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30 Trendy Two Layer Braids for Women

Similar to tribal braids, two layer braids involve braids that move in two different directions from a part on the hair. The part doesn’t have to be in the center, though. Creating side parts, tribal styles, and dynamic cornrows is what this braided hairstyle is all about.

Cool Two Layer Braids

As with all braided styles, there is so much variety to choose from. Below are some trendy two layer braids for women to consider.

1. Cotton Candy Pink

Two layer braids with color are so trendy and fun. This looks involves a cotton candy pink color that feeds into your natural hair for eye-popping contrast. This look has two layers, but the hair is definitely pushed back to fall behind the ears.

2. Medium Two Layer Braids

Medium two layer braids are a perfect middle-ground for creating your style. Not too big and not too small, medium-sized braids are easy to style and approachable to wear.

3. Braids with Beads

Let your hair show your personal vibe with two layer braids with beads. Create beautiful patterns or even match your outfit to your braids. Defining your edges elevates this look to chic and trendy.

4. Small Brunette Braids

If you’re going long with your hair, you should consider small two layer braids. Little braids means less hair and less weight, so these will help to distribute the weight on your scalp, creating less tension overall.

5. Feed In Braids

To create two layer feed in braids, start by dividing your hair horizontally. Start cornrowing your hair and feed in extensions close to the roots. When you’re finished, why not add some charms or accessories, too?

6. Half-Up Style

These types of braids don’t necessarily have to move in a horizontal nature. A two layer braided ponytail requires you to braid the lower portion of hair downwards and the ponytail portion of hair upwards for cool contrast.

7. Strong Center Part

Create two layer braids with middle part for a strong and sleek look. Exactly how you structure your part is up to you. It may require that you get creative! We love this simple style on long braids especially.

8. Two Layer Braids for Girls

Two layer braids are so awesome because they work on little girls, too. Create two layer braids for kids with a center part, or try this swooping side part style. Add a few beads or charms for a kid-friendly style.

9. Lemonade Braids

Popularized in Beyonce’s “Lemonade” music video, two layer lemonade braids combine cornrows, Fulani braids, and a dash of Goddess locs all into one style. This look gives off a side part vibe and keeps your ends nice and curly.

10. Two Layer Braids With Baby Hair

This two layer hairstyle may have a small part, but both portions of hair move to the back of the head at an angle. This braided hairstyle works just as well on long and curly locs for a vibrant, stylish look.

11. Two Layer Bob

Why not use the two layer technique for your gorgeous braided bob hairstyle? A side part is a great choice because it looks great on virtually every face shape, but a center part can work just as well.

12. Jumbo Two Layer Braids

This hairstyle utilizes a creative pattern on the scalp, which is a nice variation on your more simple two layer horizontal styles. This type of style typically looks best with chunky jumbo braids for structure.

13. Electric Blue Braids

Adding color is the perfect way to express yourself through your two layer braids. Feed in electric blue style, or even red or purple hues. We love the way these braids thin out as they grow longer for a free-flowing, mermaid style.

14. Funky Space Bun Style

Two layer braids are all about versatility. This look winds the majority of braids into a cute space bun style, which is easy to do, thanks to the divided, horizontal nature of these braids. Pin it all up or leave some strands down for flair.

15. Soft Half-Up Style

This quick and easy half-up style involves two layer braids that are already complete. By pinning back the front two layers of braids on each side, you’re giving your look some variation, and keeping your hair out of your face as needed.

16. Thick Cornrows

Jumbo Two Layer Braids with Low Bun

Create wide sections on the laterals and top of the head and follow the hairline when braiding. Gather all your knits in a low rolled bun. And also, don’t ignore the baby hairs. Use a toothbrush and some hair gel and create those cute romantic waves.

17. Feed In Braids

Two-layered hairstyles will make everyone admire your hairdo if you use the top section for a ponytail or a bun and the rest of the hair is kept falling on your back. You won’t pass ignored wherever you go, that’s for sure. Style a voluminous bun on top to stand out even more.

18. Braided High Pony

Medium Two Layer Braided Ponytail

If you love receiving compliments on your hairstyle, this ponytail will get you plenty. Mix thin and thick cornrows, and style mini braids that support the chunky knits. Pin all the hair in a pony, and wrap some braids around the base, to give it height.

