7 Best Loop Braids for Women

Loop braids are one of the most elegant hairdos out there. Be it a night party or morning hang out, a good braided hairstyle and one is off to go; looking all beautiful and glamourous!


Loop Braids

The loop braids will set you apart from the crowd. These braids are easy to make and gives a fresh look all day.

1. Knotted Loops

knotted loop braids for women

“Wait! What just happened?” This is exactly the reaction one would have after seeing you in these braids. The sideway knotted bands come with a top-notch, which holds your front hair together making it look neat followed by half up loop braids which looks unique and eye-catching.


2. Braids with Weave

women with multicolored loop braid

If you are viewing this, you are definitely one of the people who like to make a unique statement. The multicolor weave on loop braiding ties your hair in an uptight fashion making a bold statement.

This braided ponytail are sure to be tried if you are fond of being the confident chick on the go. Style your hair in these and stand out in the crowd with your style!


3. Authentic Loop Braids

loop braids for women

These braids originating from a puff in the front gives you an authentic and subtle look. It sure makes for a modest look and brings out elegance. The half-open hair and half loop braiding make for both the categories where one isn’t quite sure of which style to carry.

So, flick your hair when you want to or leave it untouched. Glamour your appearance and look your ideal self in these authentic braids.

Chic Half up and Half Down Hairstyles for Women


4. Cult Classic Braids

classic loop braided hairstyle

The off-beat cult classic braids is an exemplary style. The braids from four different ends twist the hair in some high-class fashion. The look is dead-drop gorgeous and looks good on any kind of hair from straight, to a cult to wavy.

A not so on-the-way look but undoubtedly the look that’ll astound all! You can pair it with a dress for class or rock it with a pair of shorts and a crop top!


5. Braided Space Bun

French Loop Braided Bun

A classic example of elegance is the French loop braided bun. This hairstyle consists of thin hair braided together in a loose fashion to give your hair the required volume. The French braids are then turned around in a bun. Thus, it doesn’t leave any hair behind and gives you a very neat look.


6. Cinderella Braids

loop braid for long hair

A braid that sure makes you look like someone from the fairy tales. This braid has its own twisty vibe to it. The loose strands from the sides level up for class and sophistication.

These braids are one of the most unique braided loop hairstyles and have a very artistic and model look to it. Carry yourself with class and elegance!


7. Crown Braids

loop crown braid for girls

Leave little strands behind and pick some hair to give you the feel of a crown on your head. The eccentric yet stylish braids give you the look of a true diva. Match it up with an elegant dress or casual jeans, and you are good to go. Define your style with this easy and go-to look and make heads turn around. Little girls can try this too!


These were some of the best loop braids for women. Your hair either be long or short, can definitely fit into one of these braids and give you a level up on your haircuts! Make unique braids with your hair and try a trendy style often. We got all the looks you need. The best part about braiding your hair is that it makes it easy to maintain. So, what are you thinking? Go get your go-to look today!

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