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31 Classy Curly Bob With Bangs for Women

The curly bob with bangs as a hairstyle is always considered as elegant and classy. Even though it is genetic, the women with naturally curled hair are rare and that is why it is so beautiful.

The curly hair is different from woman to woman. Depending on the hair type, the curls can be bigger or small, thicker or thinner. Having curly hair means that you always have a nice hairstyle, but that hairstyle requires care and regular touch up the salon.

It is important to treat your curls appropriately because if you do not, the hair overall will become messy, and difficult to comb, which will lead to breaking.

There are special care lines designed specifically for curly hair and they are very effective. Women with curly hair most frequently wear their hair long, but those who opt for a shorter version and much trendier version choose the classy bob with bangs as an addition.


How to Get a Curly Bob

women with curly bob

Wearing a curly bob is one of the most fashionable and trendy haircuts for women with curly hair. The length of the bob varies so you can always choose your desired one. It can be a short bob or a long one, however, you like it. It is important to know that the lock tends to squeeze and make the haircut look shorter, so if you are going for a short cut, be aware of this, and always make it a bit longer than your first idea.

Cutting a curly bob is best to be done by the professionals – at the hair salon. It varies from a straight cut to short stacked bob with blunt or side bangs. There are so many options and they all look very nice and fashionable. Choose the perfect cut for you by following your face shape.

The curly bob suits all hair colors and each color has a different beauty in the final look. Young girls and women tend to go for edgier looks, while the other who do not want to experiment go for the classic well-known cuts. The bob is tricky to cut so do not do it yourself because the curls tend to move in all directions and you cannot fixate them.


How to Style Curly Bob with Bangs

How to Style Curly Bob with Bangs

There are few options in styling and wearing a curly bob with bangs. The bangs can be worn straight or curly. When you wear a curly bob with straight bangs then you create a look that has a balance. The straight bangs are easy to style. You just need a hairbrush and a hairdryer.

When it comes to wearing curly bangs they should follow the rest of the hair. Styling curly bangs and the overall style requires using a special hair product that will soften the curls. Apply a little product on the hands and go over your hair, defining the curls and making them shiny and bouncy.

The same goes for the curly bangs. When washing your curls, use a special shampoo and conditioner for curly hair because they have ingredients that will make the combing easier and the lock will remain in their natural shape.


Watch The Following Short Tutorial to Learn How to Style Curly Bob with Bangs


Curly Stacked Bob vs. Curly Choppy Bob

Curly Stacked Bob vs. Curly Choppy Bob

The difference between the curly stacked bob and the curly choppy bob is in the ending of the hair and the final look. The stacked bob cut gives the style a more voluminous look and it is accented at the back of the head. The choppy bob cut has different lengths of the hair, giving a more elongating look at the face and defining the shape of the face.


Stylish Curly Bob with Bangs

The women with natural curly bobs have a certain unexplained look that those with straight hair cannot achieve when making curls. The natural looks have proven to be the best and the trendiest and that goes for the hairstyles too. When wearing curls, it is important to find the perfect cut and the length which reflects your personality, style, and appearance. Check out these curly bob with bangs for 2022.

1. Curly Mid Length Bob with Bangs

curly bob with bangs for women

This curly bob with bangs look is very relaxed and casual, where the natural short hair is in loose curls. The length is just above the shoulders and the bangs are falling over the forehead. It is appropriate for those with thick hair.


2. Curly Bob with Side Bangs

Curly Bob with Side Bangs

The curly bob with side bangs is usually a natural hair and style worn by those who have naturally curly hair. The bangs come in an undefined way, with a side part, falling freely to the sides.


3. Ultra-Curly Bob

women with curly bob and bangs

The ultra-curly bob and bangs style is associated with women with very curly and thick hair. The locks are small and they define the whole look. The bangs are also curly with small tiny locks. The sides are layered.


4. Shaggy Curly Short Bob

shaggy curly bob with bangs

This short curly bob with bangs hairstyle looks like a shag, with gradual layering on the sides and a hidden middle part which defines the bangs.


