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10 Trendy Low-Maintenance Medium Hairstyles with Layers

Medium hair is the most common length among women largely because it allows for various styling options and is easy to maintain. Layered hairstyles are one of the popular low-maintenance hairstyles. However, that doesn’t mean it always isn’t time-consuming.

When it comes to styling your hair, don’t worry too much cause we’ll show you many versatile hairstyle options that are low-maintenance and let you have more time to take on your day.

No matter your hair texture, these low-maintenance medium-length layered hairstyles give you the chance to be trendy and fashionable without the hassle.

Low-Maintenance Medium Hairstyles with Layers

While medium-length hair is the most popular hair length among women, styling it the way you like isn’t always quick and easy.

Indulging in a low-maintenance hairstyle with layers is the ideal solution for women who don’t have the time to style their hair daily.

1. Simple Side Part

layered low maintenance medium length red hairstyle

The medium layers turn outwards, angled at your jaw. This hairstyle can be worn curly or straight, giving you the perfect style for any face shape.

If you want a ponytail style, these layers sometimes slip from the ponytail helping to frame your face while keeping your hair secure.

2. Choppy Bangs

layered low maintenance medium length haircut with bangs

Choppy bangs are an edgy style for your hair while giving your hairstyle more character. In addition, these bangs are sharp and angular, making your hair easier to maintain.

The idea of low-maintenance bangs has become a trend over the last few years. There are many different types of bangs, but they all give medium-length hairstyles a layered look.

So whether you wear your hair curly or straight, your bangs are the perfect style to wear daily.

3. Tousled Shoulder-Length Hair

layered low maintenance wavy bob for medium length hair

This low-maintenance layered look gives the impression that your shoulder-length hair is naturally wispy. You’ll look beautiful with this easy-to-style hairstyle.

Quickly start your day with hair products that define your layers, and you’re good to go.

4. Side Swept

layered low maintenance medium length brunette hair

Side sweep gives you the perfect balance with your layered medium-length hairstyle. It’s best to wear your hair in a side part to show off your side bangs.

Also, having naturally curly hair gives you a low-maintenance hairstyle that matches your new hair color.

5. Wavy Shag

layered low maintenance haircut for medium length curly hair

Shaggy hair is known for being edgy. These layers in medium-length hair are tousled and teased to give you optimal volume. Adding waves to this style alongside bangs is perfect for texture and volume.

6. Hollywood Glamor

layered low maintenance medium length haircut for platinum blonde hair

Let your fringe stop just below your eyes to show your beautiful face. Then, accentuate your loose waves by combining them with a medium-length layered hairstyle complete the low-maintenance Hollywood glamor look in no time.

7. Feathered Hair

layered low maintenance medium shag haircut

A wispy and feathered hairstyle is most common for older women, but youngsters can rock it like a pro too.

This layering style softens their hair while giving them the volume they want. It’s a casual wash-and-wear look parted in the center.

8. Teased Waves

layered low maintenance medium length haircut for older women

Teased waves are done by keeping the top of your hair straight and loosely curling the bottom. It’ll create a less messy version of your waves so that you’re not walking around with frizzy hair.

Also, with the top straight, your bottom becomes more voluminous after it’s teased.

9. Highlighted Curls

layered low maintenance haircut for medium length afro hair

Layered curls will always be a gorgeous hairstyle, no matter the length. However, trimming down any split ends give your curls a new bounce.

Natural curly hair equals low maintenance since you don’t need to waste time placing heat on your hair.

Finding the right products to show off your springy or tight curls makes your medium-length hairstyle easy to manage.

10. Wash-and-Wear Look

layered low maintenance haircut for medium length blonde hair

Want a wash-and-wear hairstyle for your busy schedule? This is one of the best layered low-maintenance medium-length hairstyles that give you the best of everything. Wash your hair, air-dry it, and then run your fingers through the hair, giving you a natural wavy look.

Hand tousling through the hair separates the layers and adds more volume throughout your hair. 

Tips for Wearing Low-Maintenance Layered Medium-Length Hair

Everyone wants the best-looking hairstyles without needing to go through the hassle of making them look perfect. So here are a few tips for choosing and wearing low-maintenance layered haircuts:

Identify Your Face Shape

Choose a layered hairstyle that accentuates your facial shape. Layered hair for a square face shape camouflages a heavy jawline. Any medium-length hairstyle with curtain bangs looks best.

Heart and round-shaped faces work best for side-swept bangs with a layered medium-length hairstyle.

Understand Your Hair Type

Tips for Wearing Low-Maintenance Layered Haircuts for Medium-Length Hair

Understanding your hair type determines the level of maintenance for your medium-length hair. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, you can determine the perfect type of layered look for you.

Layered haircuts are perfect for adding natural volume and can emphasize your hair if you have a new color. In addition, this volume is perfect for people who want low-maintenance hairstyles since you won’t have to put heat and product in your hair constantly.

Keep Hair Length in Mind

Finally, remember that any type of shoulder-length hairstyle is always easier to maintain than longer hairstyles. In addition, medium hairstyles always look trendy and allow you to make changes and styling options.

This list of layered low-maintenance medium-length hairstyles will require less time to do than the average hairstyle. Even more, these hairstyles never go out of fashion, so while they’re easy to maintain, these styles have a classy look and suit every face shape.