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The Best Icy Blue Hair Color Ideas

Ever since Lady Gaga debuted ice blue hair at Golden Globe Awards, the whole world went crazy over this new trend. Get it in a single shade, or a whole range of hues- it will still look absolutely fabulous.

Icy Blue Hairstyles

We have compiled a list of 7 most alluring icy blue hair ideas for girls to rock their hair.

1. Luscious Ice Blue Curls

ice blue highlights on curly hair

This stunning hairstyle will probably be the one that will convince you to get the trendiest hair color of 2024.

Ideal for: The beautiful ice blue hair is perfect for women with long hair. Of course, you can recreate the rich, bouncy curls on medium-length hair as well.

How to Style: Grab your curling iron and start creating those gorgeous curls. Don’t forget to go through the hair with a brush at the end, to achieve that voluminous vibe.

2. Ombre Ice Blue Hair

Ombre Ice Blue Hair

Ombre is the coloring trend that works with every single hue that you have in mind. It will appear even more magical and unique if you decide to do it with the icy blue shade.

Ideal for: It’s perfect for a gal with an adventurist spirit, who is never afraid of bold hairdos.

How to Style: The ice blue ombre hairstyle is so versatile. It works for all possible hair lengths and cuts. The fact that it’s such a statement color doesn’t mean that it’s only meant for young teenagers, it is super-trendy for adults as well.

3. Ice Blue Boho Hairdo

ice blue updo for women

Ladies, have you seen a more beautiful updo? It’s both elegant and modern and great for all ages.

Ideal for: If you have a special spring wedding feel free to match your dress with your hair color, just like Lady Gaga did.

How to Style: The updo features both green and blue hair tones and a combination of braids and twists. Feel free to get that messy, chic finish and include an accessory as well.

4. Side Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid on ice blue hair

Fishtail braids are one of the coolest types of braided styles. Why not give your ice blue hair like a mermaid treatment and completely copy the gorgeous side fishtail braid from the photo?

Ideal for: You will definitely need medium or long hair if you want the ice blue hairdo to look as good as this one.

How to Style: Start braiding in the front on the right, and slowly make your way to the left, creating a front fishtail lace braid. Once you reach the ear, continue braiding the whole hair together.

5. Chic Bob with Bangs

ice blue bob with bangs

Blue hairstyles look good on short hair like the bob. Make yours is even cooler by chopping bangs as well. The moment you add a nice icy blue hint to it, you officially become the most fashionable gal around.

Ideal for: Whenever you feel like you’re missing a youthful finish to your whole appearance, this short, stylish bob is the answer to your question.

How to Style: Just show a picture of the fringe bob hairstyle to your hairstylist and you’ll feel like a brand new person.

6. Next Level Braids

women with ice blue braids

Get creative with pull-through braids and knots this season! There is no better way to accessorize your ice blue hair when no other idea comes to mind.

Ideal for: Great for all different occasions, starting from a night out, to a special event.

How to Style: Divide the hair in half, with a middle part. Do two oversized rope twist braids in the top, and continue with fishtail styles in the bottom part.

7. Metallic Ice Blue Hair

Metallic Ice Blue Hair

The metallic finish is a very popular thing in the hair department at the moment. You should definitely add that stunning shine to your ice blue hairstyle.

Ideal for: The best thing about a metallic ice blue hair dye is the fact that you will probably be the only one flaunting it.

How to Style: Rock it straight, wavy, in a pony, or in a braid. Whichever hairdo you’ll opt for, you’ll still score a mesmerizing look.

Stunning Mermaid Blue Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Tips Before Getting Your Hair Dyed Ice Blue

tips to get ice blue hair

Getting such a gorgeous ice blue hair hue will not be easy. The path to keeping it look fresh and pretty all the time will also be hard. That shouldn’t change your mind! These are simple tips, which most women don’t even think about before scheduling an appointment.

  • Use special hair products for colored hair;
  • Find a skilled hairstylist;
  • Be aware that you will need to visit the salon more often after you’ve dyed your hair;
  • Bring a picture with you, with the exact hair color that you want;
  • Avoid dying it at home, so many things can go wrong;
  • Use hair sun protection;
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment a few days before the appointment


Can black people try ice blue hair?

Yes! Literally everyone can rock this hair color. No matter the skin tone, age, or gender. Black ladies are blessed with such a beautiful complexion that can only be even more flattering when combined with ice blue hues.

Can men also dye their hair ice blue?

Definitely yes! There is not a single reason why men shouldn’t experiment with different hair colors as well.

If you are still in doubt about whether to try an ice blue hairdo, just remember that you only live once. A statement hair look is what will help you be fashionable and unique. It is such a trending topic among influencers and celebrities, so why not give it a go?