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15 Stylish Low Maintenance Haircuts for Lazy Girls

Are you a self-proclaimed low-maintenance girl who doesn’t have the time or patience to style your hair every morning?

If so, you can choose a low-maintenance haircut for lazy girls who want to put in little effort and save time but still look good throughout the day.


Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

There are many options you can choose from to create a beautiful lazy girl hairstyle without spending too much time on it. From casual to elegant and stylish, find your next favorite low-maintenance haircut here.

1. Space Buns with Loose Strands

low maintenance space buns hairstyle for lazy girl

A simple bun is usually a go-to for a quick, low-maintenance option, but making two buns on each side of the top of your head creates a more stylish and fun look while only taking a few more minutes.

You should part your hair straight down the middle so there’s an even amount of hair in both buns, then pull out two thin strands on each side to frame your face, or just one side if you prefer.


2. Ear-Length Bob

low maintenance bob haircut for lazy girl

An ear-length bob gives a sophisticated vibe without doing anything else than brushing it in the morning. However, you can straighten it or add a bit of gel if you want it to maintain its shape intact throughout the day.

If, on the contrary, you want to add movement, you can even add some curls or waves to dress it up.


3. Tight Medium Curls

low maintenance curly hairstyle for lazy girl

Curly-haired women can sometimes have difficulty finding low-maintenance hairstyles, but keeping curly hair on the shorter side makes it easier to work with while still looking stylish.

This tight shoulder-length style is perfect for lazy girls who want to embrace their natural curls but only want to throw in one or two curl products (moose, moisturizer, etc.) and be on their way.


4. Shoulder-Length Layers

low maintenance layered haircut for lazy girl

Layers are a fantastic way to add texture and interest to any haircut, regardless of the current texture of your hair.

This shoulder-length low-maintenance haircut is perfect for lazy girls who want a stylish look without using heat or too many products to make their hair look dynamic and intriguing. A side part will heighten the layered look even more.


5. Side-Swept Pixie Cut

low maintenance pixie cut for lazy girl

Pixie cuts are notoriously minimal maintenance, but this particular style is even easier than most. The side-swept look is flattering on most face shapes, and it can look friendly, edgy, or sophisticated, depending on the rest of your look.

Best of all, all you need to do is run your fingers through it or use a bit of product to style it into place each morning.


6. Side-Part Rounded Bob

low maintenance Asian bob haircut for lazy girl

Bob is a lovely low-maintenance haircut option, but if you want a more youthful option, making sure the ends are rounded backward instead of rounded inwards or chopped can give a more friendly, approachable, and youthful appearance. 

A short side part also fits nicely with this approachable look.


7. Uneven Bangs

low maintenance bangs hairstyle for lazy girl

Is that your face shape if round? Asking for a trim with uneven ends may seem strange, but it can create a low-maintenance option for lazy girls with bangs that don’t require daily styling.

The unevenness helps the bangs blend in more with the rest of your hair, so you don’t have to worry about the bangs looking out of place or feeling pressure to maintain a perfect cut.


8. Classic Lob

low maintenance long bob haircut for lazy girl

A classic long bob with slightly uneven ends is a go-to for girls who are lazy in the morning but hard-working throughout the day.

If you want an office-friendly hairstyle that’ll look good in various environments, go with the classic bob.


9. Fake Undercut

low maintenance undercut hairstyle for lazy girl

Looking for a short low maintenance haircut? The undercut is a super edgy and trendy style appropriate for unique women who want to stand out. However, to keep a real undercut looking good, you must go into the salon for weekly or semi-weekly appointments to ensure the cut stays fresh.

Instead, you can do a “fake undercut” by tousling the hair on the top but keeping the hair on the sides long enough to pull back into a sleek ponytail, thus presenting an undercut appearance.


10. Shaggy Blonde

low maintenance shag haircut for lazy girl

Shaggy hairstyles are excellent for effortless lifestyles because they’re meant to look a bit messy. This particular style combines shaggy waves with bangs for an undone yet completely put-together and trendy look.


11. Choppy, Layered Lob

low maintenance medium length haircut for lazy girl

A choppy and layered haircut combines two low-maintenance hairstyle techniques into one: layers and choppy cuts.

Layers help create texture and interest in a hairstyle, while choppy cuts help add volume. This particular lazy bum style keeps the length around the shoulders for a relaxed and versatile appeal.


12. Top Knot

low maintenance half up hairstyle for lazy girl

If you have long, straight hair, you may feel pressure to create different styles, given all the options you have for your hair.

But if you don’t have the time for complicated styles, creating a high bun in the middle of your hair while leaving most of it down around it can result in a unique and stylish look in minutes.


13. Bun With Tail

low maintenance updo hairstyle for lazy girl

This look falls between a neat, elegant bun and a classic messy bun. The actual bun part looks neat, but instead of wrapping the remaining hair around to complete an elegant bun, you can intentionally leave it out and call it a day. This look works well with a stylish scrunchie.


14. Big Hair Clip

low maintenance claw clip hairstyle for lazy girl

The best look for a casual day is pinning most of your hair back with a big clip. This low-maintenance hairstyle for lazy girls works well for running errands, going to school, or working from home. It keeps your hair out of your face but doesn’t require any real styling.


15. Low Messy Bun With Elegant Pin

low maintenance loose bun hairstyle for lazy girl

Another easy bun option that takes very little time but can even work for more upscale environments is a low messy bun with an elegant, decorative pin.

A highly messy bun looks very casual, but creating the same bun style behind the neck and putting a gold or silver hairpin near it makes this option viable for fancy events.


These are just a few of the numerous low-maintenance haircuts for lazy girls and women.

If you’re looking for a style that takes little time in the morning to complete but still fits a certain style or vibe, you can choose from one of these looks and be amazed at how simple these styles truly are to maintain.