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Top 10 Ginger Hair with Blonde Highlights

Do blonde highlights look good on ginger hair? You bet they do. You may be ginger-haired naturally. If not, color your hair in a ginger hue for a change and spice up your look by adding highlights to them.

There are several techniques to do so and whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly the ginger and the blonde combination will turn some heads around you.


Blonde Highlights to Ginger Hair

We have thought up the following ten ideas for the ginger heads to add blonde highlights to their hair.

1. Keep It Subtle

ginger hair with blonde lowlights

If you don’t want to overpower your ginger hair with blonde highlights, you can go for this look. Add warm blonde highlighted streaks to your hair. You can tone them down at the back. This magnificent combination will brighten up your whole look.


2. Ginger to Light Blonde

ginger hair with blonde balayage highlights

Another way to add highlights is the ombre style as shown in this picture. The top is kept in the natural ginger shade while a light blonde hue is added midway, ending in honey blonde tips—an ideal style for short-haired ginger heads. 


3. Highlighted Tips

short ginger hair with blonde highlights

Make short wavy hair stand out with this carefree look. Add bright blonde highlights here and there on the tips. This style does not overpower the natural hair color while adding fiery highlights to it. With a hand tousle, you are ready for the day.


4. Ginger with Blonde Streaks

ginger hair with front streaks highlights

Copper blonde money pieces look hot on ginger-red hairs. Whether your hair is long or short, just take two strands at the front and dye them in a blonde hue. Tone up or down the blonde shade to accentuate your look.


5. Three-Toned Look

dark ginger hair with blonde highlights

This hairstyle reflects three colors; a dull natural ginger hue on the top that blends in the copper shade below with subtle light blonde highlights to complete the style. Ask your hairstylist to add curls to accentuate your look.


6. Platinum Blonde Highlights

ginger hair with subtle blonde highlights

Platinum blonde highlights will look cute on any ginger-haired face. Add platinum blonde streaks all over the head. Red lowlights can be further added to set off this look. Add deep wavy curls at the ends to complete your style.


7. Highlighted Ginger Waves

blonde highlights on wavy ginger hair


Rock ginger waves with this chic hair look. Take chunky strands and add blonde highlights to them. This hairstyle gives a beautiful sun-kissed two-toned look without much effort. Whether the strands are left loose or tied up, this hair look will look equally stunning. 


8. Countryside Girl Look

long ginger hair with blonde highlights

If you have long ginger locks, nothing can beat your looks with this hairstyle. Add blonde money pieces at the front and pair them up with blonde highlights all around the head. A hat and loose barrel curls will complete the look.


9. Fierce Curls

Although ginger curls already look hot, they can further be set on fire by adding bright blonde highlights with a golden hue. This light and dark combination will turn around some heads. The style looks ideally fiery on short curly locks.


10. Two-Toned Highlights

blonde highlights on ginger hair


Place your ginger hair in the spotlight wherever you go by adding two-toned highlights to them rather than a single tone. Combine your shiny ginger waves with light blonde and strawberry blonde highlights to get this sun-kissed look. A simple middle part will complete this style.


In the end, ginger hairs are beautiful and unique in themselves. If you are bored with your monochromatic look, we dare you to take inspiration from the above hairstyle ideas and experiment with blonde highlights on your ginger locks. Don’t worry about the results as they will be surely stunning.