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40 Off-beat Undercut Bob Haircuts for Women

Undercut bob inquire a little more based on two factors, styling and caring, yet it is essential to be artistic to develop new looks daily.

To most women, getting that unique bob haircut takes more than having the right hair; it also takes finding the right style. You may assume short hair comes with many regrets, but no one ever regrets it.

Furthermore, you can get inventive with short hair and various hairstyles. To enhance variety, we have selected 40 undercut bob haircuts for women that are trendy and lovely to match multiple face shapes and personalities.

What Is an Undercut Bob?

undercut bob

An undercut bob is a haircut with shaved sides and nape. This style is perfect if you want a unique, bold hairstyle with an eccentric vibe. It is also the go-to haircut for women who need a break from long or voluminous hair.

A bob undercut will give your face a slimmer look. If you choose a low cut, you will have more hair volume at the crown of your head. On the other hand, a high bob undercut will eliminate a notable amount of hair and reduce the volume.

Things To Consider Before Getting Undercut Bob

The suitability of a hairstyle can depend on many things. Hence, it’s best to consider some critical factors before going to the salon for an undercut bob.

Hair Type

The result of an undercut bob will depend on the hair type. Most undercut styles can suit you if you have curly or wavy hair. However, this might not be the case for women with straight hair.

The best way to rock an undercut bob if you have straight hair is to go for an angled cut. Besides, ask your stylist to cut the hair above your neck bluntly.


Medium-length undercut bobs look good on women with thick strands. Such a style will tame your hair and prevent it from weighing down. If you have thin hair, go for bob undercuts that include layers. These can create more volume and make your hair appear fuller.

Face Shape

An undercut bob can complement or affect your facial appearance. When considering this hairstyle, look for pictures of people with a similar face shape. This way, you can choose an undercut bob that matches your jawline and forehead.


An undercut bob comes with various cons. For example, you must regularly shave the sides and nape to maintain the look. Likewise, the buzzed sections may appear awkward if you finally decide to grow the hair out. Knowing such risks will help you determine if a bob undercut is your best option.

Fun Ways to Try Undercut Bob

Styling an undercut bob seems to be quite a favorite subject! But, nonetheless, the undercut you choose matters a lot. You need to find which method best suits your face shape.

Well, below are 40 undercut bob haircuts for women that give you an extremely low down on how best to enjoy ‘the undercut.’

1. Undercut Lob

Undercut on Long Bob

A highlighted super short bang combined with an undercut is the best way to add edge to your bob. Wear hair down at work to keep it professional and up when out to show off your style.

2. Curly Undercut Bob

Undercut Bob for Curly Hair

Pairing an undercut with a curly bob is unexpected. For older women, no one will suspect you’ve got a rock-chic side. The combination is unusual, but it works!

3. Undercut Bob for Fine Hair

Undercut Bob for Fine Hair

When you’re through with wearing hair down, go for an angled bob with layers. Have your stylist blunt-cut the hair above the neck and shave in an undercut for additional detail.

4. Undercut on Thick Bob

Undercut Bob For Thick Hair

A short bob like this is runway and selfie-ready. Style up your thick hair with shaved details and a side braid. Pops of color like purple, green, and blue will help you display your artistic side.

5. Undercut Bob + Bangs

Undercut Bob With Bangs

Here’s another bob haircut that features short bangs. Instead of bangs cutting off at the ends of eyebrows, they stop right before the ears for a more rounded shape.

6. Inverted Bob with Undercut

Inverted Bob with Undercut 

The high arch above the neck sets this red inverted bob apart from others. An undercut is framed and the eye is immediately drawn to the intricate shaved details.

7. Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

If you like the look of a feminine haircut but want a rocker edge, curl your bob hair or add subtle waves with a tiny of color and pair it all with an undercut.

8. Bob + Shaved Undercut

Bob with Shaved Undercut

When hair is down, a chin-length bob looks perfectly professional. But when you pull hair up, an awesome undercut will be exposed, showing everyone your adventurous side.

9. Choppy Bob Undercut

Choppy Bob Undercut

Angles are fun to play with when it comes to your haircut, so experiment with an uneven bang, choppy body, and an undercut for the ultimate trio of fashion.

10. Textured Undercut Bob

Textured Undercut Bob

From one side of this blonde bob, you’ll see a thick wavy mane. Turn the other way and a shaved fade with details stuns. No one will have this look, so you’ll be an original!

11. A Pop of Violet

pixie bob with undercut

Adding a pop of color is the best way to make your undercut bob look edgier and more fashion-forward. If you’re going for a trendy punk or goth look, a vibrant shade of purple is the best choice. 