5. Messy Bob with Curly Bangs

messy curly bob with bangs

this is more of a retro look, with a long curly bob and bangs. The layering of the sides gives a completely new meaning of the bob, making it follow the lines of the face and giving it an elongating effect.



crochet curly bob with bangs



curly bob with bangs for women over 50



long curly bob with bangs



grey curly bob with bangs

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curly shaggy bob with bangs

Instagram / messy_tresses



curly bob with curtain bangs

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thick curly bob with bangs

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curly ombre bob with bangs

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messy curly bob with side bangs

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dyed curly bob with bangs

Instagram / allie.andthebear


17. Tousled Curly Bob for Short Hair

The tousled short bob with bangs is perfect for those who like wearing their hair short. The length does not go over just a bit over the ears, the curls are soft and the bangs are blunt.


18. Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

The center of this curly bob is the baby bangs. They are short, curly are leave the face open. The length of the bob the vary.


19. Messy Curly Bob with Straight Bangs

Messy Curly Bob with Straight Bangs

Another version of the curly bob is the one with straight bangs. It is more appropriate for women with thin hair, who have naturally curly hair just at the ends.


20. Short Curly Bob with Side Part

The wavy bangs on short curly bob is a hairstyle that has defined curls at the end of the hair, while the upper part of the hair is wavy or straight. It can be worn with a middle or side part.


21. Curly Blonde Bob with Bangs

blonde curly bob with bangs

Graduated bob presents a hairstyle that has different length of the hair which ends in a beautiful hairstyle. The cut is short at the top, and as it goes towards the shoulders it becomes longer. The bangs are long and fall freely on curly haired bob.


22. Layered Bob with Blunt Bangs

layered curly bob with blunt bangs

The layered curly bob with wispy or blunt bangs is a look that is not seen very often and it a bit vintage. The locks are finely defined, while the bangs are cut and styled straight.


23. Blunt Bob with Short Bangs 

curly blunt bob with bangs

The longer your face shape, the more you’ll want to work with a fringe. A curly blunt bob with bangs is ideal on a long and narrow face, as it widens the appearance of your chin. 


24. Choppy Pixie Bob

curly pixie bob with bangs

A curly pixie bob with bangs is for the laidback chick that doesn’t want to waste too much time styling her hair. Short choppy layers at the top of the head create instant style so all you have to do is nourish wet locks and you’re ready to face the day.


25. Loads of Volume

long curly bob with bangs

Working with lots and lots of volume? A long curly bob with bangs may be your best bet for evening out extra bulk. Instead of short bangs, mirror the longer lengths of your hair and let them fall slightly over the eyes. 


26. Ultra Thick Curls 

curly bob with bangs for black girls

Roundness is perfect for a curly bob with bangs for Black girls. This shape lets your gorgeous curls stand on display while adding envious volume to your look, especially if you have an oblong or oval face shape.


27. Loose and Messy 

curly messy bob with bangs

Try a thick and heavy fringe on a curly messy bob with bangs. This forward focused look frames a sweet face and gives off a fun and energetic vibe. 


28. Bowl Cut Bob 

curly chin-length bob with bangs

90s babes certainly know about bowl cuts. Did you know that they work amazingly as a curly chin-length bob with bangs? That beautiful roundness is easy to achieve if you possess naturally thick and curly hair. 


29. Wispy Bangs

curly bob with bangs for thin hair

Soft and wispy is the way to go for a curly bob with bangs for thin hair. If your face shape is square or round, see-through bangs will help to slim and lengthen the appearance of your face. 


30. Short Curly Bob for Women Over 50

curly bob with bangs for older women

The shorter, the better when it comes to a curly bob with bangs for older women. Not only does hair lose volume as we age but our face does, too. By cutting hair so it hits at the cheekbones, you’re plumping up the appearance of your face for a youthful vibe. 


31. Short Shag 

curly inverted bob with bangs

Instagram / handcrafted_curls

A shag or curly inverted bob with bangs is great for distributing hair if yours is rather thick. A shag uses layers to drastically thin out hair as you move down the head. Beautiful curly bangs complete the look.


These are just some of the bob suggestions that you can try if you have curly hair. Different hair thickness and curls provide different hair looks. You should find the style that follows your face lines and is easy to style. The bangs of this hairstyle give a completely new dimension of the bob. The curly bob can vary in many different lengths.

Using the right tools and products for hair care can make your curls look healthy, bouncy and shiny. The curly bob with bangs is appropriate for all ages and face shapes and is cure, trendy and fashionable hairstyle. Do a makeover and turn heads with your new hairstyle.