6 of The Coolest Hairstyles for Women with Smaller Face

Finding the right hairstyles for a small face can be a very challenging task. While most women are trying to make their faces look slimmer, there is a group that was blessed with a small face. Since the hair has a lot to say in the final appearance of a person, it is very important to choose a haircut that will flatter your face shape.

If you are on the smaller side, there are plenty of hairdos that will help you achieve a fake illusion of a wider, longer, bigger appearance. Most of them are short, trendy and approved by celebrities.


Hairstyles for Women With A Smaller Face

Small face shaped women can try versatile hairstyles. Following are top 6 hairstyles for women with a small face.

Asymmetric Bob

asymmetrical bob for women with small face

Just by having an asymmetric haircut, the whole attention will be not be focused on how big your face is. That is why this cool asymmetric bob is among the ideal hairstyles for a small face. Next time you visit the hairdresser you can give this do a try.

You’ll love it so much that you’ll keep it for a long time. Another thing that we have to share is that it works for ladies of all ages. Keep the hair straight or add some waves, the choice is yours.


Short & Voluminous

short hairstyle for women with small face

The added extra volume has the ability to make faces look larger. If you are planning on getting retro curls, we recommend that you set them free on only one side. If you do a middle part, your small face might get lost in the hairdo.

When the curls are less voluminous, then you can choose a middle part. This is one of the most popular red carpet beauty choices at the moment.


Pixie Cut

women's pixie cut with small face

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll choose a shaggy, deconstructed pixie cut or a perfectly styled one. As long as you are rocking short hair, you’re on the right track. It is also the top trending haircut among women with small face and stars at the moment.

It is very easy to maintain, without the need of visiting a hairstylist too often. When you need a product to style it, use hair wax or spray for a natural look.


Bob with Fringe

bob haircut for women with small face

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bangs ladies. A short, sassy bob with fringe is one of the best hairstyles for a small face. All the popular stars tried rocking the fun short mane in the past year or so.

Once you add a new dimension to the look with bangs, your face will appear a bit bigger. The parts where the fringe ends on the sides will frame the bone structure and give an illusion of a wider face.



top knot for small faces

Nothing beats the good old topknot. It is such a versatile updo that every single woman out there can rock it. Even the ones with a smaller face size should give this hairstyle a go. You will only need a hair tie, comb, and hairspray.

Make everything sleek and smooth. Just make sure that the topknot is not too big. This gives an illusion of a longer and bigger face.


Half-Up, Half-Down

hairstyle with small face for women

The half-up, half-down are the best option for ladies with long hair. The whole point is to add some volume to the look, without making it too much. The face should not get lost in the hairstyle. You can opt for either curl of funky beach waves.


This is an easy, versatile and perfect hairstyles for women with a small face. The ones that are struggling with the thin type can feel free to try this mane as well.