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21 Fashionable Short Hairstyles for Over 60 with Glasses

Short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses make the best combination of style and comfort. The haircuts are easy to maintain and have scope to look very edgy and cool. As per your look, you can choose a hairstyle that compliments your glasses and your age.


Best Short Hairstyles for Over 60 with Glasses

These are our 21 favorite short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses.

1. Blown Back

short hairstyle for over 60 with glasses

Prefer to keep your hair off and away from your face? Accentuate your face shape, glasses style, and age with a short haircut that is blown back. Use a hair dryer and some mousse to shape short hair into a naturally windblown look.


2. Side Bangs and Layers

short professional haircut for over 60 women with glasses

Does your hair have a slight wave or curl to it? One of the easiest ways to liven up a short haircut if you’re over 60 and wear glasses is with layers! They’ll show off that natural curl and look great with a soft side bang.


3. Curly Hair with Thin Bangs

short curls for over 60 with glasses

If your short hair is super curly and needs a new shape, ask your stylist to cut in bangs. Keep them thin so they don’t overwhelm your face shape or cover your cute glasses. This hairstyle is very elegant on women over 60.


4. Blunt Bangs and Short Hair

over 60 woman with black hair and glasses

A rounded bob that stops at the neckline can become instantly sophisticated-edgy with a bluntly cut bang that draws eyes toward your specs. This hairstyle is best suited for women over 60 with mostly straight hair. 


5. Long Bangs on Short Thin Hair

short layers for over 60 with glasses

Another way to style bangs on older women with glasses is by keeping them long, piecey, and thin. This will be easy if your hair is already pretty thin. Give it a little more body up top with feathered layers.


6. Short Layers with Thin Side Bangs

short choppy haircut for over 60 with glasses

This ginger red hairdo is another beautiful choice for women over 60 who wear glasses. The hair is above the neckline and its waves stand out gorgeously with short layers. Soft, thin side bangs help with face framing. We highly encourage you to try this cut if your hair is thick.


7. Thin Hair Combed Back

short slick-back hairstyle for over 60 with glasses

If your hair tends to hold most of its texture at the ends, you’ll like the way this short haircut looks on you! The ends feature a soft curl, and it’s easy for women over 60 to maintain since all you have to do is finger comb it back. 


8. Short Straight Red Hair

over 60 woman with ginger hair and glasses

Don’t be afraid of coloring your hair if you’re over 60! A fiery red is just the way to make a short haircut feel youthful and it looks great with any pair of glasses. It also makes mostly straight hair less simple looking.


9. Thick Short Curls

short thick haircut for over 60 with glasses

Count yourself lucky if you’re an older woman who still has lots of curl or wave in her hair! You can also use a curling iron to get this glamorous short hairstyle. Aim the curls away from your face to best flatter your glasses.


10. Off Center Part with Long Side Bangs

short hairdo for over 60 with glasses

With a little mousse scrunched in, you can enhance your soft curls beautifully on a short haircut. If your hair is pretty thin, part it off center to give it some lift. Long side bangs will complement your glasses shape.


11. Curly Crown

short curly hairstyle for women over 60 with glasses

This hairstyle goes impeccably well with short hair. It makes your hair curl elegantly at the ends completing the look.

Ideal for: This haircut is apt for oval faces and the best to not let your hair act as a hindrance when you are wearing specs. This goes along well with any kind of outfit either an everyday outfit or something for a get-together event.

How to style: Over 60 women with glasses of thick and round frames fit for this short hair look. This goes along really well with this hairstyle and is very comfortable. Brush this hair with a round comb to neatly set the curls of the edges and set your aesthetic look.


12. Easy Laid-back Waves

 short hairstyle for women over 60 with glasses

This look gives a very energetic and bubbly look. It is a curved round and has a puffy appearance.

Ideal for: This hairstyle has a pushed backflow to the hairstyle and is the best of short hairstyles for older women with glasses.

How to style: You can brush the hair from behind to increase the puffiness of this style. It makes a very amicable statement for over 60 women with glasses. It also highlights the edges of the face. People with frameless or thin-framed glasses can pair them with this hairstyle and take their appearance up by a notch.


