20 Best Man Bun Ideas to Fit Your Little Boys Personality

Kid’s man bun is an exquisite hairstyle that is going to suit your boy’s ever-evolving features every time he wears it. This hairstyle is excellent for giving him a refreshing change while being low maintenance. Your little boys can give you a pretty tough time when it comes to styling their hair.

Either the hairstyle is too tight or too loose for them, or simply they don’t like it. But, man bun for little boys is one of a kind hairstyle that never disappoints your boys. It keeps their playful spirit high while giving them an iconic hairstyle.


Attractive Little Boy’s Man Bun Styles

Scroll down to find 20 man bun looks for little boys ideas that are straightforwardly awe-inspiring:


man bun for little boys with thin hair



man bun undercut for little boys



curly man bun for little boys



messy man bun for little boys

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top knot bun for little boys

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box braided bun for little boys

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man bun for little black boys

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man bun with design for little boys

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curly man bun for little boys

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11. Half Up Man Bun

half up half down man bun for little boys

If your little boy’s hair reaches the shoulder-length, then you should definitely go for a half up baby man bun hairstyle for him. Take the top half hair and tie them into a bun.

Leave the lower half hair down for a cute look. This hairstyle doesn’t let him let go of his high-spirited side and gives him the freedom to enjoy his new haircut truly.


12. Boy Bun with Side Fringe

little boy man bun with side fringe

Give your little boy a Rockstar look by styling his top hair into a man bun. Take the front-line hair and cut them into a side fringe for a stunning appearance. Despite being a little boy, he will have a super vibe of a legendary Rockstar with this hairstyle.

Two Braided Man Bun Styles to Copy


13. Man Bun Braids 

cornrow man bun for little boys

Braided hair and little boys are a perfect match. Style your boy’s top hair by weaving cornrows through them. Join all the braids at the back of the head to create a man bun.

Add a boy’s undercut to the side and back hair for a neat look. This little boy’s man bun with undercut hairstyle is a combo of both modern and traditional looks incorporated into one.


14. Mohawk Braid

little boy messy man bun

For an iconic hairstyle, weave your boy a French braid with the top hair. Tie the tips of the braid into a kids man bun with shaved sides Add a high fade to the sides and the back hair to finish the hairstyle. An intricate men French braids with a loose, messy bun looks heavenly.


15. Asian Man Bun 

man bun for little boys

Samurai topknot is a sensational hairstyle perfect for everyone. Get your boy’s hair cut into a fohawk style and then slick them back into a man bun. Add a temple fade to the rest of the hair for a neat finish. This boy bun is for the ones who don’t like a wide strip of hair going all the way to the back.


16. Wavy Hair Bun

Your little boy looks awesome with thick wavy hair but, style them into a man bun, and it will take your boy’s awesomeness game to a new level. Leave a few wavy strands here and there for an aesthetic look. Your boy is definitely going to steal the limelight with this little boy man bun hairstyle.


17. Slick Back Bun

little boy with full man bun

To give your kid the look of a gentleman, use some gel to slick back his dark hair. Tie all the hair into a neat man bun for little boys, and he is all set to go. You can also leave a strand or two out for added style. This hairstyle gives your boy a gentleman look without wrecking his innocence.


18. Top Knot

Kid’s man buns are exotic hairstyles, and high raised little boy buns are even more than that. For this hairstyle, all you got to do is take all his hair and tie them high into a rough man bun. With this hairstyle, your boy is ready to shine all he wants.

Attractive Man Bun Hairstyles with Fade 


19. Man Bun for Curly Hair

little black boy with man bun

This hairstyle is ideal for the black kids and goes well with their textured African kinky hair. For this hairstyle, you need to use some pomade to secure the hair down and then, tie them into a tight baby man bun at the back of the head. Everyone is going to love your baby with this traditional-modern look.


20. Blonde & Messy Man Bun

little boy man bun with blonde hair

Messy hairstyles are never going out of style and are indeed perfect for your playful kid. Work your fingers through his hair and bring all the hair to the back of the head. Tie the hair there into a messy boy bun.

Let some locks loose for a cool style. With this hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about him messing up his new hairstyle because it is already a messy man bun for little boys.