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The Best Punk Hairstyles for Men In 2024

Guys with punk hair look eye-popping, most of the time the hairstyles are of vivid colors, creative and definitely rebellious! They are a perfect match for the distinctive outfits, and you can say that they can give you a real statement and a pillar for this fantastic subculture.

Regardless of the texture, you can obtain so many mesmerizing updos like flatten mohawks, mullets, and even spiked hair, even if you have natural straight, wavy or curly hair.

These extreme hairdos are the symbol of this rebellious trend, and men all over the world use their imagination to create electric colored hairstyles with designs.

Men who love punk ideals are often spotted with these impressive hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, and small badges attached to their belts, shirts, or vests.

Guys With Punk Hair

Punk hair is a trend among men who love funky and exotic looks. These are the most popular hairstyles to get a punk rock look.

Short Punk Hair

A wide mohawk leaves plenty of room for creativity, transforming your hair into a canvas. Shave the sides to reveal the tattoos or to make space for new ones and get a pale pink shade for half of the mohawk.

On the other side, create a stunning rainbow that will add a lot of color to the hairdo.

Long Punk Hair

Stick out from any crowd with a fanned mohawk with electric green tips. On sides, shave the hair and style a few constructions that follow the headline. You can even style the beard using two thick line designs.

Medium Punk Hair

On the sides, you can opt for a faded trim and keep the top hair long and the bangs reaching the line of the cheekbones.

To make sure you get a marvelous punk hairstyle for men, pick a candy electric pink shade to dye the whole head.

Messy Punk Hair

Layers help any punk hairstyle get that messy, emo haircut look. Keep the bangs long and gather all the crown and temple hair to toss it on one side.

Also, the hair color is pretty important if you aim for an electric look. A gorgeous yellow, vivid color looks so perfect!

Punk Rock Hair

Creativity plays such an important role in styling punk hairdos and there are no limits when talking about color used or hair shape. Instead of creating gradients on the full length of the hair, try something new.

Start from one side with a blue color and transit to the other part, to an eye-popping yellow tone.

80s Punk Hair

Former Guns and Roses rock star, Izzy Stradlin, pulled off so many different hairstyles for the stage and even opted for this messy punk hairdo. To recreate it, style short, messy dreads that start one or two inches from your scalp.

Curly Punk Hair

Curly punk hair is very easy to recreate! All you have to do is to shorten the sides and back using a trimming machine.

The top crown hair must be rich and long so that it can form the curl. Use hair foam to obtain that wet look.

Punk Goth Hair

The goth-punk hairstyles for men are various and they can be represented by long mohawks styled upwards but also by long straight hair that falls on the back.

To maintain that dark image and complete the look, even as a man, you can use black eyeshadow or a colored crayon to contour your eyes.

Thin Punk Hair

Thin hair can get a lot of texture and can certainly be transformed into something gorgeous and out of the ordinary with the proper technique. Use two shades of teal green and beautifully mix them.

Black Punk Hair

Styling faded sides and back will give you the possibility to arrange the top however you like. In this case, a flat top will be a gorgeous idea if you want a punk look.

Punk Rainbow Hair

This is a true punk hairstyle statement! So many colors and a lot of texture! Get a mohawk and dye the longer strands to create a rainbow.

For the sides, an animal print will make a great choice to complete the hairdo.

Japanese Punk Hair

Whenever you want a one of a kind look, this messy punk hairstyle for men is exactly what you need. Keep your fringe in a medium length and toss it on one side.

Kid’s Punk Hair

If your kid loves punk hairstyles, you can help him get one. Shave the sides and keep the mohawk long. If he wants to change its color and it is not against his school’s disciplinary rules, give the light brown color a go.

Punk Undercut Hair

This is one of the coolest disconnected undercut and you can easily get it. Trimm one side of the head and lift the top.

You can also get a blonde ombre, which you can nuance anytime you want to change its color.

Emo Punk Hair

Emo punk hair has most of the time long bangs that are swept on one side, fully covering the forehead and one of the eyes.

Even the hair from the temple area is pulled off and tossed to the side. To make this look even more interesting, opt for silver hair dye.