12. Shades of Pink

short undercut bob

You can also go all out with your hair color by choosing different shades of pink and purple, which are the perfect options for an ultra-feminine yet stylish look.

The varying shades will also add depth and dimension to your hair, making it look more lively and eye-catching. 

13. Braided Bob Undercut 

braided bob with undercut
Instagram / angelanoelartistry

We highly recommend braids if you wish to show off your gorgeous undercut. All you need to do is divide your hair into two sides and create big, beautiful braids. Add a pop of color, and you’re ready to rule the world!

14. Choppy Bangs

undercut bob with choppy bangs
Instagram / seedyfrills

Most women are scared to go for an undercut because it lacks the face-framing features they need to conceal their chubby cheeks. We’ve found the perfect solution for that– bangs!

Bangs can make your face look slimmer and add personality to your overall look. For an edgy look, go for short and choppy bangs. 

15. Icy Blonde Bob

undercut bob for older women
Instagram / zaralvhair

Bangs and a stacked bob make up the recipe for the best undercut bob for older women.

But if you wish to take your new look to a new level, go for an edgy shade like icy blonde. It will add a fresh look to your gray hair and will make your bob hairstyle stand out. 

16. Wavy Undercut Bob

wavy undercut bob
Instagram / hairbyjammie904

News flash: Bob undercuts are not just for straight hair. This gorgeous hairstyle works oh-so-well with wavy hair too!

An undercut can even work in your favor as the shaved part can help minimize your hair’s volume, making it easier for you to manage and style your hair in any way you wish!

P.S. Adding a vibrant hair color won’t hurt!

17. Undercut Bob with Pattern

undercut bob with pattern
Instagram / feketetom258

An undercut will never be boring! Case in point: This simple yet beautiful zigzag undercut pattern.

If you’re feeling adventurous, sweep your hair to one side and ask your hairstylist to create different patterns in your short undercut.

The best part? The sky is the limit when it comes to undercut designs. 

18. Nape Undercut and Short Bangs

short bob with nape undercut
Instagram / feketetom258

Surprise: this overall look is perfect for people with round faces. While blunt bangs may not seem like the best idea for a round face, a simple hack can make it perfect– go for micro blunt bangs.

The length of micro bangs leaves enough space between your hair and eyebrows, which helps elongate your face and make it look slimmer. 

19. Twisted Bob

undercut bob with twists
Instagram / luxethecolourlounge

With a twisted hairstyle, you can add a stylish touch to your bob undercut in the easiest way possible. All you need to do is gather two strands on one side of your hair. Twist them to the back and seal with a hairpin or elastic. 

20. Bob Updo with Undercut

bob updo with undercut
Instagram / hairpin_me_down85

Who says you need long hair to get an updo? This bob updo will beg to differ! 

Make your haircut wedding-ready by adding braids and curling one side. Don’t forget to don an enchanting pearl accessory for the ultimate bridal touch. 

21. A- Line Bob

aline bob with undercut
Instagram / hairpin_me_down85

For an extra dramatic look, go for an A-line bob which is a type of bob that’s super short at the back and extra long at the front. You can also dye it in different bright shades to make it look more hip and updated. 

22. Sneaky Undercut 

blunt bob with undercut
Instagram / duohairbeauty

Do you know what the best type of undercut is? It’s one that you can easily show off or hide anytime you wish, and that’s precisely what this sneaky undercut is. 

You can show it off by tucking your hair under your ear, but it’s so subtle that you can conceal it simply by letting it loose. 

23. Undercut Tattoo

bob hair bun with undercut
Instagram / hairhope

Undercut tattoo is the latest hip hairstyle perfect for showing off your personality. The good news is there are lots of designs you can try. You can go for the elaborate ones or settle for this simple yet cool triangle tattoo. 

24. Red Bob

red bob with undercut
Instagram / rubberemily

As if short hair and undercut are not enough to make heads turn, you can make your hairstyle look even more eye-catching by dyeing it in this fiery red shade. It’s perfect for women with pale and neutral skin tones

25. Inverted Bob 

grey bob with undercut
Instagram / theparloursalonpt

The inverted bob is perfect for thick hair, as it creates a dramatic effect while thinning out the hair. It’s also perfect for round faces, as the front part creates an illusion of length. 

On the other hand, adding short bangs is a great way to style and tame your new hair growth. 

26. Dyed Undercut Tattoo

undercut bob with design
Instagram / hairpin_me_down85

If your undercut tattoo is already starting to look boring, you can make it come to life with a dyed undercut tattoo. It looks fun and creative but heads up- this can take a lot of work.

After all, you’ll need to dye your hair before shaving it, so make sure to work with a professional hair artist for best results!

