15 Sweetest Violet Black Hair Color Ideas

If you want to stand out in a crowd, unnatural hair color is a great way to grab some attention. Violet black hair is both subtle and unusual.


Violet Black Hair

Violet black hair will often only look purple when it catches the right light. This will make people turn their heads to look again. It’s a great color for women who love attention.

Those who want a more overt hairstyle can choose a much lighter shade of violet. Although the darker color is often chosen by Emo and Goth women, it can also be worn by women from all walks of life.

With darker shades of violet-black, people may even need to look twice before they know what color it is. If you do want to try out this look, have a look at our list of the hottest violet black hairstyles.

Midnight Violet Black

midnight violet black hair

This color is absolutely jaw-dropping! The black dye beautifully transits into those fabulous dark violet hues. If you have long hair, give your locks more volume with some well-defined waves that will gorgeously fall on your back.


Violet Highlights

violet highlights on black hair

Create a black hair base and use an electric overt violet shade to make your fabulous hair shine. Those highlights will make your hair stand out in any crowd, and those easy waves will give your hair more dimension.


Red Violet Highlights

red violet highlights in black hair

Get yourself a long pixie cut and create a black base color that will later beautifully blend with your thin red-violet highlights. Create some waves for your bangs and top hair to make those gorgeous violet hues stand out.


Violet Balayage

violet balayage on black hair

A long bob hairstyle with bangs is the ideal choice if you want a modern hairstyle. Choose an electric violet color and create a stunning ombre. Keep your bangs black, just above your eye-brows, and create waves for the rest of the hair.


Dark Violet Black Hair

dark violet black hair

A dark violet electric hair is so outstanding that everyone who sees your hair will feel the urge to compliment it.  Create an ombre that starts close to your black roots and leave your bangs long.


Big Bushy Curls

Black violet curl hair

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Glamorous Bold Curls

Bold black purple Curls


Vivid Violet-Black

Vivid Violet-Black hair


Violet Black Ombré Hairstyle

Light Violet Ombré hair

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Thick Hair with a Glamorous Wave


Sleek Hairstyle and Blunt Bangs

black violet bangs hairstyle


Boho Style 


Highlights and Lowlights

violet highlights in black hair


Gorgeous Bold Waves

gorgeous bold waves in violet color


Super Long Violet Black Hair

Long Hair in Violet Black color

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Wear your hair in an unusual way by taking a chance on violet black hair. This hair color will help you grab the attention of hair enthusiasts!

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