19. Sleek Two Braids

French Two Layer Braid Style

Before styling your two braids, make sure you use plenty of jam. You want your hair to look semi-wet.  This technique will allow you to feed in the braids while knitting them easily. Also, use a toothbrush to style your baby hairs.

20. Icy Box Braids

White Blonde Two Layer Thin Braid

If you love creating contrast and having a breathtaking hairstyle, you must go for an icy look. Opt for a middle part and pull off very thin braids. Feed in the knits with platinum blonde hair. Let them fall in a cascade on your shoulders.

21. Crisscrossed Braids

Burgundy hair extensions will beautifully blend with your dark hair if you have dark skin. So create braids that crisscross each other several times until you reach the nape area. The color gradient will gain even more attention!

22. Electric Turquoise 

Thin, flawless braids that go both to the front and back will create an astonishing pattern. On one of the sides, go for cornrows that follow your ear line and spice things up  with green turquoise braids. 

23. Zig Zag Part

Combining two colours, we’ll make your hairstyle breathtaking. First of all, create a zigzag part that your knits will highlight. For the top section, use blonde hair extensions and create contrast with darker hair underneath.

24. Shaved Side

Choose a centre point on the top of your head. Use this point as a reference and start your brains towards the sides and down. Shave the other side of your head and make a statement with a heart drawn just in front of your ear to create an impact.

25. S Braids

Intricate Two Layer Braid

For this hairstyle, you will need a lot of patience. First of all, style wavy cornrows for the top section of your head. On the sides, go for knits that follow the hairline. Also, include two thin knits that start above the ear and go towards your face and not to the back, like the rest of the braids.

26.  Intricate Pattern

Scalp Two Layer Braid and Beads

If you want a unique and intricate hairstyle at the same time, these braids will certainly get all your attention. To recreate the look, create braids with the shape of an S, and combine them with straight knits that start between these wavy braids. Decorate the tips with beads.

27. Viking Hairstyle

Two Layered Fulani Braid on Curly Hair

Inspired by Viking hairstyles, this hairdo with thick two-layer braids that go on the sides and towards the back will make you look fabulous. Curl your natural hair and decorate the braids with metallic hair decorations. 

28. Braided Bob

Two Layer Braid with Beads on Pink Hair

If you love a hairstyle that makes a statement, start by dyeing your hair a pink electric color. Make sure this nuance matches your hair extensions. Style a middle part and create even braids. Decorate the ends with white, pink and translucent beads. 

29. Feather Part

Blonde Two Layer Braid with Curls

Feed-in braids will look simply spectacular if your natural hair has a dark color and you add platinum blonde jumbo hair. Create a part on one side and braid your knits slightly towards the sides. Ask your hairstylist to create a feather look-alike design. Knit only half of your hair, revealing curly extensions.

30. Wedding Braids

Half up Two Layer Thin Braid Updo

Two-layer braids are the perfect hairstyle for a wedding day. Choose different parts of your head to start the braids. For example, the laterals, the crown section or behind the ears area. Create cornrows and in the back, roll each braid on a rod and dip the knits into hot water to get curls.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding two-layer braids.

What are two-layer braids?

Two-layer braids move in two different directions from the part in the hair. In these styles, the hair part is not always in the middle.

Sometimes the hair part is on the side or in another unorthodox place. The point of two-layer braids is to create a dramatic and beautiful style.  

Why is two-layer braids cultural appropriation?

If you are not a part of the culture that is historically known for styling their hair in two-layer braids, it might be considered cultural appropriation to style your hair in this way.

If there is ever a doubt in your mind about this topic, err on the side of caution. You can always ask your hairstylist and friends for their opinion. 

How long does the two-layer braiding process take?

Depending on the type of braid you are using to feed in, it can take between 1 and 3 hours to complete this hairstyle. It also depends on your natural hair length and texture as well as your desired hair length.

Are two-layer braids a tribal braid style?

Two-layer braids are considered a tribal style. This category of protective hairstyles comes from the belief that tribes in Africa have been doing these styles for ages.

There are so many different ways to create your two layer braids beyond a simple horizontal style. These looks are trendy, sleek, and perfect as your next braids hairstyle. Will one will you choose?