Red Bob Weave – Make Bold Appearance

Did you ever look at a red bob weave with envy? The perfection and attractive allure of the hairstyle simply make you want to have hair just like that! When you are looking for a weave, you can try out some of the chicer options to give yourself that instant glam.


Red Bob Weaves to Consider

1. Red Bob Weave with Side Swept Bangs

Red Bob Weave with Side Swept Bangs

Some bangs can instantly revitalize your look. Heavy bangs look amazing with your bob cut and you can get this fast with a red weave.

Ideal for: The red bob weave style looks amazing with women having catchy eyes. Draw attention to your eyes by pairing the look with dark makeup. The style is a great asset for the teenage girls out there.

How to style: Add in the weave with your natural hair. Make the front part thicker to get that heavy bang look. Adjust your bob and you are ready to party with this stunning style.


2. Pixie Bob Look

red pixie bob weave for women

Aim for the Hollywood glam look with this super cute style. The red bob weave works to give you that extra lift and helps you aim the look. The style is best kept short at the back and longer upfront for that stylish hairdo.

Ideal for: This look is best suited to women with delicate, sharp features. The triangle and diamond-cut faces can nail this look instantly.

How to style: Work in the weave taking care to accommodate the side part that suits you. Part your bob at the side, making sure it is longer at the front. Enjoy this chic style on any occasion!


3. Short Beach Waves

women with red wavy bob weave

The red bob weave looks amazing with this style. It is a simple and appropriate look for the office as well as informal occasions.

Ideal for: The look is great for busy women who wish to look chic but can’t spare the extra hour to do their hair. It takes a few minutes to add in the waves and you are good to go.

How to style: You can get your red weave any day. Style it with a middle part and you can easily add in the waves with a curling iron for an instant look.


4. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical red bob weave

Turn around your red weave bob with the cool cut. You need to have it done beforehand so that you can style your hair whenever you want.

Ideal for: Perfect for the modern women looking for an edgy cut. The cool style goes with the flaring red hair, to bring out the fiery you.

How to style: The weave adds in that much-needed volume. Cut the hair asymmetrically, taking care to style depending on the side on which you part your hair. Once cut, part your weave on one side. Let the hair slide across your face for a pretty look.


5. Heavy Fringe Bangs

short red bob weave with bangs

Opting for a bob hairstyle with bangs doesn’t mean you can’t keep it extremely short! Cut it down to a super cute fringe, to get that heavy look which looks downright fabulous.

Ideal for: This red bob weave suits the feisty girls, looking to make a statement. Go short or go home is the motto of this hairstyle! The look is ideal for ladies with delicate features long face cuts.

How to style: All you have to do is cut your weave short so as to focus the volume on the fringe. This will give your hair that boost you need to make this style work. Part the hair from one sight and use hairspray to give it that tousled look. Get more ideas from these quick weave Bobs.


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There are a number of ways you can style your red bob weave. The hot color presents you with endless possibilities to rock your style every day! Try out these fabulous styles to give your red weave a hot twist!

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