7 Exceptional Light Blue Hair Color Options

Many people believe that light blue hair color is absolutely outrageous. Meanwhile, many girls consider it stylish. Whom to believe? You have to look deep down inside you and understand whether or not you are ready to use a completely unnatural yet amazingly fashionable color for your hair. Hair is one of the easiest things to change in your body. You don’t need to make piercings, tattoos, or plastic surgery to achieve and absolutely new look. So what’s stopping you from dyeing your hair? If you have any reservations about the color, you can take a look at some interesting examples.


Light Blue Hair and How it Can Shine

Can light blue hair be the right choice for your lifestyle? Only you know. If this shade doesn’t seem outrageous to you, it means you are brave enough to try it. You don’t have to use a permanent hair dye at first. You can easily start with a temporary color just to see how amazing you can look with light blue hues. If you have dark hair, you’ll have to get it bleached first in order to achieve the perfect light blue shade. If you are not up to bleaching, you might want to try darker colors.


How Do You Get Light Blue Hair?

Getting light blue hair is not an easy task. But if you are brave enough to try, you shouldn’t be held back by a few difficulties. The first thing you need to do is to bleach your hair. Bleaching is a complicated process that should better be done by a professional. In fact, professional bleaching is faster and achieves better results. But if you are pressed for time and/or money, you can do it at home.

hiarstyle with light blue hair color

Before dyeing your bleached hair light blue, you need to make sure that your hair is squeaky clean. Any buildup can cause the color to be distributed unevenly. The best way to get your hair clean is to purchase a special pre-color shampoo. Don’t use a conditioner, otherwise, the dyeing process can be hindered. When you do the coloring itself, make sure you have enough dye. Light blue hair colors aren’t as easy to apply as more natural shades, so make sure you have plenty of dye to work with.


1. Light blue ombre

light blue hair color

Light blue ombre looks especially fantastic when you mix different shades of blue. You can add a few purple strands to improve the look even further. Keep the darker color on top and lighter on the bottom.

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2. Lagoon blue

light blue hair color idea

Achieve an out of this world yet sexy look with lagoon blue hair color. You’ll definitely love the way you’ll look and feel. Consider using blue mascara to complement the image. The longer the hair, the more amazing it will look.


3. Blue and green

hairstyles with light blue hair color

Light blue hair color looks incredibly fantastic when coupled with green shades. Green and blue mix is perfect no matter how light or dark the colors are. If you are making an ombre, use green on top.


4. Light and fabulous


The lighter the blue color is, the more natural it looks. If you have really light blue locks, you can darken the top a little to keep the image more stunning. Otherwise, your hair might look closer to blonde.

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5. Blue highlights

light blue highlights

Use various shades of blue to create impressive highlights. The more different colors you use, the more interesting you can look. Add some purple strands to outline your uniqueness and desire to make a statement.


6. Azure


Azure is one of the most magnificent colors. It’s a certain half way between light blue hair and green shades. If you manage to achieve azure hair, you can be certain to make a tremendous impression.

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7. Blonde blue


This blonde blue shade is the closest to the bleached blonde look you can get. This option is a perfect choice for girls who don’t want to use outrageous colors but still want to keep the heads turning their ways.

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Light blue hair color is a wonderful choice for many girls and women all over the planet. Just take a look at how balanced these hairstyles look. There is nothing outrageous or extravagant about them.