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15 Incredible Blonde Bob with Bangs for A Fresh Look

There are all sorts of hairstyles today, but blonde bob with bangs is one of the prettiest around. Bangs paired with blonde bob are classy, cute, fun, vibrant, and timid all at the same time.

f you’re still thinking about whether to go for this hairstyle or how to rock it, then you’ve come to the right place. 15 amazing suggestions for you are available below.


How to Style Blonde Bob with Bangs

blonde bob with bangs

Let’s say you decide to get blonde bob with bangs, or you’re already rocking this hairstyle. But, have you ever wondered how to style it to change your look from time to time? We’ve all been there.

The truth is that this type of hairstyle is more versatile than you think. You can swipe your bang to the side, pull them back and use bobby pins for a bangs-free look. Other options include keeping your bangs kind of “messy” or going in the opposite direction for a sleek look.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you can also wear a bandana or headband or some other hair accessories. Blow-dry your hair and use a hair iron to straighten your blonde bob, or you can go for a messier “bed head” look.


Blonde Bob with Bangs – Styling Ideas

Are you ready to rock blonde bob with bangs? Let’s see the best and most fashionable ways to pull off this hairstyle like a superstar.

1. Short Bangs

blonde bob with short bangs

For a classy and super fashionable look, you can combine sleek blonde bob with short bangs that are in line with your eyebrows. This hairstyle shapes your face perfectly and accentuates your eyes. That way your eye makeup will be on fleek.


2. Beach Blonde Bob with Bangs

Beach Blonde Bob with Bangs

The perfect blonde bob hairstyle with bangs for girls and women who are thinking about trying softer, feminine, and chic look for the upcoming warmer days, summer blonde bob waves are going to be the hottest trend this year.

A new take on short beach waves, this bob haircut is characterized by a mixture of sandy blonde and lighter strands. Instead of a sleek look, this style requires beachy waves paired with short bangs. You’ll look lovely for sure.


3. Curly Blonde

curly blonde bob with bangs

Bobs don’t necessarily have to be sleek, and you can rock curly hair too. Add thick, short, and messy bangs in combination, and you’ll get a chic hairstyle that sends vibes of liberation, wilderness, and happiness all at once.


4. Baby Bangs

baby bangs on short blonde bob

Here’s yet another hairstyle to try if you love short bangs. Combine blonde bob with bangs that are ultra short, e.g. baby bangs. You’ll get the Parisian chic vibe that no one can resist.


5. Layered Bob

layered blonde bob with bangs

The usual way we style bob is to keep it sleek and classy, but sometimes we need to switch things up a little bit. For those days when you want to try something new, cute, and fabulous you can always go for a layered bob with lots of volumes.

Using your fingers create messy bob and allow your bangs a little bit of freedom too. This bangs hairstyle on blonde bob is both adorable and sophisticated at the same time.


6. Asymmetrical Bob

Show off your fun side with blonde asymmetrical bob with bangs. Girls who love to be different and think outside the box will appreciate the unique vibe this hairstyle offers. It’s needless to mention how easy it is to maintain this do.


7. Platinum Bangs Bob

platinum blonde hair with bangs

This platinum bob is light as a feather and super sexy. Wispy side bangs keep this hairstyle fresh and flattering to your face shape. A dash of brown in the roots calms platinum hue and brings more contrast to your do. Chic and fabulous, that’s what platinum bob and bangs looks regardless of the outfit you wear.


8. Asymmetric Platinum Bob with Bangs

Platinum Blonde Bob with Bangs

Asymmetric bob is quite famous amongst the bob and has always been fashionable, but women are rarely bold enough to try them. A platinum blonde bob with long bangs is a great way to deal with thin hair.


9. Textured Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

Some women aren’t a fan of short bangs, and that’s okay. One way to rock blonde bob with bangs is to opt for wispy short bob hairstyle with longer bangs that are gently swept to the side. Not only is this hairstyle charming, but it’s also super easy to maintain. It doesn’t take long for you to get ready for work in the morning.


10. Curly Bob with Straight Bangs

Honey blonde curly bob with straight bangs is a style chosen by older women. It is a trendy hairstyle in the past and was often used for every occasion. A red carpet looks for women to rock.


11. Wispy Bangs and Short Bob

platinum blonde bob with wispy bangs

Super short blonde bob may seem strict and edgy, in some cases. Adding wispy bangs into the mix takes the edge off your blonde bob and softens your look. You’ll look delicate, but also sophisticated. Plus, wispy bangs aren’t difficult to control so you won’t have any problems with keeping your blonde bob and bangs hairstyle in check throughout the day.


12. Long Side Bangs

If you’re looking for a relaxed longer bob, you may want to consider this hairstyle. Blonde bob, in this case, is paired with longer bangs swept gently to the side. This adds a whole new dimension to your look but also makes your face appear thinner.

Blow dry your hair to add more volume, but you can also change the way you part your hair so that most of it gently crosses over to one side where the bangs are swept.


 13. Short Blonde Bob with Side Bangs

Tousled hair is always popular for its wonderful qualities. Tousles look very natural, require little maintenance and can be easily turned into other hairstyles. Women, who wear short tousles, are bound to look a least a couple of years younger. Beautiful and sassy bangs on blonde bob haircut.


14. Pixie Bob with Bangs

short dirty blonde bob with bangs

This is a classic short blonde bob with bangs idea which is always in style. While it might look a little dull, the bangs sweep to side completely change the boring look. This is one of the styles where bangs are a vital part.


15. Side Part Bob with Bangs

strawberry blonde bob with side bangs

Another classic blonde lob haircut with bangs & layers look. A chic medium length bob with the strawberry blonde hair color completes the look. But the side swoop bangs shouldn’t be overlooked either. If the bangs don’t hold up to the volume, it would make sense to brush them to the side in order not to ruin the look.


How to Style Blonde Bob with Bangs Weave

How to Style Blonde Bob with Bangs Weave

If you’re willing to try out this bangs hairstyle, but you’re not prepared to cut your bangs you can always go for bangs weave. Basically, you can rock blonde bob with bangs weave the same way you’d do with the actual bangs. You can also add extensions to your bob to achieve fullness.


Blonde bob with bangs is a hairstyle that every fashionable girl or woman has to try. It’s not that difficult to pull it off, confidence and creativity are vital here. Now that you have your hair inspiration, you’re ready to rock it.