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11 of The Best White Hairstyles for Girls

White hair for girls is the newest trends! The current take in the beauty and fashion world is “More white, less blonde”. This goes for the hair color and it really does accent the white hair girl look. Women around the world are eagerly coloring their hairs as white as possible with different undertones for different skin tones.


Trendy Girls White Hairstyles

Here are some super cool 11 white hairdos for women that we have covered for all skin tone and hair length!

1. White Short Bob

girl with white hair & short bob

The short bob is a trendy and beautiful hairstyle that looks good on all hair types and face shapes. This hairstyle presents an ultra-modern look.

The hair color is white, with a subtle addition of platinum for the finishing shine. The hair length is shorter at the back, and gradually becoming longer as it comes to the front. The longest strands reach the chin. It can be worn with a middle or side part.


2. Wavy Bob

white hair girl

This long version of the bob comes with an ashy grey addition to the white hair for girls. It makes it more vibrant and different, opening up the face and eyes. The hair is done in soft waves and this is the ultimate summer look. It suits all skin and hair types.


3. Medium Beach Waves

medium white wavy hairstyle for women

The medium length hair is another great look for girls with white hair that with little styling can provide a fabulous look. The white is shiny, and the haircut is straight. The hair length goes a bit over the shoulders.

The middle part divides the hair into two equal hair portions. The upper part is sleek and soft, and as it continues down, the hair becomes waves. The waves are very loose and wide.


4. Linear Braiding and Creative Styling

braided white hairstyles for girls

The hair color is crispy white. it is very long which open up a lot of styling possibilities. An interesting and creative style for white-haired women is shown in the braids and curls. The hair is pulled back. Two braids, each coming from a different side, finish together at the back of the hair.

As they interlock, they end in a half pony. The same is done a bit lower, so you have two parallel braids. The end of the first pony connects the second braid. The second braid’s pony blends nicely with the rest of the curly hair.


5. Long Stitch Braids

girl with long white braids

Girls with white hair like to upgrade their look with entirely braiding their hair. This means that the braids start from the top and go as the hair length goes. The hair is separated in several parts, with clean part lines between each braid. Each part is braided from top to bottom.


6. Semi-Undercut for Girls

The whiteness of the hair in this hairstyle is accented by the blunt bangs and the undercut. The bangs are extended to the sides, coming just in place as the undercut finishes. The shaved undercut appears only to the sides, above the ears. The rest is covered with long, layered, white hair.


7. Pageboy Haircut

Creating contrast on the white hair for girls can be done visible by leaving the roots dark or with outgrown hair. The cut here is short, defined by a middle part.

The sides are shorter than the top. The hair on the top is light wavy and styled upwards. The entire look is artsy and a bit messy.


8. Layered and Unordinary Bowl Cut

short layered white hair

The beauty and the shine of the white hair women are wonderfully presented with this unordinary bowl cut. Its uniqueness appears in the layering of the sides. As the regular bowl cut presents a look with an equal hair length throughout the hair, this look leaves the edges sharp and different.

The direction of the cut begins at the top of the head, centrally, and the hair is styled to fall to all the sides equally. Some parts under the bowl are left longer for better styling effect.


9. Ultra Short Stacked Bob

This extremely short bob comes with side layering and shaved neck for a white hair girl look. The hair is longer on the top, layered, and the ends and sharp and edgy. The entire top falls over to the sides that are almost shaved.

The volume of the look is created at the back of the head. Just above the shaved neck, the hair is stacked and short, making the white hairstyle bigger and fuller.


10. Low Pony

low ponytail with white hair for woman

The low pony is known as a chic and timeless hairstyle. On any other hair color, it might look ordinary and common, but on a silver-white hair for women, it presents a unique beauty.

It allows adding some colorful hair bands and accessories, like a scrunchie. The hair can be parted in the middle, on the side or just pulled back in a pony.


11. Asymmetric Pixie Cut

girl with short white hair

This girl’s white hairstyle is defined by the asymmetrical length of the hair. As the hair is being swept to one side, the ends fall over the ear. The front part of the hair is styled as a side and sharp bang. The other side is cut short, clear and the entire look is kind of artsy.


White does not suggest old anymore. It is a trendy and very popular hair color among women. It is crisp, clean and original hair shade does require maintaining if you want your color to look proper and good. These ideas for white hair girl look will assist you to decide on your next look!