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15 Coolest Anime Boys with Long Hairstyles

If you have long hair and you’re like many guys, you probably don’t look at anime boys with long hairstyles when it comes to finding your new hairdo. Many men actually look at what their friends or favorite celebs are doing to figure out what they want their own hair to look like. However, don’t discount the amazing hairstyles anime characters are bringing to the table!

From blunt color and choppy razor-cut layers to spikes and ponytails, long-haired anime guy characters are serving up major style inspiration for all hair types and lengths! Before you make an appointment with your stylist, scroll through our 15 favorite long hairstyles seen on the coolest anime guys. 


Coolest Long Hairstyles for Anime Boys

Inspiration can be found anywhere, including anime characters! For ideas for a new long hairstyle, check out these trendy looks from anime guys!

1. Aladdin

Anime boy with long hair - Aladdin


Whether your hair is naturally as long as anime character Aladdin or you’re totally cool getting extensions, we love a man in a long ponytail, especially with sexy spiked texture! For extra points, rock a bright color like blue or green.


2. Byakuya

Byakuya is another anime boy who isn’t afraid of a little color. His long magenta-tinted hair is straight and features piecey bangs that are shaped with the help of some hair cuffs.  


3. Fujiwara no Sai

Long haired male anime -Fujiwara no Sai


You don’t need to have waist-length hair to rock Fujiwara no Sai’s purple and white hairstyle. After adding the colors, even if your hair is only shoulder length, gather it in a loose ponytail to get this easy style. 


4. Grell Sutcliff

Is an electric red your desired hair color? Many anime guys with long hair are seen with the vibrant shade, including Grell Sutcliff. His long red locks feature choppy layers close to the head for spiked texture.

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5. Jiraiya

Anime guy with long hair - Jiraiya


For both older and younger men, we love Jiraiya’s choppy layered long hairstyle. This anime boy’s hair is a mix between white, grey, and blonde, proving the style has no age limit.


6. Kyojuro Rengoku

Anime boy character with long hair - Kyojuro Rengoku


If your personality is wild and loud, you should put Kyojuro’s orange hairstyle at the top of your must-try list! It will look best if you have some kind of textured hair, like waves or curls, because the hair is packed with layers. 


7. Maximillion Pegasus

Anime boy character with long hair - Maximillion Pegasus


Blue and white ombre is a color combination we will never disapprove of. Just look at anime boy Maximillion! Long straight hair will never be called boring or safe again.


8. Riou Satomi

Anime guy character with long hair - Riou Satomi


There’s something about a guy with blonde hair that is so surfer-hot. If you’re interested in that look, we recommend Riou’s heavily-layered shoulder-length haircut. Ask your stylist for choppy layers that stay close to the top half of the head and around your face. 


9. Sesshomaru

Long haired anime guy - Sesshomaru


Nowadays, white hair color isn’t often seen on men. For bolder guys who are not afraid of eye-catching hairstyles, try anime guy Sesshomaru’s snow-white hair. The front comes with shaggy bangs, perfect for guys with thick hair.

Coolest Anime Boys with White Hair


10. Sinbad

We couldn’t put this list together without Sinbad, one of the most kickass anime guys. To get your own version of his long hairstyle, add blue, purple, and white streaks to layered hair. Work in product to get piecey bangs and top with either a bandana or your favorite hat.


11. Soo-Won

Male anime character with long hair - Soo-Won


Su-wan knows how to work a classic, but handsome long blonde hairstyle. His locks are a mix of light blonde and golden brown, with stringy tendrils for bangs that draw attention to his eyes. 


12. Ukyo

anime guy with long hair - Ukyo


Another cool anime guy with long hairstyle with an eclectic side is this lime green haircut sported by Ukyo. Ask your stylist for long layers and fringe, wear it as straight as you can, topping it all off with a side braid and your favorite patterned hat.


13. Uno

Unique male anime with long hair - Uno


Anime boy Uno’s two-braided hairstyle certainly isn’t for men who think only women can rock braids. Gather long hair into two low braids, making them thicker by loosening them. Lots of choppy layers at the top half of your head will put that punk twist on the style.


14. Wizard Howl

Anime male characters with long hair- Wizard Howl


Mod and clean-cut is exactly how we would describe Wizard How’s bluntly-cut man lob with choppy bangs. A razor cut will help your bangs look masculine. 

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15. Yu Kanda

Anime male characters with long hair - Yu Kanda


Are you the mysterious and moody type of man? We love what the dark purple color does for Yu Kanda’s updo. Gather long hair up in a loose ponytail, leaving the front half down. 


After seeing these 15 anime boy’s long hairstyles, you have to agree that anime characters are definitely a source of hair inspiration! 

Whichever anime hairstyle you choose, remember that all of these characters rock their looks flawlessly by carrying them with confidence. Personalize your haircut with color and different cutting techniques, like razoring. Every little detail counts when it comes to achieving a trendy long hairstyle!