7 Anime Inspired Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long hairstyles donned by different anime characters may thrill you in virtual life but to try those in real-life need bravery.

Like everyone, if you too love anime and would like the idea of surrounding yourself with anime vibes, then you have to carefully choose as to how you should style your hair.

Because, in the anime world, hair is a significant part of their looks and personality. Going for the right anime long hairstyle for boys can give you just the right vibes to flaunt your anime love.


Coolest Anime Boy’s Long Hairstyles

Anime originated in Japan and is now spreading like wildfire in the whole world. No one has been able to stop it from continuing its journey of glory. Instead, everyone is taking a step further and adapting to this culture in their real lives.

If you are one of the anime lovers and want to adopt the anime lifestyle, then we are here to assist you with it. Below, you’ll find 7 hair ideas of anime boy inspired long hair to help you on your journey:

1. Fancy Long Anime Boy Hair

anime boy with long blue hair

Anime is loved by the world and especially the appearance of the anime characters. Inspired by one of those looks, this long anime hairstyle incorporates in itself various hues of blue on slightly rough hair. The flower wreath around the crown is adding to the beauty of the hairstyle.

Renowned Anime Boy Characters with Red Hair


2. Boy’s Shaggy Hair

anime boy long wavy hairstyle

Waves are trendy and full of style. This hairstyle gives you a beautiful and modern anime boy long hair look with its delicate brown waves. All you need to do is get a styling rod and give your hair some waves. Everyone is going to love you with this hairstyle.


3. Spike Style Look

anime boy with long spiky hair

Liberty spikes are cool but, when combined with anime style of long hair, they become nothing less than a blast! Use some gel to spike up your hair into thick strands going in all directions. Make sure the spikes are not obstructing your vision when styling your hair.


4. Curtain Hair

anime boy long blonde hairstyle

If you have blonde hair, then you should definitely go with this blonde hairstyle which is parted in the middle. Having a headband with this hairstyle can help you from getting random strands in the eyes. This is a super cute long hairstyle of anime guys, which also makes you look stylish.

Coolest Anime Boys with White Hair


5. Short Grey Hair for Guys

long grey hairstyle for anime boys

Bangs are a hot trend in 2022. When it comes to anime boy’s long hair, it is the perfect match. For this hairstyle, dye your hair a grey-blonde shade and let them grow to a decent length that is fit for the ideal bangs.


6. Jimin Style Pink Hair

anime boy with pink long hair

Colors aren’t only for girls; boys can rock them too. Subtle tones are a hit this year for the boys to try. If you don’t want to do something daring, then go for a beautiful shade of peach-pink dye to give your anime long hair a new look.


7. Funky Men’s Purple Hairstyle

anime boy with long purple hair

For a punk-inspired funky look, you have got to try this anime boy long hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you have to dye your hair a dazzling purple. Side sweep your long purple hair to enhance the overall look. No extensive styling tricks are required for this hairstyle.


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