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15 Prettiest Short Ginger Bob Hairstyles for 2024

Ready for a bold and radiant hairstyle that’s bound to make a statement? It’s time to embrace the ginger bob hairstyle! This head-turning look combines the edgy appeal of a short to medium-length bob with the fiery allure of ginger hair color.

When it comes to vibrant hair color, nothing shines brighter than gorgeous ginger hair. On the other hand, Bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there as it comes in various lengths and styles.

Short Ginger Bobs

Celebrities like Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone, and Isla Fisher have all sported stunning ginger bobs, proving that this head-turning hairstyle suits various skin tones and hair types seamlessly.

Below are some of the trendiest and most stylish ginger bob hairstyles you need to see.

1. Blunt Bob + Full Bangs

short ginger bob with bangs

If you’re looking for the perfect hair without any strand astray, this simple bob is the way to go. Nothing that says sleek and polished than a bob and full bangs cut bluntly at the right length.

Adding a bright ginger shade is the best way to inject fun into your look and prevent it from looking too boring.

2. Short, Curly, and Wild

short curly ginger bob

Women with curly hair will shy away from short hairstyles as much as they can because they don’t want to end up with crazy hairstyles that are impossible to manage.

The good news is you can achieve a short, wild, and curly bob minus the craziness when you go for an asymmetrical hairstyle.

3. Layers + Barely-there Bangs

short layered ginger bob

On the other hand, layers are also a great way to spice up thin and limp hair. Adding a side part can also further boost your hair’s volume and give it added.

Finish off your look with see-through side-swept bangs to create an angular swoop that gives your hair better dimension and movement.

4. Pixie Bob

ginger pixie bob

Pixie bobs are super-trendy in 2024 and you can add spice with the ginger color. Let’s face it- the pixie’s ultra-short layers are intimidating to a lot of people. If you want to give it a try without fully committing to its length, you can simply go for longer bob layers.

What would you get? The edgy structure of a pixie cut and the face-framing layers of a bob hairstyle. In short, the best of both worlds!

5. Side-Pinned

thick short ginger bob

Even if you go for a long bob, your hair thickness can still be an issue because the length will make it harder to manage. But there’s one trick that you can try a side-pinned hairstyle.

When you clip your front hair strands on one side to your back, you keep hair away from your face and tone down your hair volume at the same time.

6. Side Part

short ginger bob with side part

Usually, the combination of plain short ginger bob and thin hair is a recipe for disaster. But there’s one tiny tweak that can turn it into a bombshell hairstyle- a side part! This simple tweak adds a flattering height and volume while also giving it that sexy and sultry touch.

7. Fine Ginger Waves

ginger bob

Here’s another way to transform thin and short hairstyle from drab to fab- add waves to it! If you want your limo hair to come to life, go for bigger waves instead of smaller ones.

To create these waves, ditch the hair crimper and use a large barrel curling iron or a straightening iron with a curved edge instead.

8. Textured Bangs + Center Part

dark ginger bob

If you are one of those few women who were blessed with symmetrical facial features, there’s no better way to showcase it than with a center part.

But there’s one issue with it – it can look quite impersonal and too put together. Lucky for you, you can easily balance it off with textured bangs that will give it a fun and flirtatious spin.

9. Angled Bob

angled ginger bob

Same to an inverted bob, the angled bob is a hairstyle that’s a bit shorter at the back and gradually gets longer at the front. But what makes this bob extra stylish is it doesn’t have the stacked layers at the back.

The result? A modern short ginger bob hairstyle with perfect face-framing layers at the front and low maintenance length at the back.

10. Curls + Baby Bangs

wavy short ginger bob

The ginger bob is so versatile that you can even style it to achieve one of the most difficult genres of all- the vintage look. You can easily do this by creating small curls all over your hair.

And of course, don’t forget to add cropped bangs a la Audrey Hepburn for the ultimate vintage hairstyle.

11. Half Up + Braids

half up ginger bob

Whoever says that you need long hair to achieve the boho look is definitely wrong.

To achieve the ultimate bohemian hairstyle without the length, you can just simply add braids, gorgeous ginger color, and a messy half ponytail to your simple bob.

12. Middle Part Bob

ginger bob with middle part

Keep things short, sweet, and simple with a straight bob. After all, this classic hairstyle will never go out of style. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to throw in a center part for the ultimate polished look.

13. Asymmetrical Bob + Micro Bangs

short ginger bob with choppy bangs

If edgy is the name of your game, an asymmetrical short bob should definitely be your hairstyle. Go for choppy pointy layers for a more fashion-forward vibe.

Finish off your look with micro bangs. With its ultra-short length, only a risk taker like you can pull it off.

14. Half Top Ponytail

short ginger bob ponytail

Take your ginger colored bob to a whole new level with a half-top ponytail. Instead of just putting the ponytail at the back, place it at the top of your head for a more carefree look.

15. Sleek and Straight

ginger bob for black girls

A sleek and ultra-straight long bob is a vibe, especially if you brush it to one side in one giant swoop. With this, you can achieve that modern-meets-vintage look without putting in too much effort.

With its versatile length and vibrant color, the short ginger bob hairstyle is certainly one of the most stylish hairstyles out there. To maintain your ginger bob’s vibrancy and shape, you should visit the salon every 4-6 weeks. Don’t forget to consult your stylist for personalized recommendations.

Now, the challenge is to find the right hairstyle that’s tailored to your needs and you can do that by considering your face shape and personal style when choosing from these ideas.