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15 Trendiest Undercut Hairstyles for Asian Men

Asian undercuts for men are trending within your world because it will take you from 0 to 100 quickly. Not only is a sleek hairstyle for any event, but it can also be styled in various ways. It is great if your hair is short, long or even medium length. You are able to get various styles from it to suit your taste, event coming up. style and your hair length.


Best Asian Undercut Hairstyles

Check out the guide below for the 15 popular Asian undercut hairstyles that Asian guys are adopting.

1. French Crop Undercut

french crop undercut for asian men

For this Asian men’s undercut hairstyle, the back of your hair would be shaved into an undercut. The undercut has to be sharp and edgy to give the “Cropped” look.

Then, you would keep the top portion heavy with hair. If your hair falls between short or medium you would comb a portion of it to lay along the forehead. Ensure that your barber cuts that portion bluntly.

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2. Cropped Undercut with Bangs

asian men undercut with bangs

The difference between the previous and current style is the bang. This style is ideal for Asian men with long hair. You would be able to achieve the long bangs that fall above your eyebrows. You can cut it shorter or longer if that’s your style. Lastly, ensure that your bangs are cut sharply.


3. Slicked Back Undercut

slicked back undercut for asian men

The slicked back Asian undercut is great for a formal event. Your hair would be shaved into an undercut with the back low while the sides and top have more hair. The top has more hair than the sides because this portion is used in the sleeking process. The hair is sleek to accentuate your sleekness for the event.


4. Textured Disconnected Undercut

Textured Disconnected Asian Undercut

This unique Asian undercut hairstyle is trending because of the disconnected undercut. The model’s undercut as shown on the left isn’t complete yet it’s still neat.

The heavier the top is the better. It allows your hair to have sleeker, waves as well as texture. Adding mousse, foam or a styler to your hair will enhance the texture as well as shine to tit.


5. Tapered Undercut

side swept undercut for asian men

For this undercut hairstyle for Asian guys, the back would be tapered. There will be less hair on the sides than there is in the middle. Then, the middle, as well as the top portion, will be combed over to one side. You can sleek down the side swept portion to keep it laid. Or, you can let it blow in the wind if you so desire.


6. Angular Crop Undercut

With this Asian undercut, the top portion is in a French crop. In addition, the French crop is shaved angular. The sides and layers are cut bluntly. It adds edginess to the hairstyle. As well as, keeping you looking sharp. Daily maintenance is needed to keep your hair neat and edgy.


7. Brushed Up Undercut

If you don’t want the fancy hairstyles, then this is perfect for you. It’s a simple Asian undercut style with little to no maintenance. The top-heavy is brushed or combed up.

It’s an easy hairstyle to maintain because you just wake up, brush/comb then go.  If you want to achieve the triangle at the front, similar to the model you would need a little mousse to shape it accordingly.


8. Side Swept Quiff Undercut

undercut for Asian guys

This side-swept undercut for Asian guys is styled similarly to a quiff. The only difference is he used less mousse. You can brush, comb or even use your fingers to comb the hair to your favorite side. If you want your hair to be spiky like the model you would ask your hairstyles to cut it accordingly.


9. Angular Fringes Undercut

Another trendy spiky cut that can be achieved with your hairstyle cutting your hair accordingly. In addition, hair gel will keep the hair in it’s the rightful place. The angular cut as well as have will have you looking ready 24/7. Once the hair starts to grow out then you will have to cut it often.


10. Wavy Asian Undercut

This Asian undercut is a casual hairstyle. The waves are achieved if the person is missed. As well as, with hair products.


11. Comb Over with Undercut

Comb over with undercut for Asian Boys

This Asian undercut hairstyle is similar to a pompadour. Once the undercut is done, the top portion is combed up. You can use your fingers, comb or even brush to get it into moisture.

Ensure to some a styling product this will allow your hair to be malleable as well as keep the style for the day. Daily maintenance is required to keep the top portion styled every day.


12. Tousled Spiky + Bangs Undercut

The model’s undercut is very sharp but gets spiky as you get to the top. Then, he added bangs that lay bluntly across his forehead. You can adjust the style by letting the bang to fall shorter or longer if you so desire. The touseled spike will be achieved through the use of hair products as well as a comb.


13. Burst Fade Undercut

For this undercut Asian hairstyle, it is shaved to go seamlessly from little to no hair to thick hair. This is what the “burst” effect gives off for the hair. Then, the model parted their hair to add flair.

Then, combed the top layer into mini pompadours that drop in his face. The style is perfect if you want a new look that will have all eyes on you. This look could be a trendsetter within your community.


14. Low Fade Undercut

low fade Undercut for Asian Men

The back is kept low then transitioned into a tapered cut. The top cut is kept low and tousled. This low fade undercut hairstyle for Asian men does not require much maintenance. You would just wake up, lightly comb then go about your day. Then, every week you would see your barber to keep the undercut sharp.


15. Asian Undercut with Fade

asian men with undercut

For this Asian undercut with fade, the top portion of your hair is all kept at one level. It’s a trendy yet casual look. Maintenance would be required once your hair starts growing.


Out of these amazing Asian undercut hairstyles for men whether you are Chinese, Japanese or even Korean, which will you choose?