27. Rainbow Bob

dyed undercut bob
Instagram / crispstylist

If you want a rainbow bob unlike any other, this is the ultimate peg for you. That’s because each strand features two to three different shades instead of just one. It’s undoubtedly a work of art!

28. Rainbow Undercut

undercut bob with design
Instagram / calandra.joshua

If dyed undercuts are your thing, we highly recommend playing with colors! Don’t just stick with one or two shades- go for as many as six, and you can make jaws drop. 

29. Moneypiece + Baby Highlights

long bob with undercut
Instagram / rockthatbuzz

Keep your dye job looking classy and elegant by sticking only with two shades– black and blonde. A money piece highlight will certainly revamp your bob hairstyle. On the other hand, the baby highlights will add dimension to one side of your hair and modernize your hairstyle instantly. 

30. Dark Blue Hair + Undercut Bob

blueberry undercut bob

The blueberry colored bob is amongst the chicest and completely hot undercut bob haircuts! With a little retro feeling, this style is killing it with looks that keep it in admiration. Some rock it better, so if you get the opportunity to grab it!

The advantage of style is its appearance is sexy with every outfit, making you more self-assured and chicer. You can without difficulty make the crazy switch, all dependent on your attitude. The color certainly provides an additional base preference.

31. Pixie Bob Undercut

undercut bob with grey highlights

The chic-boy cut with gray highlights is always an admiration for its subtle elegance radiated by the addition of ash gray hair. Gray hairs come not only with age but also with a good stylist.

Add vampire dark to pale colors to this hairstyle if you prefer vampire dark to pale colors. This bob undercut style also features dark sides with pink laced gray and purple-based.

32. Side-part Bob

side part bob with undercut

The side-parted bob and undercut hairstyle brings an undercut variety that adds side sweep. A full curling iron can be used to curl your hair up, sweep it left or right to suit your preference. Additional arts can be made with a razor, especially if you desire extra topping. It is never too much with undercuts.

33. Pastel Pink Hair

pastel cream undercut bob

This emo hairstyle for women takes a soft and robust look at the same time. The creamy curves and pastel pink remain top with a more fragile and delicate -look. Using a standard undercut, flavored with a very light hair color and slight curls on top.

Settle for very bright hair colors, which can be easily accomplished with provisional pastel shades regularly. This way, switching becomes easy to avoid boredom.

34. The Undercut Swipe

swiped undercut bob

With the undercut swipe you’ll get a bob cut with swipe it somewhere. There are no bad hair partings, as every side fits independently of the features of your face. One key element of the side parting is its look and shape. There is a lot of flexibility attached to the style for different configurations.

35. Short Bob Undercut

The undercut differs entirely from the razor-sharp undercut; we know the cute hairstyle. The short bob with undercut has dark-colored edgy sides topped with creative and fun baby bangs. You can add further to this style with blonde, fuchsia and red highlights.

36. Blonde Bob Undercut

undercut bob

This style is a much warmer and softer variety of short haircuts you can wear to show your personality while maintaining a similar level of sophistication. It is necessarily an undercut bob cut with a puff on top and super short flanks.

A crucial element is always keeping the sides shadier than the top. If your color is naturally dark, it is best to leave it that way and spice it up on top with other heavy highlights.

37. Chunky Highlights

The ponytail bob undercut hairstyle takes a look that is all about punk rock. From sassy to shade undercut of blue and turquoise to the crazy bangs over the eyes, it is more about your attitude. You could rock this without crazy colors, for a little less boldness, or go all up by maintaining the colors!

38. Bob with Side Undercut

Even though you can wait for undercut hair to grow into some pleasant medium bob, you can get an almost perfect style with a layered inverted bob hairstyle.

This undercut on bob does not sweep the hairs back or sideways; instead, it uses the front. Outgrown undercut maintains a little disorder and sharpness, and remains a great style to hiding your forehead, or want to emphasize that intense eye makeup.

39. Bob with Nape Undercut

bob hairstyles with nape undercut

The lavender purple hair is a new trend sweeping all over the media and might get you surprised. This hairstyle has an undercut with hair design. Need to flash your hair? Pull up your hair and reveal images at the back of your head.

It can be Batman, kitty, your name, phone number, etc., all left to your limitless imagination. This undercut bob haircut is not just for color maniacs. It can be found in blondes, brunettes, and even deprived of any color additions.

40. Chin Length Bob 

undercut hair with bob

A punked-up chin-length bob never goes out of style, even as an undercut bob. It remains an excellent hairstyle for women who enjoy very blonde, and likely extensive bleaching for hairs. Nevertheless, the base shows a dark shadow.

These undercut bob hairstyles for women are truly elegant and cannot be refused! Always look for a hairstyle that gets your attention and is worth checking out.