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10 Lively Baby Blue Hair Color Ideas [2024]

Having a different hair color for your hair can be a difficult task. Whereas people opt for many colors, some colors are hard to maintain. One of those hair colors is baby blue.

Blue is the color of commitment. It is a long-lasting hair dye and needs a quality hair technician. Despite that, it is a trendy hair color among women.


Funky Baby Blue Hairstyles for Women

Here are 10 baby blue hair ideas for modern women to get an unusual look.

1. Vintage Parisian Bob

vintage bob in baby blue hair

This artistic creation of flare is a perfect match of the vintage pixie bob and the touch of baby blue hair dye. It is amazing how a hair technician can transform an old hairdo into a trendy fashion statement.

The all-color blue hair is a sure way of raising eyebrows in those late evening outings. And with accessories to match, you are in for a treat.

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2. Blue Curls

curly baby blue hair

The most fascinating thing about this hairstyle is the curly touch to the blending blue. The root base of the hair starts from the crown. With the base in a darker shade of baby blue, the hair transforms to a lighter tone.

The seamless effort of the color transition presents the creative elegance in you.


3. Light Blue Ombre

baby blue ombre hair

It is a good idea to play around with your hair. Long wavy layered hair gives that innocent girl look. But in this hairstyle, it is the inclusion of the blue hair ombre that captures the attention.

With three transitioning shades, it is a wonder to marvel. The head starts with a dark blue. Then the sides and the end hair tips gradually turning to an ombre texture.


4. Choppy Pixie Cut

baby blue hair dye

The brighter tone of the baby blue highlights gives the hairstyle that feminine finish. It is a perfect migration from the dark base to a lighter texture of the same blend.

The blue spikes enhance the beautiful glare of the hair color. This is the serious-looking feminine personality in the house.


5.  Dropping Waterfall Blue

baby blue hairstyles for women

Long hair presents you with a wide range of hairstyle ideas to choose from. In this instant, the crown middle parting is a great option. The long drop of the hair mimics the waterfall splash.

With an excellent touch of baby shade of blue, you will make heads turn. It is a unique twist to the regular blondes or brown.

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6. Short Finger Waves

The thing I like most about this short baby blue hairdo is the confidence look it gives out. It is an all-time favorite for women who wish to stamp their authority in their lives. With a good hair designer, you will come out with stunning will power.


7. Fluffy Long Pixie

When you need to be wild and simple, you do not exaggerate your point. This simple pixie has the image of a fluffy lock. With hair drooping backward, it portrays a calm woman.

The texture on the hair propels the simple-looking hairdo into a rock star. It opens your heart into a world of fun-loving personality.


8. Long Curls with Side Part

The choice of an all baby blue hair is a statement of authority. Long hair with hot iron curls enhances the feminine side of your life. The side part lets out the commanding personality.

The authoritative demeanor blends well with the high maintenance hair color. This is for those who know what they want in life.

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9. Seamless Straight Bob

baby blue bob hairstyle

It is amazing how someone can transform a simple hairdo with a blending of color. What is captivating in this bob is the perfect transitioning of the ice blue hair dye. The darker root crown gives way to the fading light baby blue sides and tips.

It may look simple, but that is a beautiful piece of skill. Furthermore, it suits best on the young and restless at heart.


10. Long Straight Hair

long and straight baby blue haircuts

The light blue hair from the root pars incredibly well with the darker baby blue tips. Straightened long hair is difficult to deal with. With a dominant color, you gain some sphere of influence in your life.

By stroking the hair tips with your fingers while talking, you exude a lot of confidence. If you wish to get into the diva status, then stroke your long hair to stardom.


With the 10 lively baby blue hair ideas, you must be spoiling for choice. This color gives you the long-lasting color texture on your hair. In return, you get the confidence to venture and explore your life passions at ease.