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10 Beard Before and After Photos That Will Surprise You

Check out these beard before and after photos to get an idea of what you may look like when you shave your face. Growing out a beard takes a lot of commitment, and deciding to shave off your beard can be really intimidating for some people. Sometimes, men are afraid of looking like they have a babyface, but this usually isn’t a problem.


Astonishing Before and After Beard Looks

Below is a list of before and after look of a bearded man which will surely surprise you!

1. Rugged to Clean Shaven

beard before and after look for men

When men shave off a scruffy beard, the clean-shaven result can often be really surprising and very attractive. Leaving behind a bit of stubble is a great way to ease into having a smooth shaved face without feeling a little overwhelmed.

This beard before and after change clearly and quickly makes the hairstyle go from looking messy and unkempt to a little more planned.

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2. Messy Beard to a Smooth Shave

messy beard to shaven look

Messy beards can really hide a smile, and removing them is a great way to let a smile shine through. Rather than hiding behind a thin and messy beard, removing the hair and enjoying a smooth shave is a great way for men to feel a little more comfortable in their skin. These short beards don’t take a lot of time to grow back.


3. An Attractive Gray Beard Gone

beard before and after changes

Older men can enjoy great before and after beard looks when they shave them off, making them much more suited to the boardroom than they were before.

Even a little Joe Rogan style beard will make a huge difference once it is gone, which can really update a man’s style in just a few minutes and with very little effort, making this a great change for some men.


4. From Full to Bare

beard to no beard look

While full and thick beards can look great on some men and add an air of mystery, removing them is a great way to expose a fresh and bright face and enjoy looking clean.

Full beards take a lot of work to maintain and to grow, and shaving them off in favor of a clean face is a great way to update a no beard look and to completely change your appearance.


5. A Dark Beard to Short Stubble

dark beard to short stubble

Dark beards can hide an attractive jawline, and the best way to show off this feature is to shave the beard, leaving behind a little stubble. Just a little stubble often suits a man and can be really attractive.

By shaving this beard and showcasing the jawline, men can enjoy a sultry look without putting in a lot of effort. See what changes a beard before and after images contains.


6. Enjoy a Bright Smile

Men with impressive smiles are also great examples of beard before and after photos. That’s because shaving a beard can make the mouth much more prominent, especially when the man is smiling. This is great for men who have straight teeth and a confident smile.

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7. Shaving Takes a Few Years Off

Sometimes, shaving off a beard will make a man look a lot younger, and this can be the case with men who have a bit of a babyface anyway. Removing this blonde beard quickly makes a man look cleaner and younger. Not only is this no beard is attractive, but it will often make the man look significantly more friendly and approachable.


8. Cleaning up the Face Draws Attention to the Eyes

One thing that many men experience when they shave their tapered beards is that it draws attention to their eyes. This aftershave beard look is great for men who have very bright and expressive eyes and wish to show them off, as it allows them, not their beard, to be the focal point of their face.


9. Leaving Behind a Soul Patch

beard before and after photos

If you aren’t sure if you want to completely shave all of your facial hair, then you will love this beard before and after idea. Keeping your soul patch intact is a great way to maintain a little of your previous style and make sure that you have just enough facial hair to continue to feel like yourself.

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10. Removing Years of Growth

beard before and after looks for men

Years of beard growth can, sometimes, look unruly, and this is a great reason to shave the beard and start over. While it may look a little strange at first, especially if you have had a bushy beard for most of your life, this is a great way to start with a brand new look for bald men with beard.


As you can see, your beard before and after self will look a little different. It’s always surprising to see what men look like when they take the plunge and shave off their facial hair.