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22 Most Inspiring Red Hairstyles for Asian Women

Asian women with red hair look vivid, sexy, and grab instant attention. Even if most of these ladies are born with straight black hair, that doesn’t mean you don’t get creative and style with fabulous hair colors like ombres, red, etc.

Red Hairstyles for Asian Women

Red highlights come in different colors but the result is always fabulous. If you are not ready for full-blown highlighting, we would recommend trying semi-permanent red dye. It can help you understand how amazing you can look with reddish highlights.

Red hair is a great choice for most Asian women unless they have a reddish skin tone. In such cases, we would recommend going for golden brown or blonde highlights. Whichever ones you choose, they are bound to give your image an extra oomph.

Discover the most popular red hairstyles for Asian women, scroll down and explore these fantastic hairdos.

1. Short Red Hairstyle for Asian Women

Asian women even have their own way of styling the fringe, called Chinese bangs. It starts from the top of the head and has a blunt cut that covers the forehead or goes just above the eyebrows. To recreate this fabulous red hairdo for Asian girls, get a short bob, and opt for a vivid red shade.

2. Asian Women With Long Red Hair

This astonishing pale long red hair that more and more Asian girls love to pull off is so easy to style. Get a straight cut for the tips and some bangs that reach the checks. Swipe the fringe on one side!

3. Medium Length Hair

Red hair can look stunning on Asian women with short hair, especially if you curl it and opt for curtain bangs that show off the forehead. Let the hair reach your shoulders.

4. Red Curly Hairstyle for Asian Women

Red curly hair can give a lot of volume to that straight Asian hair. You will obtain a lot of dimension and there’s no chance to pass unnoticed. Also, paint freckles on your cheekbones and also dye the eyebrows.

5. Wavy Red Hair

Layers perfectly work with red hairstyles for Asian girls. They will gorgeously fall one over the other and give your locks that stacked look. Style waves to gain even more volume for the hairstyle.

6. Black and Red Asian Hair

Keep the roots in their naturally dark color and beautifully switch to a red Asian hairstyle with waves and braids.  Flip all the hair on one side and let it fall on your chest.

7. Red Bob

Red hair highlights is a high maintenance color and you will often need to revive it. Also, if you want to create curls, don’t use heated irons because it will make the color fade away even faster.

8. Dark Red

This red hairstyle for Asian women looks incredibly elegant. Opt for a bright red color on one side and a mahogany brown on the other. Take one section and roll it and secure it with boppy pins.

9. Red Brown Hair

Brown red Asian hairstyles can make you look eye-popping! Style bangs that cover your forehead, and make two ponytails on each side of your head. You can also wear green contact lenses and draw freckles on your nose and cheekbones.

10. Asian Red Hair with Bangs

You can easily obtain a fabulous red hairdo by dyeing your hair in a pale red shade. Build a French braid that goes on one side and style a fringe that covers your forehead. If you want to look fabulous, you will also need to dye your eyebrows.

11. Ginger Red Curls

red curly hair for asian women

Craving for more volume and a color that pops out? Choose a copper-red nuance and curl your hair. Lift your roots and toss the top to the back, revealing the forehead. 

12. Wedding Burgundy Bun

red hair updo for asian women

What better way to sport a new ravishing look than your own wedding? Opt for a burgundy red shade. Curl half of your hair and use it to style a voluminous bun in the back. Place a discreet tiara on your head to look like a princess during this memorable day.

13. Childish Side Pony

red ponytail for asian girls

Are you feeling in the mood to show off your positive vibe and playful side? We have the perfect red hairstyle for you! Pull all your hair up and tie it in a side ponytail. Spare two strands from your bangs and let them fall, framing your features. 

14. Half Red Half Black

medium red hair for asian women

Searching for a red hairstyle that suits Asian women? You found it! Try this a hairdo that uses a bright red nuance paired with jet black hues. The approaches for this hairdo can include half-red half-black looks, or red crown hair with black strands underneath. 

15. Cherry Red

asian red hair with bangs
Instagram / miiitran

Cherry red nuances have pink hues that make you look vibrant and playful. As an Asian woman with very pale skin, the contrast will look mind-blowing and eye-catching. When you want a sophisticated, sensational look, opt for long layered tresses with straight bangs that frame your face. 

Asian Women With Red Highlights

Highlights are always a smart way to go when it comes to brightening up your image. They don’t require long hours in the barber’s chair and aren’t too damaging for your locks. If bleaching is not your way to go but you still want to change your appearance, red highlights may be a perfect choice.

16. Fiery ombre

ombre Red Hair Highlights for asian girl

Asian red hair highlights differ. One of the striking options you can take advantage of is an ombre. Fiery red colors look amazing when coupled with raven black hair. If your locks are long, this is a wonderful choice. If they are short, you can dip dye the ends.

17. Bright spotting

Bright Red Hair Highlights for asian women

The brighter the red color you decide to use for highlighting is, the more exciting the overall image will be. As you can see, you don’t have dye thick stands. As long as the color is bright, a dozen thin strands can do the job.

18. Hair extensions

Red Hair Highlights for asian girl

If you want to see how fabulous mahogany ombre can look on your hair or just want to make a one-time impression while enjoying long locks, opt for hair extensions. They can give your appearance some extra style.

19. Partial highlights

Red Hair Highlights

Auburn hair color is a wonderful choice for Asian women who want to get highlights. You can use the partial highlighting technique and dye the frontal strands. This way your face will brighten up without dyeing the whole mane.

20. Modern approach

Modern Red highlights hairstyle

Red hair highlights for Asian women is the first step toward dyeing the whole hair. You can start with the ombre style dyeing and leave the roots dark. Black roots look wonderful with all shades of red so you can keep touch-ups to a minimum.

21. Rosy sensation

Pink hair color might seem outrageous but pink highlights are a great way to diversify your style. You’ll need just a few pink strands to make your hair look stunning. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, pink it up!

22. Highlight mix

Red Hair Highlights

If you’ve decided to create red highlights, you can use another trick many Asian women love. Add another color while doing the dying. Mixing black with red and brown can create a magnificent result.


Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding red hairstyles for Asian women.

What does red hair mean in Asian culture?

In many cultures around the world, red hair is associated with a fiery temper or outspoken personality. In several Asian cultures, especially, the color red has symbolic meaning. 

In Korea, the color red is believed to ward off evil spirits. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes good luck and happiness. And in Japan, red is associated with passion, strength, and blood.

An Asian person who dyes their hair red may feel a strong connection with red as a symbol. Or, they may enjoy how it looks.

Can Asian people have red hair?

No. Most Asian people have either black or brown hair. People of Asian descent can have naturally red hair, but it is rare.

How can I dye my Asian hair red?

Yes. If you are an Asian person with a desire for striking red hair, it is possible to achieve it. You will need to bleach your hair first and then go back in with a red dye. The darker your natural color, the more difficult this process will be.

Transform your silky black strands into your canvas, where Asian red hairstyles are the main ingredient. If you are tired of your natural shade, a red hairstyle for Asian women is the best answer!

Craving for something more vivid and fresh? Red hairstyles for Asian women are the winning answer!