with the utmost confidence by snipping them into a blunt bob with subtle layers all along. The strands falling at neck level will conceal the sharp corners of the jawline making your square face appear more rounded. Straight-haired ladies can recreate this look with a perm for a change.  

6. Pink Shag

pink bob for square face
Pink Shag

Rocking unique vibrant hair colors is yet another way to keep attention away from less appealing facial features like prominent cheekbones. Celebrate your womanhood by opting for a shaggy bob with choppy layers and wispy tips and pairing it with a rose pink hair shade. Dark roots will add up to the look.  

7. Mushroom Bob

short blonde bob for square face

Turn your super short bob into a stylish mushroom cut. Keep the strands at ear length with an undercut along the sides. Experiment with a platinum blonde hair color and finish off with an off-center parting that breaks down the bluntness of a square face shape.

8. Wispy Fringe with Undercut

layered bob with bangs for square face

Add a rock’n’roll vibe to an otherwise classy bob by asking for uneven layers, choppy see-through bangs, and an undercut. The buzzed sides make a broad boxy face appear slimmer. A shaved side design is worth a shot too. Complete the look with soft curls or messy beach waves.

9. Side-Swept

bob for black women with square face

Avoid a middle part as it makes a square face look even wider. Experiment with a simple side part instead that is ideal for adding softness to the face by smoothing out its sharp angles. Opt for long bangs to add further length to the face.  

10. Messy Razored Bob

messy bob for square face

Ladies who prefer heavy texture can consider this ruffled razored bob hairstyle perfect for square faces. The thick roots thin down toward the ends resulting in wispy tips that give off a chic ‘no care’ vibe. Add curls, if not natural, and hand-tousle them with a side part for a messy yet sexy finish.

11. Bixie with Bangs

square face woman with pixie bob cut

A bixie is a must-try for all square-faced beauties who love to incorporate the edginess of a pixie into their bob cut. Ask the hairstylist for a long top with shorter sides and back falling at the nape and some wispy layers of course. Thick bangs swept across the forehead will look cute too.  

12. Feathered Salt and Pepper Bob

bob cut for older women with square face

Square faces look flattering even in old age. Maintain a chic yet elegant hairdo as you get older by going for feathered layers at neck length. Frame the face with long side-parted bangs. Experiment with black lowlights or silver highlights to get a stunning salt-and-pepper mane.  

13. Curly Mess

frizzy bob for square face

Bobs are a true lifesaver for square-faced women with low-density curls. Cut layers into the hair in a way to end up with a short rounded hairstyle that balances out your square face. Use a suitable curl-defining product and air dry the curls to fluff up naturally.

14.  The Lob

long bob for square face

Long bob hairstyles tend to drag down square faces making them look elongated in the most magical ways. Avoid a blunt look by going for point-cut layers adding texture near the ends only. Finish off with a side parting for the strands to cover angular sides of the face.

15. Choppy Vintage Bob

middle part bob for square face

Choppy bobs have been trending for a while and feature layered chunks with blunt ends that effectively enhance hair volume. Add a vintage touch to your modern chin-length hairdo with tight curls or finger waves. Again, an off-center or side parting will be your best shot.

From soft and sleek to choppy and messy, these bob hairstyles for square faces cover every hair length and texture. Stay on the longer side with layers for a soft smooth look or accent your blunt face with a cropped straight chop if you are proud of that strong jawline.