5 Strand Braids: 10 Ideas to Flatter Yourself

5 strand braids styles are all over the media these days! You will see celebrities having them in newspapers, on the TV, in magazines, etc. braid hairstyles have been in style ever since their existence. But, little variations can make them better and trendier.


5 Strand Braids Hairstyles

If you are looking for a different way to braid your hair, check out these trendy braided hairstyles with 5 strands  that are picked especially for you:

1. 5 Strand Dutch Braid

5 strand dutch braids for women

If you have got hair that is thick, long and elegant in texture, you have to give this loop braid hairstyle a try!

Of course, you are going to require a little patience and handwork to complete the style. But, the end result is going to be prettier than you can imagine after seeing this picture also!


2. Reverse French Braids

reverse french braid with 5 strands

If you like to keep your hair out of the face and tightly braided to create a beautiful hairdo, these braids with 5 strands look is the perfect pick!

It is simple, elegant, and modest at the same time. The best part is that it can be carried off really well for casual as well as formal affairs.


3. Dragon Braids Style

fiery red 5 strand braids

Braids on long red hair look lovely as it is. But, when you spice them up a little, they become better! This is exactly what this hairstyle is about, making something simple look gorgeous.

Start from the top with braid and move behind the head as you braid along. Do you know what makes this style look perfect? It is the fiery red hair color that brings out the sexiness in it.


4. French Braids 

5 strand braids

Any idea what looks better than a classic French braid? It is a French braid that starts at the side and moves behind, merging into a messy 5 strand braid.

This braided hairstyle suits anyone with long or medium-long hair. It is definitely ideal for those who wish to keep it simple and not do too much about it, but at the same time, wish for a little change.


5. Side Braid Bun

5 strand braids with side bun

This hairstyle is cute and quirky and looks good on everyone! You need to start a Dutch braid with five strands of hair from the left side and move towards the right as you move behind, all the while, braiding it up in an elegantly messy manner.

When you reach the right end from behind, form a messy, wild side bun. The hairstyle works perfectly for a Bohemian feel.


6. Elegant Dutch Single Braids

Dutch braids talk of elegance and sophistication all over. The best part about these braids is that they can be made to look poise and formal.

Or, you could make them look casual and playful. It all depends on the attire you pair it with. This 5 strand Dutch braiding works best for everyone at any or every occasion!


7. Diagonal Braided Updo

Diagonal braids look gorgeous and up do’s bring out the femininity within you. Combine these two, and you get a perfectly attractive hairstyle.

For a stylish twist to it, make the diagonal braids instead of the ordinary way. The low lying updo gives an illusion of a beautiful flower combining these double Dutch braids.


8. Caged Mini Braids into Mega Braid

Mini braids look casual and pretty. Make two mini front braids and put them around your head like a hairband.

Next, make two more from the right side and combine them with a diagonal Dutch braid coming from the left end. This would make it look like a lovely cage and make a mega five strand braid to finish up the look.

This style surely looks complex but is simple to pull off if you understand the steps to make it.


9. Braids with Weave 

5 strand braids with weave

This side braids hairstyle is a complete ‘all-in-one’ kind of style that definitely gives you an edge over all the others around you. It is rough, edgy, wild and sexy, a complete package of all!

The weave style on the side brings in the ‘sexy’ element, while the messy appeal makes it look wild.

The braids done with 5 strands starts from the side of the head and flows up till the other end. This one is a complete hairstyle suitable for all occasions.


10. Casual Braids in a Half-Up Hairstyle

half up braids with 5 strands

If you love the idea of braids but still like to keep your hair open and free-flowing, this style will suit you best. You need to make casual strand braids that start from the sides and come till the back. Pull these two together into an elastic grip, and you are good to go!


5 strand braid hairstyles are something you should definitely try if you have got the ideal hair length for it. Pick one of these trendiest hairstyle ideas and braid your hair into something much more elegant and classy!

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