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10 Benefits of Long Hair That’ll Inspire You

It’s true that hair fashion is another word for versatility, and it has become quite democratic for that same reason. Everything is allowed now: long, short, medium, bob, layered, straight and all variations of female haircuts. After all, what really matters is each girl’s taste and style, right?

On the other hand, even with so many possibilities of modern and abstract hairdos and haircuts, some people still prefer good old long hair. There are also some amazing benefits of having long hair. Even if long hair requires a lot of hard work to look beautiful and healthy, the thing is that many women will not give up on having their hair below the shoulders, or maybe butt-long.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! Especially because long hair is never out of style, and while short hair doesn’t allow for great changes when it comes to haircuts and dos, long hair can be ideal for buns, braids, ponytails, hair bands, straps, tiaras, curly or straight dos, and changing your overall look whenever you wish.

What Does Long Hair Symbolize?

advantages of having long hair

In popular culture, long hair is often paired with money and power. Anyone can have long, luscious locks at the snap of a finger if they’re wealthy enough. Historically and spiritually, long hair has often symbolized power, strength, and divinity, from Samson of the Bible to Zeus of Greek mythology.

Benefits of Having A Long Hair

Long hair can be a great advantage for women who want to try different hairstyles on their hair. So, if you’re thinking of letting your tresses grow so you can start working on your Rapunzel Project. In today’s article, We have listed 10 reasons to get you even more excited about it! Let’s go!

#1: Versatility

Long hairdos are really versatile! After all, while short hair doesn’t allow for many variations in haircuts or hairdos, long tresses can be worn in any way you like, be it braids, ponytails, buns, with bands, straps, tiaras, totally straight, with or without curls.

That way you can always change your look in any way you like and show up with a new look, regardless of the occasion.

#2: Cold Protection

benefits of long hair - cold protection in winter

Beanies? What for? Unlike women with short hair, long-haired women can easily protect themselves from the colder weather with their own strands. Trust me – the hair helps to keep the neck, ears and back warm much better than any beanie, cap, hat, or hood!

#3: It Is Said Men Like It Better

Obviously, that’s not the most interesting point of having long hair. After all, what matters is looking good for yourself first, regardless of anyone else, right? But the truth is it is rumored that the opposite sex really has a stronger attraction for long-haired women.

If that’s true or not, it’s up to each of us to find out. All that’s necessary for that is doing a quick and simple experience: pick a few male friends and ask them if they like their girlfriends with short or long hair better.

There’s no scientific explanation, but it’s true that most of them will tell you long hair is prettier. Maybe because short haircuts don’t fit all face shapes, or even because long hair gives the idea of more intense “hair-pulling” when things get hot. Who knows, right?

#4: It Fits Everybody

As I said before, short hair doesn’t always look good in all face shapes. That’s why, unlike the short ones, long haircuts are very democratic, since they match almost every type of face and body.

It’s harder to make a mistake when you have long hair since you always have the extra of being able to change something in the haircut to make it look more current. Bangs, layers and shag hairstyles are options that are almost exclusive to long haired women.

#5: There’s No Excess Thickness

Short hair is lighter, so due to the lack of “weight”, it usually looks bulky. So, that is another reason why having long hair is an advantage.

That’s because, as well as being “heavier” and not looking bulky so easily, longer hair demands less time blow-drying or using a straightener because the hair length naturally helps to keep thickness under control. That’s wonderful, right?

#6: It Shows You Like Taking Care of Yourself

There’s no doubt that short hair expresses attitude and style. On the other hand, they also give very clear information about the woman: “I don’t have time to care for my hair because I’m too busy with other stuff” or “I have no patience to take care of my hair”.

#7: Fun Ponytails 

fun hairstyle with long hair

Every time I think about cutting my hair into a chic, short bob, I’m immediately terrified at the idea of not being able to pull my hair into a quick bun or a high ponytail. Long hair lets you sweep your hair up into sleek, high ponies or fun, messy buns.  

#8: Signifies Youth and Health

Having long hair is not the be-all, end-all of healthiness, but it can be an indicator that you’re in good health and still have your youth! 

Generally speaking, younger people tend to grow hair faster, thicker, and longer than older people. Additionally, when you take care of your health, your hair will reflect it. Good nutrition, sleep, and exercise can all impact hair health.

So, if you can grow long and healthy hair, you might be in good shape. 

#9: Confidence Booster

Everyone has something they love about themselves that makes them feel confident. Some girls rock shorts and heels because they have great legs, while others boast bright red lipstick because they have full lips.

Long hair is a statement piece that gives you confidence. So go ahead, give it a flip just because you can. 

#10: Ancient Myths Are in Your Favor

According to old myths, cultural stories, and wives’ tales, long hair is practically better for everything. It signifies high fertility, vitality, and intuition. Some cultures even believe it increases sexual pleasure!

Maintenance Tips for Long Hair

Maintenance Tips for Long Hair

Long hair can be tough to maintain, so use these quick tips for help:

Watch The Following Video about How to Get Long Hair Fast


Is long hair a sign of healthy hair?

Just because your hair is long doesn’t mean it’s healthy; however, it’s easiest to grow your hair long when it is healthy. Long hair can still fall prey to split ends and breakage.

Can long hair cause hair loss?

Long hair may put more stress on hair follicles, which can make those people more predisposed to hair loss. In addition, long hair tends to tangle and pull more, which can lead to hair loss.

Can guys also have long hair?

Yes! Just like women, men can rock long hairstyles as well.

Is long hair attractive?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this poll shows that an overwhelming number of men prefer long, wavy hair.

Can long hair cause headaches?

The length and weight of your hair alone won’t cause a headache, but certain styles and habits of long hair wearers may. Heavy updos, tight ponytails, and even low buns can strain your neck muscles, push hair against the grain, and pull it tightly from the roots.

When does long hair look bad?

Long hair looks less attractive when you don’t properly maintain it. Failing to wash, condition, gently brush, and moisturize your hair can make it look unattractive. It may also look bad due to over-styling, chemical treatments, and poor nutrition.

Long tresses will always make you look like you enjoy taking care of yourself since it’s common knowledge they demand much more time and dedication to make them always look healthy and beautiful.

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