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8 Stunning Bangs Hairstyles With Highlights

If two fun elements can lend complete excitement to your hair styling, they should be bangs and highlights. They instantly give a fresh lease of life to your styling and add a definitive touch to your face.

Often bangs with highlights provide a simple way to achieve a makeover. It is inexpensive and relatively easy to maintain, and that is what makes them even better. It is a kind of fashion statement that will always enhance the style quotient.


Best Bangs Hairstyles with Highlights

Here are some of the unique bangs hair highlights that will make you look cute & confident.

1. Bangs with Strawberry Highlights

bangs with strawberry blonde highlights

In this bangs, the simple progression of the strawberry blonde hair highlights from a darker shade of pink to almost steel white adds vibrancy and volume to the hair.

It also complements the skin tone completely and makes you stand out in any crowd by the sheer power of visual appeal.

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2. Highlighted Side Swept Bangs

bangs hairstyles with highlights

Talk about sticking to classics and absolutely rocking it and this combination of highlights on bangs is an absolute representation of the same.

Minimalist, conventional and a practical style, this is one that does not shortchange beauty for anything. These highlights also lend absolute youthfulness to your face.


3. Medium Bob + Magenta Highlights

medium bob with bangs and highlights

If pink has the potential to be the new black, it’s got to be this. This tone of pink highlights completely changes the appeal of the conventionally styled bob haircut with bangs in the front.

What was supposed to be an absolutely simple hairdo with some straight bangs in the front is totally transformed into a style that is edgy, esoteric and intensely striking.


4. Short Bob with Bangs

highlighted short bob with bangs

When you think about fun and excitement incorporating bangs and highlights, there cannot be a better alternative. It is a type of style that takes on a classic concept and overhauls it with a modern punch.

The short bob with bangs is perhaps one of the most popular and oldest known styles, but the moment you add the highlights, the overall look undergoes a complete makeover.


5. Long Blonde Bangs

blonde highlights on bangs

This blonde highlights on bangs is mature, stylish, contemporary and rather natty in appeal. This is the type of style that works beautifully in casual and formal set-up too.

It maintains your poise without compromising the styling, and at the same time, it exudes a unique sense of understated feminine charm.


6. Golden Blonde Highlights 

bangs with golden blonde highlights

If you like to wear your hair simple, there is hardly a style that can compete with the brilliance of this highlighted bangs hairstyle. It is classic and comfortable, and at the same time, it comes across as an immensely appealing style.

Whether you are a housewife in Iowa or a corporate hotshot in New York, this is a type of style that is never out of place. It always manages to deliver in terms of styling and admiration.


7. Ash Bangs + Electric Blue Highlights

ash blonde bangs with blue highlights

The ash-blonde bangs look terribly striking but what makes this style totally cool are the electric blue highlights that accompany it.

These lend a rather esoteric and edgy appeal to the whole hairdo. It brings forth a stylish and cute quotient that is hard to overlook.

This combination has a strikingly casual appeal and is sure to make heads turn whichever party you step into.

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8. Undercut Bob

undercut bob with bangs and highlights

If just bangs were not enough to attract attention, these yellow highlights would complete the narrative for you. They effortlessly push the boundaries without compromising the styling quotient.

With this combination, your hairstyle is sure to attract both attention as well as appreciation. However, you must be careful about using the yellow shade.


Therefore highlights need to be paired well with bangs to get the right impact. In case you are not sure about the right combinations, we have an easy way for you.

This handy guide takes you through some of the best bangs hairstyles with highlights. These are not just unique in appeal but absolutely appealing, and that truly enhances the styling aspect.