13. Trendy Trim Look

short trimmed look for women over 60 with glasses

This is a soft pixie look that sits like a smooth cap. Best of the short length hairstyles for over 60-year-old women who wear glasses.

Ideal for: It is very appealing and pleasant for the age group. It looks good on round faces.

How to style: This look is the best as it comes off as a breezy and hipster look. It is easy to maintain and keeps specs as the focus of attention. Frames with edgy cuts look trendy and complete the look of the subtle hairstyle acting as a great accessory.


14. Classic Bob

bob for women over 60 with glasses

This is the classic bob cut for over 60 with wavy ends on the sides.

Ideal for: This look is very modern and endearing on square or oval shaped faces. It also compliments any look with glasses for over 60 women with short hair.

How to style: You can make the wavy look more prominent by heating it or naturally curling it. The short-trimmed side can be easily brushed and touched up with hairspray. Broad frames go along with the partition of this short hairstyle.


15. Layered Fringe Pixie

pixie cut for women over 60 with glasses

This is a cool hairstyle for short hair with uneven side bangs.

Ideal for: This hairstyle goes well with round faces. The short fringes make it style and convenient for an overall look with specs. Thin frames subtly add to the fashion statement you can make with this hairstyle.

How to style: You can adjust the partition of the bangs and heat them to your liking. Combing is enough to adjust the overall look in an easy manner. The fringes compliment any look for older women with short hair.


16. Pixie with Bangs

This is a classic round cut for short hair with spread out fringes.

Ideal for: This has textured layers finely arranged. This hairstyle suits round shaped or oval shaped faces. The short, uneven fringes of this look don’t annoy you when you’re using specs. A chirpy choice from short haircuts for over 60 women with glasses.

How to style: This short hairstyle can be combed easily, and the fringes can be set. You can style it and keep the partition according to your choice. It looks elegant and trendy with a pair of frameless glasses.


17. Chic Push Back

A modern look with short sides and a puffy push back for those women who wear glasses.

Ideal for: This look is perfect for short hair for a stylish choice. It suits sharp features of a face for over 60 old women .

How to style: This look can be easily managed. It goes hand in hand with a pair of glasses that are of a large frame. You can use hair-gel to keep the sides of the haircut sleek and modern. It goes well with long-necked clothing.


18. Curly Filmy Look

short curly hair for women with glasses

It is a popular choice of hairstyle for short curly hair. It amps up the look you can get from short hairstyles for women over 60 with specs.

Ideal for: This hairstyle is well known to suit square or diamond faces.

How to style: You can use unique shapes of glasses such as rounded or cat-eye frames as a perfect accessory for the look this hairstyle gives you. Puff up the curls to get an airy look.


19. Trendy Boycut

This is a smart look that is easily manageable and easy for older women with glasses.

Ideal for: This look suits angular features and beautifully sits on any bold frame. It has thin layers and gives a modern look for any outfit.

How to style: This gives a youthful look and suits formal outfits great. Specs with thick frames and of rectangular shape smoothly finish the look of this haircut. You can brush the flow of the hair to set it.


20. Short Bangs Bob

bob with bangs for women over 60 with glasses

This is a well-known trimmed bob with bangs cut for above 60 years old women.

Ideal for: This look gives the spotlight to the specs that you choose. The length of the bangs is also short and not troublesome for the specs. It is simple and layered.

How to style: You can make use of this short hairstyle and use big frames in style an easy and convenient look.


21.  Messy Pixie

short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses

This short hairstyle has a layered style for a pixie cut. It has a stylish bed-head look.

Ideal for: This pixie hairstyle goes well with sharp features of the face of the person. It highlights the look of over 60 women with glasses.

How to style: You can choose your choice of light shade for the ends of this hairstyle. Frames that are round and thick get the attention they deserve with this hairstyle nicely topping the overall look.


We hope that you could take our tips to get the best short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses. Your appearance makes a statement about who you are without any words. Women over 60, usually need specs, take your image to a whole other level by styling your hair that makes your specs a fashion accessory.