Punk Mullet Hair

A mullet itself is not punk, but you can dress it up to fit this style. Wear the top very messy, ruffling it up with your hand and holding it using a soft hold gel or cream.

Get a split dye job of blue and red so you can embrace the colors that not many people wear.

Afro Punk Hair

Want to rock your natural hair texture? Punk hairstyles for men with afro hair can be achieved using protective styles such as braids.

Have a few fall into your face, and hide part of your forehead with a bandanna or headband.

Punk Dreadlocks

Dreads are very common in the punk community, but you have to dress them up to fully fit this aesthetic.

Dye yours a mix of colors such as black, grey, and white. Pile a few on top of your head and let others fall into your face to achieve a messy look.

Reverse Mohawk

Easily stand out from what people expect by shaving a line down the middle of your head.

Color the hair on each side of this board line in different shades that stand out, too. Make sure the sections of hair you have are very thin, and keep the sides shaved.

Blonde Punk Hair

If you’re looking for a more subtle style, then blonde with dark roots is the way to go. Keep the hair around chin length and brush it over to one side of your head.

Shaving one side in an undercut fashion is also an option. Perfect for guys with longer locks.

Mohawk Hairstyles

mohawk for punk rock look

Mohawk hairstyles are among the first things we think of when we think of a punk rock hairstyle. There is no hairstyle to better represent the spirit of a true rebel better than a mohawk with liberty spike hair.

But it does take some bravery and a defined style to be able to pull it out.

How to style: Use a hair trimmer to trim the hair on the sides. You can shave everything off evenly, or you can create a fade to your taste. Use scissors to cut the hair in the center.

You can wear it short or long, completely straight and slick, a bit messy or even wavy. You can also experiment with bright colors or bleaching.


punk rock look with pompadour

We’ve all seen countless photos of Elvis Presley rocking the amazing pompadour hairstyle. Not quite as extreme as a colorful mohawk, but still very effective, retro, and therefore very trendy punk hairstyle for guys.

How to style: Use a generous amount of hair gel to make the hair on the sides slick. Use a styling brush to style the voluminous pompadour that you will then fixate with hair gel.

Short Spiky Hairstyle

spiky punk rock hairstyle for men

With a little bit of hair product, you can make any short hairstyle into a spiky hairstyle. That is why this hairstyle is the simplest of all, low-maintenance, easy to style, and it exudes with a perfect punk rock style.

How to style: Just take a bit of hair gel on your palms and fingertips and mess your hair out. Style the bangs according to the shape of your face and your preferences.

Key Elements of A Punk Rock Hair Look


how to style punk rock hair

Changing your hair to adapt to a punk rock look may be a radical step, but hair is certainly one of the most eye-catching elements of this style.

You can try experimenting with different lengths and textures, such as combining long hair with an undercut or try wearing your hair slick.

And what is more, if you are ready to completely commit, you can try experimenting with different colors. Bright and neon colors are certainly a recognizable detail when it comes to a punk hairstyle.


makeup for punk rock look

An easier step in the process of changing your look that doesn’t require as much commitment as the other ones is the makeup.

You don’t have to wear crazy amounts of heavy makeup, but a black liner or a black or neon nail polish definitely matches with a lot of punk rock clothes and iconic hairstyles for guys.

Clothes and Jewelry

things need to get punk hairstyle

You don’t always have to incorporate all the popular elements to create a look with punk hair, rather go only for what you find attractive and cool.

Also, think of the length and general style of your hair when choosing clothes. After all, the things you decide to combine will define your unique personal style and become your trademark.

Piercings and Tattoos

tattoo to get punk rock look

It would be too much to say that you should do head tattoo just because it would match your new undercut hairstyle, but you can definitely try a disconnected undercut hairstyle to match your new tattoo or piercing.

Piercings and tattoos are something more permanent, so you certainly should not do them when you’re just going through a phase in terms of style, but if you have some tattoos and piercings, or at least have some in mind, you can always think of a good hairstyle, beard style or a clothing item to match.

You can come up with your own version of a punk rock hair look that you would feel comfortable wearing, but, hopefully, these few guidelines have helped get you on the right path.