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The 11 Best Long Hairstyles for Little Boys

Little boys with long hair can look adorable, but the trick is often about styling them well. The good news is that there is a wide range of options that you can choose from. Apart from sheer looks, the comfort element is also crucial when you are deciding your little boy’s hairstyle.

They don’t just have to look good but also need to be relatively low maintenance. It essentially means that you don’t have to work too hard to keep it in proper style.


Long Hairstyles for Little boys

In case you like to keep your little munchkin’s hair long, here is a quick list of some of the most striking little boys long hairstyle ideas.

1. Long Bowl Cut

Long Bowl Cut for Little Boys

This bowl cut for boys is invariably one of the most popular ones,  when you are looking at long haircuts for the little boy. The hair is cut in an almost extended bowl shape and falls naturally.

You can always adjust the length as per your child’s comfort. It highlights the natural innocence and brings out the mischief element in their face dramatically.

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2. Long Shaggy Haircut

long shaggy hairstyle for little boys

This boy’s hair is shaggy, long and absolutely adorable. This is a kind of long hairstyle that suits any type of face and personality and highlights the childish innocence and mischievousness of your kids to the hilt.


3. Long and Messy Curls

little boy with long curly hair

When you consider haircuts for little boys, it is hard not to think about these long messy curls. This is the type of look that we almost come to expect when we visualize kids. It is messy, naughty and absolutely adorable.


4. Long Comb Over

long haircuts for little boy

When kids with long hair adapt this type of hairstyle, it just amplifies the overall cute quotient many times. It is simple yet naught, almost the bright mischief-filled shine in those eyes.


5. Little Boy’s Man Bun

little boys with long hair

In case your little boy has really long hair, this is the style that can best suit him. The man bun does not just help in gathering the hair and keeping it together effortlessly; it also gives a cool edge to the overall styling.

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6. Boys Undercut

This quintessential combination is a great way to style long hair for your kid. In almost one breath, it is both cool and comfortable and highlights the childish innocence like no other.


7. Super Tight Curly Mop

Now, these curly tresses are a point where the styling gets rather naughty. This long curly hairstyle for boys is an outright winner from the word go.


8. Simple Spikes

little boy with long spiky hair

If you are keen on a naughty, mischievous and funky kids long haircut, there is nothing quite like this one. It works well both for thin as well as voluminous hair. The length of the spikes can be easily adjusted as per the necessity, and that brings about the brilliance of the styling.

If you can manage the length of the spikes well, you can make do with very limited hair products to keep these spikes in proper shape.


9. Fade + Long Side Bangs

This kid might be upset about the haircut, but this is an absolutely rocking faded haircut for little boys. It is stylish, functional and a rather cool option for kids.

The sharp fade along with the long side bangs creates an exceptionally cool demeanor. The sharp fade also makes it a rather comfortable choice for your little one.

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10. Little Boy Braids

long hair braid for little boy

When you are looking for suitable hairstyles for little boys with long hair, this is undeniably one of the most popular options. The braid is versatile, practical and an effective way to retain a cool and stylish edge, even for kids.

The best part of this braided style is that you don’t have to spend much time arranging the hair. Once braided, it remains in proper shape for a very long time. That adds to its appeal even more.


11. Slicked Back Hair

Little Boy with Slicked Back Long Hair

This is one of the most commonly seen kid’s haircuts. Adaptive and extremely versatile, this is a type of style that can suit just about any kind of face.

Moreover, this looks good on kids with very long hair or even those with medium length. Also, this is an easy maintenance cut that does not need a lot of care.


Therefore the best long hairstyle for little boys is all about adapting the style with an appropriate look. The challenge is often about combining great looks with the comfort factor.

You can search through pages after pages of your catalogs and then zero in on a look. In case you are confused, we have an easy option for you. You can simply refer to any of these eleven ideas and decide on the best one for your kid.