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10 Timeless Beard Styles for Men Over 40

If you’re a man over 40, a well-chosen beard style can serve as a natural facelift. You’ve hit the 40s, and let me tell you, this is when things get interesting—in a good way! A stylish beard is the best way to redefine your style, as it reflects your personality.

In your 40s, you’re no longer an amateur in the game of life; you’ve got stories to tell and wisdom to share. A well-groomed beard can make you look both wiser and fresher at the same time.

However, it’s natural for you to wonder which beard type you should go for, especially if you haven’t grown one before and that’s where this list of 10 beard styles for men over 40 comes in.

Must-Try Beards for Men Aged 40 and Up

Believe it or not, 40 is a great age for growing a beard because the salt and pepper effect is usually in its bloom at this point. If you haven’t already noticed, the black and white combo makes beards look cooler.

We’ve handpicked some ideal beard styles for men over 40 to look as timeless as they feel.

1. Grey Heavy Stubble Beard with Soft Parted Hair

stubble beard for men over 40

A heavy stubble beard with lots of grey hair has its own place for men over 40. The beard is consistent throughout, with clear cheek lines and a mustache that aligns with the beard in terms of hair color and growth. The soft-parted hairstyle is great for a business look.

2. Salt and Pepper Scraggly Beard with Glasses

full beard for men over 40

Salt and pepper is the way to go when you’ve gone over the age of 40, and it still has that business feel for as long as the beard is short.

This beard doesn’t have that neat trimming happening, making it look a bit rough. The black spectacles are another great addition and snatch the attention away from the receding hairline.

3. Balbo Chin Curtain Combo with Buzz Cut

beard style for black men over 40

No one says you have to stick to certain beard rules while growing one. This one is a great combination of the balbo and chin curtain beards for men over 40.

The hair length is short, so it doesn’t really hang down. It covers the entire chin area, and the sides are narrow. A buzz cut perfectly complements it.

4. Silver Petit Goatee with Fringe Haircut

goatee beard for men over 40

Do less for maximum impact with this petite goatee that only covers the pointy part of the chin. The hair on the chin is completely grey, but the rest of the clean-shaven face keeps the look youthful.

The hairstyle has slightly tapered sides with a pointy fringe falling onto the forehead.

5. Grey Stubble with High and Tight Short Pomp

beard style for Asian men over 40

This stubble beard for men who are 40 years old or older is completely grey but the contrasted mustache introduces a point of attraction. The beard is even slightly tapered on the sides. However, the most interesting part is the high and tight pompadour hairstyle.

6. Short Beard with Connected Mustache

boxed beard for men over 40

This style is easy because it requires you to grow a short beard with no sharp angles. The mustache is connected with the beard with some grey hair growth on the chin. This beard style is a clever choice when you have a broad forehead and very short hair.

7. Very Long Curly Beard with Bald Head

hipster beard for men over 40

Full facial hair growth is a dream many have and this very long beard makes that dream come true. Its sides are properly trimmed but the curly bottom isn’t trimmed at all to add length.

The black and white long curly beard, the shiny bald head and rectangular glasses provide the ultimate corporate look.

8. Soul Patch with Long Sideburns

soul patch beard style for men over 40

A soul patch is great for those who like to keep their face clean-shaven but want to create a point of interest on the face too. If a silvery soul patch isn’t enough, you can keep long sideburns. This style shows your grey hair only enough to not make you look too old.

9. White Goatee with Brown Hair and Mustache

circle beard for men over 40

This beard style for men over 40 may look simple but look closely and you’ll notice several layers that make it a high-maintenance beard.

The goatee is very neatly trimmed and consists of completely white hair. The mustache, on the other hand, is brown and neatly trimmed to go perfectly with the contrasted goatee.

The golden brown hair on the top also creates a perfect contrast with the beard. You can connect the white goatee and brown mustache to create a circle beard and complete the look.

10. Short Boxed Beard with Tapered Haircut

chin strap beard for men over 40

This chin strap runs along the outline of your face and covers your chin and jawline completely. The mustache is connected with the beard and creates a rectangular box shape. There’s even a soul patch inside the box shape.

The mix of Grey and blonde hair peeks through the chin, and the haircut is almost a crew cut with sides tapered instead of fading.

The one thing you’ll notice about these 10 beard styles for men over 40 is that confident men don’t try to hide it if their beard turns entirely grey at 40. However, if you still want to keep it less highlighted, go for something like a goatee or a soul patch.

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